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Subject: Cora and her Doctor, Part 3 rss

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Craig Mills
United States
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A narrow blue beam flashed from Rex and played on the side of a crate. When it faded away, the box side looked like a door frame and light leaked out around the closed door.
“Chief, I think I’ve found something over here!”
The four men turned around and hesitated for a moment. Then we all converged on the doorway at once. The Chief visibly shook off the strangeness of the scene and grab the handle. It would not turn.
“Parsons, Miller—break it down!”
“Aye, Sir!”
Three impacts and the door splintered.
A blaze of light spilled over into the cargo space. ‘Inside’, if that word could be applied to the room beyond was a fully equipped surgical room, full of machines and equipment clearly not belonging to this time. There was another closed door on the opposite side. Unfortunately, a man lay on the table, chest cavity exposed.
“Chief, it’s the Second!” said Parsons.
I moved over to the surgical table. “All his internal organs have been removed!”
“All this equipment comes from the early 21st century, “said the Doctor. “ Something is very wrong here…”
At that moment, a man walked through the opposite door. It only took him a moment to take in the scene and then he drew a weapon.
“You will all kindly raise your hands. You may not recognize this, but it is a firearm and it has a rate of fire beyond anything you are familiar with. I could easily cut all of you down before you could reach me.”
The bewildered crewmen obeyed, but the Doctor did not move.
“You should not be here…” growled the Doctor.
“I have to admit, you stumbled on me sooner than I had planned, but it doesn’t matter. You will all be dead in about 23 minutes.”
“Whadya mean, 23 minutes?”
“You are part of the crew and passengers of R101! In 23 minutes, history says R101 goes down with all hands, regardless of what happens in this room.”
I cast an anxious glance at the Doctor. Fixed point in time! We can’t prevent the crash!
“So you thought you would just help yourself to a few organs, pre-mortem…” The Doctor’s tone was hard and cold.
“Why not? They won’t need them much longer. I, on the other hand, plan to be around quite a bit longer.”
“Rex!” The Doctor snarled and a beam flashed from the doorway we had entered. The gun flew from the man’s hand and into the opposite door. As it crossed the threshold it seemed to disappear.
The man backed up against the nearest counter and cowered.
“What is that?”
“My dog, Dr Lazarus. I did tell you, Chief, that he knows a few tricks?”
“You did indeed, Sir”
Lazarus made a dive for the doorway, but Parsons stepped in front of him and threw him to the floor.
“How did you know who I was?”
“Your name is plastered over half the crates in the cargo space out there. Lazarus Corp. is it not. Your corporation has been in the family for 5 generations, so it said. Or is that precisely true, Lazarus. You would have needed a local relay to generate a precise time portal in a moving object. What better cover for such a construct than a corporate hanger at the local aerodrome?”
“You’ll regret this! I have friends!”
“I suspect you do, Lazarus,” said the Doctor. “It isn’t possible that a man from 21st century Earth could have conceived of, yet alone built, a time portal generator. So, tell me, just who is your friend?”
Lazarus froze for a moment, and then smiled. He reached in his pocket and fumbled with something there. Suddenly sparks and flames burst from a refrigerated cabinet along the wall. It only took seconds for the whole wall to be engulfed. While Parsons was distracted, Lazarus directed a vicious kick upward and Parsons doubled over, then he was up and through the portal. Before anyone could stop him, the enraged Parsons stumbled after him and was gone.
The flames spread quickly and the Chief and the remaining crewmen vainly tried to keep the flames from reaching into the cargo cabin. But the Doctor seemed transfixed, starring with darkly into the portal. The flames danced in his eyes as I pleaded with him to run to the safety of the TARDIS. Then his expression changed and I heard him whisper “You!” through his teeth. I turned and looked, but only saw the portal fade and shimmer away. Then, finally, the Doctor came back to our Now.
“Chief, follow me. I can take you to safety!”
“Can’t do that, Sir. I have to save the ship!”
“It’s too late for that, Chief. She’ll never make it”
“Never mind that, Sir. I know a thing or two. We’ll set her right! Now you go and take care of yourself, Sir, and let us handle it.”
“Fixed point in time, Doctor.” I shouted to him over the flames as they left. “We can’t save them!”
“I know,” he said. “But I had to try. I always have to try…”
Then we ran.
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simon cogan
United Kingdom
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These are fantastic Craig - thanks for posting.

(You might want to double space between paragraphs to make reading a bit easier?)
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