Jan Dreske
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Run Down strikes back!

We both did not really know, which strategy to follow in this one.

Here is our setup:

I started by moving my men down the street in stalwart formation, and having
Gregor set a hex near the building on fire. My first mistake was to not spread
the fire into the building immediately. I was waiting for more fires and better
opportunities to spread into enemy units, but since the brotherhood can move
several times a turn, they outright occupied the building and used the warhorn.

On the right flank, i secured the building with Kevans men. My cavalry moved
down, and my initial plan was to reactivate Jaime and make my riders stalwart,
but some archers moved into the building and used the warhorn, spawning
a one-man green unit. i could not resist and reactivated my red cav, killing the
guy, and driving the archers back out with pursue.

I kept one card, to be able to go first next round.

I started out with Gregor letting another hex catch fire, and spreading, setting
three of Starks units on fire. I felt very good about the state of the board so far.
I would leave the burning flank to my enemies, but they would be busy quenching
the fire in order to not loose units, and it would take some time to move the rather
slow units past the burning fields to the center. Meanwhile, my cav was in good
position to do quick strikes where needed, and should they get engaged, Jaime
and my guys on the street could just attack anybodies flank.

Well, it did not work out that way.

Stark had Beric order three, attacked my blue cav with one rider, scoring one
hit, attacked my red cav with the other, and rolled a whopping valor, valor, red,
pursued through the blue, running down a figure, and attacked for the last hit.
Third unit ordered were the archers, and Stark said: “I will roll two morale against
Jaime”. And he did. New situation: All my riders down, Jaime somewhere at the
back where he couldnt order anyone, let alone attack.

After having my archers on the right flank do a Kevan aided shot, Stark put out
two fires, and i figured i should just try to kill as many guys on that side as
possible. I moved my men over there, stalwart all the time. Beric came over and
weakened one heavy infantry. Other knights of hollow hill killed them, used run
down to pursue through some other guys, and finished those, too.

All Stark had to do afterwards was to use his two morale tokens to raise his
morale by two, and i was routed. I did not even have any killable unit in range
of the few active men i had left.

Final board:

Did i mention rund down and pursue 3 can play out pretty awesome?
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