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I'm having some difficulty completing this quest. I've been trying not to use spirit, as I originally used a spirit/leadership deck for much of the Mirkwood cycle, and I'd like to try something a little different.

The problem I have with this encounter is the enemies. There's quite a few of them, but they tend to be quite ferocious too. It's quite easy to end up with a couple of wargs or a troll very early in the encounter and no way to deal with them fast enough. There's a lot of nasty shadow effects as well (+1 atk for each mountain in the staging area etc) that can make plenty of the attacks devastating. I would lean towards a tactics focused deck to help with the enemies.

Unfortunately, the third stage of the quest requires high willpower characters, and even then it's too easy for Caraharas to combo with Snowstorm and get all your questing characters discarded. This makes me think spirit might me essential for the (generally) higher willpowers and the shadow/treachery cancellation. A lot of the enemies have fairly high engagement costs which also makes threat control look like an advantage.

I wondered if the quest was designed with secrecy in mind (Arwen providing extra resources and high engagement enemies), but I've not had much luck getting it working.

I know spirit is generally considered the most powerful sphere, but I'm keen to have a go with something else, so would be interested in hearing what other people beat it with. It's worth adding I'm playing solo, and have the player cards from Road to Rivendell and Watcher in the Water.

Thanks for your advice and opinions!

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sounds like you want to have high attack strength allies in the beginning, but somehow turn them into high willpower ones in late game.

I do not know what cardpool you have available, but Aragorn (lore or leadership) + Sword that was Broken + Faramir could do the trick.

And there is also ever powerful dwarven synergy with Dain and that + 1 WP to all dwarven characters event card.

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