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Subject: AAR of 9 To the square "They could not pass" rss

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Martí Cabré

Catalonia, Spain
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This is an AAR of a PBEM play of ASL scenario 9 "To the square" that I played with Eloi from August to December 2012.

The scenario is set in Warsaw in January 1945 and features a Battalion of Red Army Polish Infantry advancing through downtown Warsaw with armor support. German 697th Grenadier Regiment must slow them down.

In order to win, the Soviet forces must either control a building or exit VP forces off the other side of the map.

This is our setup:

I took the Poles and Eloi took the Germans, as usual. There is a lot of ground for the Soviet forces to go and there are hidden units, so I thought that I could minimize my exposure by grouping all my units in a edge of the board, acting like an iron fist against the German defenses. At least, this would have the effect of making useless the German defenses from the other side of the board.

In that effect I attacked opposite from the target building, thinking that it would have maximum defenses. Eloi's defense was scattered in two lines in depth, with rubble blocking obvious axis of advance.

This is the Soviet advance:

I had not studied effectively the map, and I was going to pay the price. The route I had chosen had many open ground gaps and Eloi, who had perfectly planned his defense, had placed his MGs with directing leaders covering those spots and had bore sighted the upper locations of the buildings I could use to counter his fire.

As a result, I started losing infantry every time I crossed streets. My return fire would break some German squad here or there but they rallied again with no casualties.

This is the point where my advance stalled:

My idea was to use the armor to soften up the German strong points, but when I tried to sleaze freeze a position they burned a tank with Panzerfausts, and if I fired from away they skulked away. Firing against the MGs was no use either, as they skulked too.

I used OBA to drop Smoke against my right flank and make all my infantry advance to the second map, but going to the third map was a task that grew in complexity.

Eloi moved his spare infantry from other parts of the line to slowly surround my forces and crossing each street was becoming a nightmare.

This is the end of the game:

And finally I got stuck. My armor was at a safe distance from the Panzerfausts shooting at the German infantry to no avail. My troops slowly crept up but the German MGs spitted killer ROF shots of 1,1 or 1,2 nearly every PFPh or DFPh and I had not enough leaders to keep rallying my troops.

There had not been a huge number of casualties but I could simply not advance without spending a lot of time firing to break a hole in the German line. Another option would be to lay down a second barrage of Smoke and to do a human wave to break the line, but both options required a couple of turns to bring the troops in position and prepare everything.

With only three turns to go I could not execute any of these plans and still get to exit the map, so I conceded the scenario. My soldiers were all still there, but they could not pass.

German victory!
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