Marcin Wo┼║niak
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I was not lucky with my draw - I drew Greyjoy, while my brother Przemek, who always wins any game he plays, drew Lannisters. Starks were taken by Tomek, our youngest cousin (who is in a middle of his twenties) Baratheons (who are not as advantageous as in 4 or 5 player games) were taken by Rastha Tomek, Lukash got Martells and Sebastian, our previous winner, took Tyrrels.

T,B and M got a quick alliance right from the start. I decided not to take Starks, but to attack Baratheons altogether with Przemek.
Starks seemed like too small a threat, what did I know... As usually, initial fleet battle in Narrow Sea was won by Eddard Stark, who massacred poor Baras.
I waited one long round, while large (3K) Lannister army went straight towards King's Landing, and took Lannisport.
Przemek went red, and spent next 6 Rounds attriting me down with his lonely 3K army and 2 sheep fleet. Fleet got surrounded and finally drowned, but those 3 Knights were my Nemesis.
Wolves felt their main enemy gets attacked, and took Riverrun from me. Baratheons helped me to lose in three major land battles, so from position of sure winner I became a holder of Flint's Finger and Pyke. But I held firmly to three sea areas.
Tenth Round was dramtic.
Martells fought fiercely against tyrrel's onslaught, and again baratheons helped weaker side (while losing their own). Meanwhile, martells took king's landing and defeated (with heavy lossess) some stark raid. Starks were holding at their peak 6 castles, but lost one to martells and one to ferocious greyjoy couteroffensive. Finally there were 4 players holding 4 castles, but it was greyjoy who weld 3 strongholds - (even though I began that round with only 2 VP locations).

All Lannister's plots and 3 combined powers could not defeat the might of a cracken.

Everybody was rather amused with this unlikely win (last move was mine, and one of the castles was empty, the other was taken only due to Balon's superiority) - 2 Knights from Pyke took half of my possessions with the last single move.
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