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Subject: 13 Hours to Fall: Red Skulls Doom rss

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C. Rexford
United States
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Thufferin Thuccotash!! It'th Cold out Here!
This game is played under the Solo variant found in the Game Rulebook. Of note: each time a scheme twist is revealed (opening a Portal in this case), a Hero at HQ is KO’d. The initial setup is played with:
Mastermind: Red Skull Villains: Masters of Evil Henchmen: Doomgate Legion (x3 cards) One Bystander and One Master Strike

Heroes: Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk Scheme: Portals to the Dark Dimension

Each Hour represents a round of play. The names of cards are capitolized. The writing in green is the breakdown of cards drawn and played and is for informational purposes only.

Skip the green bits if you just want to know 'what happened that day.'

The evil Mastermind Red Skull’s plan was to open Portals to the Dark Dimension which would work twofold towards his purpose; opening the gates to unleash the potent influences of darkness empowering the Masters of Evil with the Doomgate Legion, and to blacken the faith of the people bringing them to despair creating easy subjects to conquer.

Currently, at HQ, Black Widow was practicing Dangerous Rescue with Mission Accomplished. Hawkeye was doubly focused on perfecting his Team Player ability, and Hulk was studying his effects during a Crazed Rampage, and perhaps how to control his rage. None of them were aware of the bedlam that was about to shatter their peace.

1st Hour

Doombot Legion enters Sewers. 4 Agents recruit Hawkeye Team Player from HQ. Black Widow Silent Sniper enters at HQ. New Draw = 4 Agents, 2 Troops.

4 Agents accompanied by 2 Troops were patrolling the sewer area beneath the Mayor’s building…a common place for unruly impositions to occur…when they spotted the familiar and unsettling behavior of the Doombot Legion. They were just standing there, like zombie drones clad in cold metal helms, as if waiting for orders, but from whom? Fortunately, the Agent group was undetected and they immediately alerted Team Player Hawkeye. Black Widow readied her Silent Sniper. The 4 Agents and 2 Troops were relieved of their shift and replaced with 4 new Agents and 2 Troops, who were briefed on the situation.

2nd Hour

Doombot Legion enters Sewers, moves first Doombot Legion to the Bank. 4 Agents recruit Hawkeye Team Player from HQ. Hulk Crazed Rampage enters HQ. New Draw=2 Agents, 2 Troops, 2 Hawkeye Team Player.

The Doombot Legion doubles… dispersing half to the Bank. Their presence was no longer secret or silent. Alerted to this movement, the 4 Agents-2 Troops team call in with Team Player Hawkeye and he prepares to be doubly useful. At HQ, Hulk now readies his Crazed Rampage for further use. Hawkeye stocks twice the ammunition needed since he expects his Alliance mates to assist. He and 2 Agents are escorted by 2 Troopers towards the tall, ominous figure at the steps of City Hall bellowing insults and laughing maniacally as the citizens below scramble for safety, shaken by this abrupt outbreak of chaos.

3rd Hour

Whirlwind enters Sewer; Doombots move to Bank; Doombots move from Bank to Rooftops. Fight Red Skull with Hawkeye Team Player+duplicate+2 Troopers.3 Agents are drawn Because of Ruthless Dictator and 1 is KO, 1 Discarded, 1 back on top of deck. 2 Agents in hand recruit Black Widow Mission Accomplished from HQ. Black Widow Covert Operation enters HQ. New Draw=4 Agents, 2 Troopers.

Whirlwind blows in through the sewers nearly shooing the doomgate legion present there on towards the Bank, and as if living dominoes the legion already presiding there are urged to cover the Rooftops of the city…keeping watch for impediments to their dastardly cause. Team Player Hawkeye is twice as strong and combines forces with 2 Troops raining showers of arrows and barrage of bullets upon Mastermind Red Skull, who takes major wounding and threatens to return the deed.

Because of this Ruthless Dictator, the city’s S.H.I.E.L.D. force is tapped and loses 1 Agent, 1 Agent is put into a recovery ward, and a third is returned to duty after his near brush with death. 2 Agents already at hand recruit Black Widow who readies her Mission Accomplished tactic, and her ‘Covert Operations’ ability is stocked at HQ to redeem later…if necessary. As Hawkeye and the others take shelter to rest, 4 Agents and 2 Troops arrive to take over delayed tactics.

4th Hour

Scheme Twist is drawn and placed by Mastermind raising his health to 8. This KO’s Hulk Crazed Rampage from HQ, and Hulks Growing Anger enters HQ. 4 Agents recruit Black Widow Covert Ops and it is replaced with Hawkeye Quick Draw. New Draw=2 Agents, 2 Troops, 2 Hawkeye Team Player.

