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Subject: New Combo Predictions rss

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Jasper Birch
United States
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With 1 card preview of all new factions here is my quick idea about all new possible combos (38 total):

New Factions:
-Bear Cavalry: What's scary? A bear. What's really scary? A cossack riding a bear! Bear Cavalry will use fear to drive opposing minions to other bases.
-Ghosts: Unlike in just about every card game in history, Ghosts benefit from having fewer cards in your hand. Can you be immaterial?
-Killer Plants: Better deal with these guys fast because if you leave them alone, they'll grow all over the weeds! *rimshot*
-Steampunks: Can't leave a good base alone? The Steampunks will add new abilities to bases to help your strategies.

New Combos:
-Bear Cavalry-Aliens: Both like screwing with bases a bit, so could be fun.
-Bear Cavalry-Dinosaurs: BC can maybe help giving Dinosaurs a bit more time to build up some strength.
-Bear Cavalry-Magicians: Not sure what all actions BC will have, but if you can move multiple minions away at once, that would rock.
-Bear Cavalry-Ninjas: Move another player's minion to a base to break it and then add a Shinobi for the win?
-Bear Cavalry-Pirates: Looks like a great combo so far, moving your own minions and other player's minions around, full table control!
-Bear Cavalry-Robots: Not sure if Robots need BC help to win a base.
-Bear Cavalry-Tricksters: Tricksters block bases for others and then BC can move minions away from free bases, looks powerful.
-Bear Cavalry-Zombies: Play BC from the discard pile and keep moving others to different bases? Looks fun, but not the best combo with Zombies.
-Bear Cavalry-Ghosts: Really hard to say anything about combos of 2 new fractions, especially about Ghosts since you have no clue about what they do.
-Bear Cavalry-Killer Plants: This looks like a fun combo. BC protect KP by moving others away from their base so the Plants can grow stronger and stronger.
-Bear Cavalry-Steampunks: Both seem to be doing something with bases, so could be a fun combo.

-Ghosts-Aliens: Alien Ghosts, just the term sounds scary already. But does it work? Aliens don't necessarily need many cards in hand.
-Ghosts-Dinosaurs: Dinosaurs can't really play more than 1 action and minion at a time, so it will be hard to get a small hand.
-Ghosts-Magicians: Seems like a no-go combo. Magicians only draw cards and Ghosts will discard them.
-Ghosts-Ninjas: Ninjas need some cards in hand for when a base breaks, so can't discard too many cards from hand.
-Ghosts-Pirates: Pirates don't really need a lot of cards in hand, but can't play very much at once to get a smaller hand.
-Ghosts-Robots: Robots need a big hand to play them all at once, so sometimes they need a big hand, sometimes they will have a small hand.
-Ghosts-Tricksters: Tricksters like to draw some extra cards from time to time, so doesn't seem like the best combo.
-Ghosts-Zombies: Zombies like cards in their discard pile and don't need a full hand, so this could be a dangerous combination.
-Ghosts-Killer Plants: The two previewed cards seem to contradict each other a lot.
-Ghosts-Steampunks: Also these two previewed cards seem to be conflicting a bit.

-Killer Plants-Aliens: Don't really see why these two would make an amazing team together.
-Killer Plants-Dinosaurs: The Dinosaurs might be able to distract from the fact that other players want to kill your Plants.
-Killer Plants-Magicians: Drawing cards and drawing more cards, might be a bit too much, but maybe it is fun all over.
-Killer Plants-Ninjas: Keep you Plants alive and then pop in some Ninja last minute.
-Killer Plants-Pirates: Protect your Plants by moving them around the table. Not sure if that will count to make the Plants work, if so, could be great.
-Killer Plants-Robots: Plants drawing more cards so you will have even more Robots, could be a winner.
-Killer Plants-Tricksters: This looks like something amazing already, Tricksters are pretty great at protecting minions and bases, so the Plants should become oretty powerful with this one.
-Killer Plants-Zombies: If dealt with them quickly, they can always come back now. Not sure if they really help each other though.
-Killer Plants-Steampunks: Looks a bit the same as with zombies, if destroyed the Plants can always come back.

-Steampunks-Aliens: Looks like it could be a great combo. The previewed card with Invader? Could be more VP!
-Steampunks-Dinosaurs: Could be helpful to get strong minions back in hand, but does it work?
-Steampunks-Magicians: For some reason this seems like it could be good. Extra actions and people screwing with bases.
-Steampunks-Ninjas: Not sure about this one right now.
-Steampunks-Pirates: This looks like it could be fun. Steampunks doing stuff with bases and Pirates being able to move to those bases when they get helpful.
-Steampunks-Robots: The previewed card could be great with Robots since some cards can destroy a lot of Robots at once. But then they will all come back the next turn.
-Steampunks-Tricksters: Two base screwing factions could be too much, or could be all it.
-Steampunks-Zombies: The previewed card doesn't seem to help Zombies at all.

I look forward to it!
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Jeremy Williams
United States
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I'm not the werewolf!
Ghost-wizards a no-go? Really? Wizards draw the cards, then ghosts discard them for big effect. Sounds good to me!
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Elias Westerberg
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Any thoughts on the combos after trying them out?

I find Tricksters and Bear Cavalry a little dissapointing together... both have disenchant and minion removal... too much of the same.
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