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Subject: Team Pit Box rss

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Chad Pethybridge
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Was thinking of a way to make pit stops more realistic and fair.
One solution was to have teams share one box.
The advantages i see in this is realism, and it allows you to close up the pit boxes making it fairer.

I am also thinking of making people enter and use the pit lane in a maximum of 4th gear as to make pit stops a little slower. No up shifting after pit stop.

When reading some other posts, some people allow over taking in the pit lane, a variant to that maybe to allow overtaking in the pits before reaching your pit box but not after.
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United States
New Castle
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If I remember correctly, the rules for Formula D state that you may enter in any gear, but after you've boxed you must stay in 4th until you've exited the pit lane. If it doesn't say that, that's how my friends and I have been playing and it seems to work well.

Secondly, another thing that we've done is that any turn started in the pit lane is a 4th gear roll. So let's say you entered the pit lane in 6th but ended on the very first space. Your next turn will still be done in 4th. I think the official rules say you can stay in a higher gear until you box, but that doesn't make a whole lot of sense in the grand scheme of things.

Also, our group has been playing a rule where if there's a car on the straight outside the pit lane, they get movement priority. The boundary of this is the squares after the entrance (i.e. any spaces after where it is no longer possible to pit), and the squares just before the exit (i.e. any spaces available to a car who is moving out of the very last square, since in actual F1 racing the cars exiting the pit would be moving into/with traffic after they're rejoining the track but would not be allowed to cross the white line yet).

We toyed with the idea of only allowing cars to enter in 4th gear, but it appeared to give white and yellow an unfair advantage as they could much more easily get into their boxes and go, while green and red would almost certainly have to make another roll (and blue can't get into their box with a 4th gear roll from the outside). That means that there would be time wasted for the teams farther down the pit lane since they'd be, say, two or three spaces out of their box and have to roll to make up that difference while those who have already boxed can just go. Plus, on many tracks this would be a waste of gearbox points, which isn't realistic because a driver would know they're boxing and plan accordingly as they approach the pits.

Final note: Overtaking is not realistic in an F1 pit lane. The cars have limiters and therefore max out at a certain speed (37mph). As soon as they hit that speed, they can't go any faster, and there would be no strategic advantage to going slower than that. Secondly, if a car is approaching someone else's box, the team would not release the car until it was safe to do so, lest they cause a crash and/or incur a tremendous fine for an unsafe release. That's not to say it hasn't happened, but what you'll see far more often is that a team releases a car too early, they sidle in alongside the car that's already on the lane, and they're forced to slow up and merge in behind the car that was there already at the end of the lane.
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