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Subject: 5-6 player Variant rss

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Daniel Guerra
United States
Eagle pass
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Hello all

I had 5 players (myself included) wanting to play this game last night, so i came up with a few ideas to hopefully make it work.

The game went ok, not much different than my other sessions with 4 or less players in it.

I would appreciate if you guys game me your opinions on this variant i came up with.


I Scanned & Printed 5 copies of the following:
- Starting Gladiator
- Starting Slave
- Guards

I also Scanned & Printed 1 copy of each of the 4 Houses (Had no time to come up with new abilities for new houses) So you will have 4 houses available with 2 copies of each.

All players roll 2d6. Then highest to lowest players choose their house.
there will be 4 players that will have the same house as another player.

All players that share the same house name with another player get 2 extra gold at the start of the game.

Flow of the Game:

UPKEEP PHASE: No changes


MARKET PHASE: (Auction 5 or 6 items depending on players)


Host Still receives only 1 influence for hosting the games.

Host Invites 4 Houses to the games. There will be 2 fights in the Arena. The Opening Fight and The Headliner. Each house chooses his gladiator & items to send to the games.

After all gladiators are chosen the host proceeds to choose how to pair the gladiators against each other. With only one Rule.
Champions can only be crowned in the Headliner Fight so, Any Gladiators with 2 Favor tokens MUST fight in the Headliner Fight. (If 3 or 4 of the chosen gladiators all have 2 Favor tokens on them, only the ones in the Headliner can be crowned.)

Favor is given out as usual, except as noted above for crowning champions.

For the Opening Fight Wagers are restricted to 2 Gold Coins or less (Instead of 3).
For the Headliner Fight Wagers are back to a maximun of 3 Gold as Usual.

The winner of each fight gains 1 influence as usual.

We had a lot of fun playing like this last night.

I would appreciatte your thoughts on this variant.


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John Lloyd
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I like your ideas. We did 5 player by taking some extra starting slaves and gladiators from another copy of the game - along with some extra equipment and intrigue cards.

We did the arena stuff by allowing 2 v 1 and 3 v 1 matchups. This required some adjustments to the betting odds for injury and decaps. But I also like your idea of an opening match and a headliner match. We may try this.
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Martin Stegmark
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Sounds like a good variant. I really cant see any big flaw in your setup. My thoughts about the arena phase is that there should be only one fight and that four gladiators forming two teams. The gladiator in the loosing team with the greatest injury/decap counts for wagers. Both winning glads gets +1 inf.
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Andy Day

League City
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In a 5 player game: why does there need to be more combat? Why not just leave arena matches as-is?

Having the host set the pairings makes the host position WAY to powerful. as it is, there is a cat and mouse with regards to how you offer your fighters up. With this option, it's basically impossible to know who you'll fight, which takes out most of that layer of strategy. Or perhaps more succinctly: increases your payout to the host to get the pairing you want, giving the host yet more gold, and thus even more power.

By having 4 gladiators go into every match, the odds of being invited are raised dramatically. In a 5p game, if there are 4 invites, then chances are great you WILL get invited. As opposed to a 4p game where you theoretically have like a half chance or less.

More fighting means more injuries, Gladiators sitting out with wounds, and Gladiator deaths. This-paired with the inevitable invitation you will be getting-means that all players will have to have more gladiators. But that will be difficult since there are no additional gladiator cards to go around. So it seems like a death spiral where nobody will have enough bodies to put into the arena.

Or... so I theorize.

If more players go into the arena, why not just make it a free for all? Or perhaps: allow the host to determine if it's a free for all, or a team match, before the fight starts.

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