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Subject: Remora IX Campaign: Border Dispute. rss

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Following story is the session report of a Gang Fight scenario.

Border Fight.

Another day, another conflict. The Spinal Tap gangers are testing out the borders of our territory. White Pawns 2, 3 and 4 are dispatched on the bridge to repel the intruders.

Bishop will lead the Grey squad to the right flank to block passage there. Brave as he is, leader King sneaks up to the frontline to taunt the enemy out of cover. They’re hiding behind the old wartank. In order for the White Pawns to see their targets, King starts shooting at the enemy. “This cannot be good…” Bishop thinks by himself. And he is right. The enemy returns fire and King goes down. He dodges the first volley and drops to the ground but is hit by fire from a second shooter before the Grey squad can shoot back.
But this skirmish is a great advantage for the White Pawns positioned up high. They are raining bullets into the enemy’s left flank. One down, the others duck and are pinned. The left flank is secure.
Bishop’s Grey squad waves to the center and tries an assault into the next buildings. But crossing open field is punished hard. The autopistols are out of range. The enemy halts it’s advance and there’s a stand-down on the center now.

With King out of action, one of the enemy was able to sneak up to the tower and surprise White Pawn 1 and 2. His shotgun loaded with scatter shells downs both of our men. Return fire by White 3 pins the enemy, blocking him from further advance. But ammo is running out! A tactical retreat becomes the best option.
On the left flank Knight is holding back the enemy by popping dum-dum bullets into their direction and by laying down cover fire with her autogun. No casualties are reported, but the left flank remains secure. Meanwhile she’s trying to talk sense into White 1 who completely lost track of reality and runs stupidly around. “This guy’s nuts and unreliable, King should do something about him” she says to herself. “WHAT are those Grey Pawns doing! Bishop get them OUT of there!” shouts Knight when she spots the failure to assault the center. “Am I the only one with brains here when King’s out of action?” Knight considers when she sees some of Team Checkmate not acting tactical at all. “Retreat!”.

Mechanical Brain.

“Feeling anything?” asks the doc to agent White 1. “No sir, feelin’ good, thanks” he returns. “Well this lobo-chip will get you going. Fear and indecisiveness won’t bother you anymore in the coming fights. Good luck” the doctor leaves after receiving his credits from King.
“It’s a good thing you patched him up sir, we need all fighter we can get” whispers Knight to King. He answers her: “thank you for watching out for the gang. About this need for fighters, I acquired an isotropic fuel rod. We’ll make a nice place to live in the slag. This new settlement will provide us with fresh recruits.”.
With no fighters lost, the Checkmate gang comes out of battle stronger than ever. The ammo problems they experienced in the fight will be countered by appointing an armourer. All weapons and ammo will be properly checked and receive maintenance when needed. With reliable weapons and a strong two-man (or man/woman) leadership the enemy needs to cower in fear…

And so this battle ends in my gang who bottles out with 3 serious injuries and one stupid model with a head wound who runs away over the table edge. My opponent took 3 serious injuries of which 1 DEAD! Huzzah!
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