The confusion of the city is suddenly silenced with a deep, eerie sound that carried with it an unmistakable feeling of gloom. The scheme of Red Skull commences as the first Portal is opened. As Red Skull draws upon its unearthly power which permanently raises his health, an antithesis occurs at HQ, knocking Hulk out in the middle of his Crazed Rampage studies. But Hulks Growing Anger helps him to recover quickly with his increased adrenaline.

4 Agents call upon Black Widow and her Covert Operations which may be useful should the villains decide to harness any citizens as leverage. At HQ, Hawkeye practices Quick Draw which would round up immediate help through the sonic wave of his arrows soaring through the wind. The current Agent group are relieved and replaced with 2 Agents, Team Player Hawkeye doubly prepared, and 2 Troops to lead the way.

5th Hour

Baron Zemo enters Sewer: Whirlwind-moves to Bank; Doomgate Legion-Streets & Rooftops. Fight Whirlwind and Doomgate Legion at Streets with 2 Troopers, 2 Hawkeye Team Players. Doomgate Legion KO 1 Agent. New Draw=2 Agents, 2 Troopers, Black Widow Covert Ops & Mission Accomplished.

Baron Zemo enters the fray in the sewers and sends Whirlwind breezing to the Bank, while the Doomgate Legion march stoically onto the Rooftops, spilling into the Streets. The shrieks and shrilling screams of horrified women, men, and children fill the city and obliterate the memories of simple living that they embraced just a couple of hours ago. 2 Troops initiate an attack on Whirlwind and Team Player Hawkeye joins in twice, finishing off Whirlwind with the famous arrows before he has a chance to escape to the Rooftops where he would have a clear advantage.

With remaining strength, Hawkeye takes down the Doomgate Legion in the Streets, helping to ease the uncontained fear of the people running about haphazardly trying to get to their homes…the only semblance of normalcy they now know. Sadly, another Agent in reserve is taken down. This calls to duty 2 more Agents, 2 Troops, and Black Widow relieves Hawkeye, and prepares to assist any bystanders with her Covert Operations and Mission Accomplished techniques.

6th Hour

Scheme Twist: Portal at Bridge. KO Hawkeye Quick Draw at HQ. Replace with Unstoppable Hulk. Play Black Widow Mission Accomplished; Draw Agent. Play 3 Agents to recruit Officer. New Draw= 1 Agent, 1 Officer, 2 Troops, Black Widow Covert Ops and Mission Accomplished.

Red Skull becons another Portal, this time at the Bridge. Perhaps he had hoped Whirlwind would have been there to absorb greater power. No one is present to greet the bleak affair and Red Skull notices a red ant making his way up a suspension cable nearby, struggling to avoid being blown off into the deep, billowing sea. Red Skull lifts his thumb to crush the tiny diversion and just before he could feel its wee life squirming for mercy, the force of gales snap the little red soldier straight off the cable and the ant simply vanishes.

The opening of the Portal produces more trouble at HQ when Hawkeye, in the middle of a Quick Draw, is knocked down by a strange, unseen force. The Hulk’s Unstoppable form is checked at HQ, and controlled. Black Widow draws upon Mission Accomplished to produce an Agent, and he and 2 other Agents already present recruit an Officer. The team assembles with 1 Agent, 1 Officer, 2 Troops and Black Widow prepared with both Covert Operations and Mission Accomplished assignments.

7th Hour

Bystander is drawn, placed under Baron Zemo in Sewers. Play Black Widow Mission Accomplished and draw a Trooper. Fight Doomgate Legion on Rooftops with 3 Troopers, KO 1 Trooper. Officer + Agent recruits Black Widow Dangerous Rescue from HQ. It is replaced with Hawkeye Covering Fire. New Draw=4 Agents, 2 Hawkeye Team Player.

Attorney at Law, Lucinda Trump, falls into an open manhole, and is the first bystander to confront one of the Villains…Baron Zemo…who delights in this unwitting intrusion. Carefully keeping Lucinda close with a special ‘adhesive’, Baron Zemo sends a message to HQ that this insignificant woman will be a valuable test subject for his latest compound if they will not publicly submit to Red Skull’s authority.

Black Widow sends a message under the codename Mission Accomplished to call in Troops. Together they fight the Doomgate Legion stationed on the cities Rooftops, plucking them down in a single swoop of precision firing, leaving them cluttering the streets below like heaps of scrap metal…and losing a Troop in the ensuing retaliations. An Officer sends an Agent to alert Black Widow that a Dangerous Rescue may be in order. Hawkeye enters HQ to prepare his Covering Fire technique. He then accompanies 4 Agents to cover them at the next station.

