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Subject: Some more newbie questions - Core set only yet rss

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Joan Altamirano
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Hello I got some general questions and some other specific for cards, sorry for the English if you don't understand some of the questions, I'm from South America.

General rules question

Does an action can be done in response of something, I wonder this since there is an ability that is called response maybe not. Meaning for example:
Predatory Byakhee: Sacrifice Predatory Byakhee to discard the top 3 cards from an opponent's deck.
If something is going to make the Byakhee insane, or destroy it or maybe returning to its owner's hand can you use the ability to sacrifice it before anything of that happens and discard the cards from the opponent's deck? I know this is a very MTG thinking with the stack and all of that. I play MTG regularly.

I still don't get it right (or maybe I do) how you must pay loyal cards and those cards with the faction icon on their name like Pulled Under

Loyal cards must be paid with a domain that has ALL of the resource cards matching the cards faction or can it be a domain with enough resources only of the correct faction, for example a 3 cost loyal Hastur card can be paid with a domain with 6 resources in which 3 of them are Hastur's? Or should be a domain with only Hastur resources attached to it to a minimum of 3?

The ones with the icons on the name you can pay them with different domains and that's it right? nothing else? Or also must match the quantity of icons on the name?

Ravager if the Deep
Forced Response: After Ravager from the Deep is committed to a story, wound all other characters at that story.

So does that mean if I commit him to a story in my turn, then if I commit any other characters they are going to get wounded right?
Also since in my turn I choose first who is committed to a story this ability will trigger wound my characters if any, then my opponent will commit his characters and the Ravager won't wound them?

So this character should be use most of the time on my opponents turn in that case?

Dabbler in the Unknown
Action: Sacrifice Dabbler in the Unknown to put a success token on a story card with no success tokens.

No success tokens means; none from you and your opponent or none only from you (who are the controller of Dabbler of the Unkown)


Jack "Brass" Brady
Disrupt: Before a triggered ability resolves, return Jack "Brass" Brady to his owner's hand.

This one I just don't get it, each time a triggered ability this guy goes back to my hand? How do you identify triggered abilities in COT? "When" "If"?


Studen Archaelogist
Response: After Student Archaeologist is restored, draw a card. Then, each player chooses and discards a card from his hand.

The "restored" clause, means that the Student MUST be exhausted to be restored right? So if it is ready then the character doesn't restored and this ability doesn't trigger, or it restored anyway and we just don't do nothing to the character?

I think the first option should be the one unless the ability would be too good since it will discard a card from the opponent each turn without having to commit her to a story each turn.
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David Boeren
United States
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An Action is something you can trigger during an Action window. This is different from a Response (can only be triggered if a precondition is met) or a Disrupt (can actually interrupt something else going on).

So in the case of Predatory Byakhee, if something would turn him insane you can't trigger an Action to sacrifice him first - that would require his ability to be a Disrupt.

To play a Loyal card that costs 3 (for instance), you must drain a domain that has at least 3 resources that match the card's faction (instead of only 1 as with normal cards). It doesn't have to be all of them, just as many as the cost of the Loyal card.

To play a card with Steadfast (those little faction icons), you just need to have that many resources on ANY domain. It doesn't matter if the domains are drained or not, it doesn't matter if the domain you're using to pay for the card has any at all. You just need that many resources of that faction *somewhere*.

Ravager from the Deep:
When you commit multiple characters they are considered to commit simultaneously. So, if you send other characters to the same story as the Ravager then yes - they will get wounded as well. So, usually you keep him as a lone defender to use on your opponent's turn. Sometimes you'll commit another character with him that has Invulnerability or Toughness. His ability happens only when he commits, so if you commit him on YOUR turn and then your opponent commits afterward, they will not be wounded because they were not there at the time the ability triggered.

Dabbler in the Unknown:
"A story card with no success tokens" means exactly that - no success tokens on either side.

Jack "Brass" Brady:
Each time a triggered ability happens he *CAN* go back to your hand. You're not forced to do it. Usually you'd do this to save him if the triggered ability would kill him or maybe drive him insane. For instance, you send Jack to a story and your opponent commits his Ravager from the Deep. So, before the Ravager's ability wounds him you do your Disrupt and yank him out to the safety of your hand. Triggered abilities are defined in the rulebook/faq but basically it includes Actions, Responses, Forced Responses, and Disrupts. Not passive things like for example Altar of the Blessed which gives +1 skill but has no trigger to make it happen.

Student Archaeologist:
Restored means going uninsane. Refreshed is being unexhausted. So, to get your ability to trigger she has to go insane first, then flip back over to no longer being insane. It's considerably more effort than just being Refreshed, but then again if that was all you needed to do it would be a really good card - too easy to get free draws perhaps.
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Agent 57
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Triggered effects have a bold timing word with a colon and the the effect. such as...

Forced Response: After X has happened, do Y.

Forced Responses are the only triggered effect that must be resolved. Disrupts, Responses, and Actions you choose to trigger.The game itself triggers Forced Responses.

There is no stack in this game and the only two things that get close to it are Disrupts and passives. A Disrupt will pause the resolution of an effect,resolve itself completely and then unpause the original effect to complete its execution. A passive effect will modify some condition or state of the game. They are generally written out in two formats, continual, such as dboeren's example of a card give characters +1 skill, or conditional only asserting themselves when a specific thing happens, such as making a character that would go insane instead be wounded.
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