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Subject: What looks easily back-ported to the standard game? rss

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Erich Schneider
United States
San Francisco
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I am interested to hear from those of you playtesting Colonization about what bits of it look like they can easily be back-ported to the standard game. For example, it looks like the old sunspot rule (advance the disc when someone moves through a triangle burn) has been replaced by "advance the disk every set of player turns, with mandatory triggering of an event every other year." Which looks like it might make space politics more dynamic, at least in the early game when no one is moving rockets around. The new Space Politics chart looks like it could be put in as well (I'm thinking of the white card free market value being based on the position of the politics disc).

Everything I know about Colonization comes from looking at the Vassal module images and what's been posted in this forum, by the way.
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Dom Rougier
United Kingdom
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Most of the rules - including the new event track - are very much in flux, so I would be cautious about putting too much credence in them at this stage.

The expansion intent seems to be for the components to be modular - i.e. you may include the freighter deck, for example, without the gigawatt thrusters, crew or bernals.

It's also growing closer to the game as we know it. Phil seems to be trying to remove as many exceptions as possible and to make the expansion a true "expansion", rather than a separate game.
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Phil Eklund
Baden Würtenberg
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I think the High Frontier Colonization rules are solid enough now to post the 14.2 "What's New", the stuff easily back-ported to the legacy (standard) game:

14.2 WHAT'S NEW?
This game contains the second edition High Frontier expansion, (rules, expansion map, expansion support cards), and also adds four new card modules (i.e. three new card types to research and one new starting card), one new endgame module (see 22.0), five new operations, and one new movement. It plays using the legacy expanded rules, except for the changes listed in 14.6.

A. FOUR COLONIZATION CARD MODULES. Each module is a set of rules explaining the usage of a card type: Freighters, Bernals, Colonists, and GW Thrusters. Except for the Bernals, each forms its own patent deck during Set-Up, allowing you to operate ever more independently from Earth. You can add one or more of these modules to your High Frontier expanded game.
• Freighter Module. This allows you a second spacecraft for hauling stuff and (if promoted) allows all your factories to move independently.
• Bernal Module. This is an orbiting space colony, a mobile upgraded version of orbiting water depots that can accommodate your WTs and colonists. Its location is indicated by the hemispherical Bernal Sphere token of your color.
• Colonist Module. These hardy pioneers allow you to perform additional operations each turn, according to their specialization.
• Gigawatt Thruster Module. GW Thrusters are 100x more powerful than the legacy megawatt thrusters, allowing rapid transport of colonists to sites as distant as the TNO's (Trans-Neptunian Objects, see 14.4).

B. FIVE NEW OPERATIONS. Digital Swapping (16.1), Promote (16.2), Suffrage (16.3), Recruit (16.4), and Anti-Trust Tax (16.5) supplement the legacy operations 5.1 through 5.9.

C. NEW FREIGHTER MOVEMENT. Rule 18.4 replaces the legacy rule 6.6.

D. NEW PLAYER GREEN CREW CARD. Cut this out and use it to replace the legacy ESA crew card.
• ESA Privilege. As a change to the legacy rules, the ESA Privilege (including the “Lasing the Atmosphere” refinery) allows adding one to the modified thrust of solar-powered freighters and solar-powered MW Thrusters only (instead of no freighters and all thrusters). This includes MW thrusters and freighters that use solar powered supports. It does NOT include GW Thrusters.

E. NEW RESOURCE EXPLOITATION TRACK. Cut this out and use it to replace the legacy Resource Exploitation Track.
• D sites are no longer wild (14.5). Instead, D sites form a fifth column on the new Exploitation Track, and follow the rules as for the other four spectral types.

F. THE MOST IMPORTANT NEW RULES. (See 14.5 for a complete list.)
• Your moves and operations can be taken in any order (17.0).
• Rockets and freighters can use factories to land or lift-off of sites, but this is risky (17.1).
• Faction Privileges are inactivated in anarchy or war (14.5).
• (Free Market Op) All hand cards (except for your Crew and Bernal Cards) can be sold as a Free Market Operation for the price shown on the Politics Diagram, see 14.5. This includes Freighter, Colonist, and GW Thruster cards as well as legacy cards.
• (Bernal Module) Your faction starts with a Bernal Card of your color (15.0).
• (Bernal and Colonist Modules) Boosting a Bernal Card (19.1) and making it operational (19.2A) allows you to boost additional Colonists according to the hydration of the world(s) the Bernal orbits. Each additional Colonist allows you an extra Operation each turn.
• (GW Thruster Module) Refueling a GW Thruster can only be done at a Spectral-compatible site per 21.2.
• (All Modules) Freighter, Bernal, Colonist, and GW Thruster cards have a purple side. To promote a card to its upgraded purple side, move it to a Lab (14.4) and perform the Promote Operation (16.2).

G. NEW SOL SUNSPOT CYCLE. High Frontier Colonization uses a new twelve-spot Sol Sunspot Cycle (Summary Page), which is advanced after every player has taken a turn (a pseudo-game “round” if you will). Events are triggered by the event thresholds on this Sunspot Cycle, and the triangle burns no longer are used to generate events.
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