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Subject: A Game that calls for a Dice Tray! rss

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Alex N
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A dicefest that is totally dependent on random luck, the one redeeming feature that the game had was its rich theme. Never knowing what the dice will roll next, if you have a vivid imagination (an absolute requirement if you want to enjoy this game!) it was fun developing an narrative as you move along the journey. I liked how the designer weighed certain advantages to the German Air Force over the Italian Air Force and cleverly came up with several one-time options to flavor the game and keep it from becoming a bland one-dimensional movement game.

To speed up the game a bit, I employed a set of 18 dice in colors of white, green, and red (six each). This way when a squadron of elite German air fighters, six of them, came soaring over my convoy, I would roll six RED dice at once, sorted them from high to low and then rolled individually my GREEN dice representing my targets, matching each green die to a fighter (the red die). For me it is more pleasurable to roll my attack dice all at once in a felt cushioned dice tray, then to tediously roll one die at a time "ad nauseam" on the kitchen table.

On the negative side, I didn't find the map as useful and intuitive as I would have hoped. The outline of the convoy route was nice but I still kept referring to the rules every turn I made. There is so much bookkeeping going on with the rolls and die modifiers that a new player will resort to their paper pad and rule sheet frequently. I suppose over time, if I play this a half-dozen times (which is doubtful) the map will speak for itself and obviate the need to look up the rule set.
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