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Subject: The Cry of Dol-Guldur (a four player session report) rss

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Tiago Martins
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Last friday I played a 4 player session of War of the Ring with a couple of friends that had never played the game. I told them that the best way to ensure a win with the FP is to ensure that the Fellowship reaches Mordor... but somehow they had other plans. Things got interesting so I decided to post some events:

Aragorn and Gimli, split from the Fellowhsip and lead an army of dwarves and elves combined, (as Gimli took the Dwarves straight to war due to an event card) in an attempt to eradicate the forces of Sauron from Dol-Guldur... The surprise attack almost ensured a victory, but even after an auspicious campaign they eventually fell, succumbing in a battle that left no survivors! With Aragorn and Gimli dead the FP just got one extra die from the White Wizard...

'Faramir', alone with his garrison of rangers, withstands a fierce first siege of Minas Tirith, made by orcs and trolls of Mordor... only later being defeated by the Southrons with their Oliphants in a battle that ringed of: "Remember Alamo?"... Rohan did not come to aid Gondor, and Man's greatest kingdom fell.

Gandalf lead the Rohirrim in a legendary resistance in the borders of Isengard, and Helm's Deep didn't have to endure a single siege from the Shadow. Saruman's forces were put in check by the Ents, and the Uruk-Hai never got to leave Orthanc, such was the fear caused by the armies of Theoden... however... Gandalf and the Rohirrim eventually fell during a siege of Orthanc, in a bold attempt to destroy the evil tower...

The Elves decide to stay and fight for Middle-Earth, and even commissioned its forces in Grey Havens to aid in a last effort of the forces of Rivendell and Lorien to clean Moria from the Orc scum. Boromir, after having his homeland razed by Sauron joins Legolas on this last stand, but the forces of Sauron seemed to never run out... and ironically, the Elven race met its end in the tombs of the Dwarves of Moria...

Meanwhile, Frodo and Sam... were spotted in Caradhras... having been lost in the large mountain chain... The hope of the free peoples was vain in these two lazy hobbits...

The Shadow, after getting rid of the bold attempt from the Free Peoples to capture Dol-Guldur, Orthanc and Moria... trashed the defenseless Gondor then Erebor, then Edoras and the northern Elven capital to ensure a military victory.

The game was awesome, full of tension and military plays, but I somewhat feel that the FP should have put more pressure on the Fellowship's journey to Mount Doom, so the Shadow would felt obliged to put aside more dice for the hunt...

Thanks for reading, and I hope this report gets you playing this excellent game again.
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United States
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Hey, War of the Ring players from Portugal, nice!

In my limited experience, a FP military victory has to be very opportunistic. I won like that once because I had the right cards and the SP committed some mistakes.

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