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Subject: War Variant with more interaction in game rss

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karol karol
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What would you say if the game would introduce with capacity units attack enemy buildings? Along with this would add a new role CAPTAIN thanks to which these units would be activated.

Explane ;

The role of CAPTAIN: Players can attack their opponent buildig/unit one of his unit, witch cost they must discard one card from your hand.
Privilege: player who choose Captain can attack without discar a card from hand.

Cards individuals affected by the interaction of the players and the game, there is more strategy, than just playing the same thing for yourself, thanks to this option, we are able to somehow influence the plans of the opponent, even somehow thwart them to him, or some sort of stop of his strategies.

Cards to individuals were the same as those buildings have to cost who you must pay for them, the number of victory point, and special text that describes exactly attack.

However, the attacks were not that too easy. Attack will require a simple test on the dice (D6). As in most games these tests are held in a way: 1,2,3 - test not passed, 4,5,6 - test passed. And in this variant a roll 4,5,6 on a dice is hit. Of course, some unit have different rules about the attack.

If We have made something like Attack, We must also made something like Hit Points of buildings and units. So each building / unit must possess Hit Points. Hit Points of unit is its cost divided by 2 rounded up. Except for unit cost 1, these units have 2 Hit Point. For the determination of damage we need some tokens

Example units:

Build cost 1
Victory points 1
text: Soldier can attack an opponent unit/building for 1 damage if throw 3,4,5,6 on a dice.

Build cost 3
Victory points 2
Text: This unit must attack two different opponent buildings/units for 1 damge if throw 5.6
on a dice.

Build cost 4
Victory points 3
Text: This unit attacks an enemy unit/building for 2 damage, if you throw 4,5,6, on a dice. Cannonthe cant be not activated in the next round of CAPTAIN.

I do not want you to understand this idea of ​​somehow creating battle game or something like that. I come on modifying light, allowing to different approach to the game.

I do not want to pack too do not know how many cards of individuals, it's more about something like an expansion war pack hehe The idea I have about 18-20 units including medic units and special units as admiral or commander with special ability.

I want you to say what you think is it a good idea whether you like it or not like it

Of course cards will create yourself as a Prox but I think it could be quite a nice option for those who want to thwart the plans of the enemy and eliminate him several notable individuals hehe

Of course, it's just a prototype idea and refine it, each unit must be different and balanced at the same time to enter the game freshness, but also this variant does not make big changes in the way the game and does not affect the rule.

I hope that some will like it

Thanks for reading and respone
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I see it as an interesting variant for this game. People which I played showed some disturbing feelings when they can't stop the building construction of the other players and they loose.

The Captain role and army buildings could improve those problems and it could be considered a good option as a kind of expansion to give more interaction between the players. Maybe, defense buildings (as walls, barricades...) could be added too.

Have you refined this protype? I'm very interested in your work.
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karol karol
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Hi, I thing nobody will answer me on this topic and this is surprise hehe

I must write I dont have this game, just found it on the internet and thought it was cool to make my prototype on the basic of san juan game with modified rules and extra cards units.

I have a few ideas on the cards but I do not have any maked.

But I sure am not interested "play world" in San Juan, I like very card game MTG and for it basic i want make my prototype(For example Island land card as an indigo plant ect ect) and even using these cards i want make prototype game and try how it works in practice.

But I have no time for it, in the moment.

But I'm all for this move, because i want see if it is working

I had written down somewhere all unit card, as I find it i share with You, and you tell me what you think about this

thanks for the reply
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