8th Hour

Baron Zemo enters Sewer, moves Zemo + Bystander to Bank. 4 Agents recruit Hulk Growing Anger from HQ. It is replaced with another Hulk Growing Anger. New Draw= 1 Trooper, 1 Agent, 2 Hawkeye Team Player and Black Widow Mission Accomplished & Dangerous Rescue.

Baron Zemo moves from the Sewers to the Bank, where Lucinda’s undoing can be more public, and therefore more effective. He also has his hold still in the Sewers, and lays claim to the estate of filthy foreboding. Hulk’s Growing Anger is tested and summoned to the party, and HQ sees more of Hulk’s Growing Anger bounce off the heavy walls, and the others shudder to consider its consequences should it get out of control. A heroic huddle forms by a common pharmacy and prepares to once again, take on Red Skull. The team assembled for the job were 1 Trooper, an Agent, Team Player Hawkeye who is doubly prepared and Black Widow with plans to resolve abductions under the codenamed Covert Operation and her backup plan Dangerous Rescue (which will be costly).

9th Hour

3rd Scheme Twist is drawn, a Portal opens at Streets. KO Black Widow Silent Sniper at HQ. Replaced with Unstoppable Hulk. Play: 1 Trooper, Black Widow Dangerous Rescue, Hawkeye Team Player x 2, Black Widows Mission Accomplished. Draw Agent. Fight Mastermind Red Skull. Get Endless Resource which adds +4 to recruit. 2 Agent +4 to recruit Hulk Crazed Rampage from HQ. Replaced at HQ with Unstoppable Hulk. New Draw=3 Agents, 1 Officer, 1 Trooper, Black Widow Covert Ops.

Another Portal is opened in the Streets. Red Skull lunges in to bask in the aura of wickedness seeping from the black gate, permeating his every pore, drenching him in evil splendor. This feeling warmed and rejuvenated Red Skull, yet his icy heart still pulsed slow and cold. His ire and disdain for the weaknesses of humanity rose again to the surface and nourished his delusions of grandeur. Back at HQ Black Widow is struck mysteriously with a strange malady that will prevent her from rescuing Lucinda with her Silent Sniper…which would have been useful to strike Zemo at the Bank. Hulk brings in a new form: Unstoppable.

Taking advantage of Red Skull’s appearance, a Trooper creates a diversion, clearing the way for Black Widow to arrive prepared for a Dangerous Rescue. Team Player Hawkeye follows and is further revitalized by the presence of Himself to do double damage. Black Widow performs a Misson Accomplished act and calls in an Agent. Red Skull is surprised by the attempt and before they can finish the work, he shrieks out his threat and dashes into an induced cloud of fog and disappears. The confidence of the team is increased 4 fold, and 2 Agents join them, recruiting Hulk in a Crazed Rampage. Scientist at HQ study to harness Hulks Unstoppable form. 3 Agents, 1 Officer, 1 Trooper prepare for a new attack while Black Widow readies Covert Ops.

10th Hour

Doomgate Legion enters Sewer. Zemo moves to Bank, Zemo & Bystander move to Rooftops. Officer + 2 Agents recruit Unstoppable Hulk from HQ. Another Unstoppable Hulk replaces it. New Draw=2 Agents, 1 Trooper, Unstoppable Hulk and Hulk Growing Anger, Hawkeye Team Player.

Red Skull summons Doomgate legion to enter through the Sewers. Baron Zemo’s hold has moved to the Bank while Zemo himself, along with Lucinda, traverses the Rooftops. The latest bout between the Heroes and Red Skull has weakened Zemo’s assurance of success so he tries to re-group. Lucinda has slumped from exhaustion and Zemo believes her to be of less use to him. But she has hope, and despite her appearance of fatigue and anguish, she knows justice will prevail. There is a very strange lull in the city…the calm before the storm. The Officer and 2 Agents Recruit an Unstoppable Hulk. Hulk leaves behind at HQ a protégé who will further study his Unstoppable form. 2 Agents, 1 Trooper, Unstoppable Hulk develops Growing Anger and Team Player Hawk, form an impending doom for the Villains.

11th Hour

Scheme Twist is drawn. A 4th Portal is opened at the Rooftops, (where Zemo and a bystander are). Unstoppable Hulk is KO at HQ. Black Widow Covert Ops replaces it. Play a Trooper, Unstoppable Hulk, Hulk Growing Anger, & Hawkeye Team Player to Fight Mastermind Red Skull. Win with Hydra Conspiracy, and draw an Agent and Hawkeye Team Player from deck. 3 Agents recruit Hulk Growing Anger from HQ, which is replaced with Black Widow Dangerous Rescue. Play new Hawkeye Team Player on previous one to KO Doomgate Legion. An Agent is KO. New Draw=2 Agents, 1 Officer, 2 Troops, Hulk Crazed Rampage.

