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Joel Lee
Burwood Heights
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So yesterday was my last day in Taiwan on my holiday (sad) and i decided i wanted to buy a game i could play solo because all of my games required other players to be present for the game to be entertaining. i was tossing up between this game and Lord of the rings LCG and eventually opted for this one simply because of the price and i didn't want to get sucked into the LCG world any further as i am already committed to Android Netrunner.

On the train ride home i was regretting my decision as i had seen LOTR LCG being played and i thought the mechanics in that game were brilliant and the gamestyle suited my playstyle.

So after getting home i began reading the rules and gave up on page 3. So i decided to come onto this site to watch some videos to learn how to play. About halfway through the setup video i fell asleep. (Hey i've been really tired these days and it's not because i'm ADHD ). After waking up and going out for a stroll and some refreshments i came back to finally resit through the walkthrough video.

BOY WAS I SURPRISED. This game has amazing mechanics. And unlike LOTR where it's luck of the draw it was leaning more towards A:NR which was more dependent on player options. and the choices you make greatly affect later on. After only watching the gameplay i was hooked and was already looking up expansions for this game. But after sleeving the cards last night it was already 1am so i decided to save my first gameply for the next morning.

This morning I began playing straight after breakfast. After what seemed like at least 15 minutes to set up the game went by pretty smoothly bar the first turn where i was still figuring things out. I was pretty lucky as I only drew minor spawns and i got past the first void lock with no genestealers even getting an attack in.

2nd room was the teleportation room where you could instant skip the whole thing. Well Even though there were no Genestealers present i decided to run with it as iw as greedy. two marines instantly down at least they were the non ability ones of their respective combat squad.

Third room presented a room with a terrain that could be deactivated and not many genestealers in the blip piles as they were dependent on how many marines were left. Easily cleared that room with the ability of remove one from blip pile during movement and activation (sorry i don't know the Guy's name as i just started playing and i don't know the colour's as i am colour blind so had to constantly refer back to the pictures on the back of the action cards to make sure i was moving the right guy etc.)

Finally the last room meant there were 7 in each blip pile and iw as required to remove all genestealers from blip piles and engagement. This proved to be difficult but after witering slowly away at everything i managed to get past without losing another marine.

All in all i am very impressed with the game mechanics (props to ffg) and would like to see what the expansions bring to the table. Unfortunately i think this game wouldn't go too well with my friends as it is quite involved and so not sure whether i'll be able to ever play the scenarios with more players.

Overall I'd give this game a 8 or 9 out of 10 atm as it is entertaining, in a small portable box, and choice heavy vs luck heavy. So Loving this game

GET IT - better than LOTR especiallyif you're not rich and don't have time to deckbuild!
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Jay K
United Kingdom
West Malling
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Nothing to see here. Please move on
It's about time!
Nice session/ review. I too had a similar view of this game and after playing it a few times I find it a welcome distraction from LOTR LCG. Although I have to say that LOTR is also a great game.

I have Star Wars LCG, LOTR LCG and Android: Netrunner. This could be costly....
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Brian Theissen
United States
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I am a sucker for FF and I seem to also like card games. I have only played this game 3 times and I am still not sure I am doing it right. One of those games that is hard to get the group to try more than once. I really like the concept and will come back to it soon.

Thanks for the kick in the butt!
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