The influx of dark power eminently opens another portal at the Rooftops, and consequently jars Hulk in an Unstoppable state. This act calls in Black Widow to perfect her Covert Ops. Unstoppable Hulk increases his Growing Anger, as he beats down Red Skull with blows of rage, and Team Player Hawkeye’s arrows soar into Red Skulls body causing ear-piercing screams to smash the silence of the city.
As Red Skull escapes to prepare for another fight, a Trooper fires burning hot bullets into Red Skulls flesh, already scorched with pain. How could Red skull lose this encounter so easily? Could there perhaps be a Conspiracy? How is it that Baron Zemo has not acted upon his earlier threats of dire spectacle with his worn-down hostage? An ant makes its way up the torn fabric of Red Skulls sleeve, pauses to sense his position, then seemingly leaps into a convenient breeze.

A new Agent volunteers to assist the other two present and they revitalize Hulks Growing Anger. At HQ Black Widow prepares for a Dangerous Rescue. Hawkeye joins Hulk and they meet in the Sewers to defeat the Doombot Legion gathered there. An Agent is lost. 2 Agents and 2 Troopers are met with an Officer and the Hulk keeping his Crazed Rampage in check.

12th Hour

Melter enters the Sewers. 2 Troopers + Hulk Crazed Rampage KO Melter at Sewers. Melters fight permits drawing a top card to KO or return, we return it: Black Widow Mission Accomplished. 2 Agents + an Officer recruits Unstoppable Hulk. Hulk Smash replaces it at HQ. New Draw =1 Agent and 2 Troopers, Black Widow Mission Accomplished, Hulk Growing Anger and Hawkeye Team Player.

Melter appears in the Sewers to a rather unfortunate reception of 2 Troopers and the Crazed Rampage of the giant green bulk of blows, the Hulk. They made almost comic work of Melter’s arrival and this prompts Black Widow to arrive ready to have the Mission Accomplished. 2 Agents and the Officer beseech Unstoppable Hulk to join them. At HQ, they study the effects of Hulk Smash. A new team is preparing to finish the commotion which began early in the otherwise normal week-day morning. 1 Agent, 2 Troops, Black Widow set to have the Mission Accomplished, Hulk’s Growing Anger and Team Player Hawkeye congregate to bring down Red Skull.

The Final Hour

Whirlwind at Sewers. 2 Troopers + Hulk Growing Anger + Hawkeye Team Player + Black Widow Mission Accomplished (rescue a bystander) + Hulk Crazed Rampage (gain a wound). End game. Score: 29 -12 Scheme Twist = 17.

Whirlwind finds a moment en-route to HQ’s holding pen to whisk himself away into a gale, escaping in an instant and reappearing in the Sewers. The assembled team of Black Widow, Hulk, and Hawkeye, backed with 2 Troopers has decided to finalize the job. Red Skull has the bloated audacity to believe he can win, perhaps the sense of evil that trickles into the city through the portals help induce this euphoric state of victory in Red Skull’s mind, and in its effort to empower him, it only serves to delude him, as power often does to those who misuse it.

The 2 Troopers lead the fight with a barrage of bullets so hot and quick that they seem to disintegrate right out of the chamber. But they are real, and they slow Red Skull enough that it is mere child’s play for Hulk’s Growing Anger to further damage him. Team Player Hawkeye draws his bow which flings a fleet of swift justice into the bleeding mass of pained ego and hate. Black Widow sees the Mission Accomplished when Hulk, now out of control, begins a Crazed Rampage, pounding and thrashing impartially through everything about, seething with anger that Red Skull could bring out such a destructive force within, wounding even his own team in the process. Then… silence.

A chill wind echoed through the streets. Whirlwind flees the confines of concrete at the terrible site of defeat. Lucinda lay in a deceptively unthreatening manner at the feet of Zemo. With renewed strength she chanced a swift, hard kick tumbling Zemo off of the Rooftops, landing him at the foot of the Green giant, and Black Widow appeared, freeing Lucinda’s hands and feet from the strange binding. The Portals died out with evidence of victory cleaning the air of gloom and despair. The heroes gazed upon the steps of City Hall.

Beneath the crumple of cloth the bundle of evil lay still, with only the miniscule movement of a red ant making his way across the low rise of fabric.
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Matt Epp
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thumbs up just for the intense amount of detail. Good job! presuming it didn't actually take you 13 hours!

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C. Rexford
United States
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Thufferin Thuccotash!! It'th Cold out Here!

lol...Eppic, your correct... It did'nt actually take 13 hours; the game probably took about 30 min.(plus writing). The session report probably accumulated about 5 hours total time to compose. Thank you for taking the time to read my session.

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