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We agreed to play with the basic rules and no superpower alliances. Players were Turkey, Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia. I was playing Iran. Gameplay was pretty quick early on. All players were taking Economic and Diplomatic phases. Nobody was really willing to spend big oil in the arms auction. I finally took the plunge after getting some spare armies and attacked Iraq. Which immediately made me everyone's enemy. Iraq is the most powerful country in the game @7 production and the loud sounds of disapproval made be second guess my decision. Luckily I had enough forces in Iran to hold my homeland if Turkey got aggressive.

This triggered a land grab by everyone. Israel stole Sinai and Egypt, but a carefully planned UN vote moved the peacekeeping forces to Libya to prevent further expansion. Saudi Arabia grabbed Kuwait and Jordan, Turkey Grabbed Syria and later on, Lebanon. So the lines had been drawn and it became a build-up game.

Israel and Me (Iran) had big advantages in oil production. Eventually both of us garnered a sizable stockpile and reduced the oil reserve to a dangerously low level. Luckily Saudi Arabia decided to invade and capture Iraq. Rather than fight, I ran (get it?) and kept my forces piled up in Iran for a counter attack. I secretly cut a deal with Israel to attack Jordan on it's turn and then I would attack Iraq again once Saudi Arabia had used up it's dwindling oil on the defense of Jordan. This worked out excellently and I retook Iraq, and was able to reinforce it on the same turn to the point where Saudi Arabia wasn't a threat.

Things started going bad for Saudi Arabia at this point, in agreement for Lebanon and Syria being left unharmed, Turkey agreed not to intervene. Israel and myself carved into Saudi Arabia. There were some land grabs on both sides, but eventually I ended up with Kuwait and Israel with Jordan and Saudi Arabia (A much better deal) and after bribing me with nearly half it's stockpile, I agreed to let Israel put the UN peacekeepers in Saudi Arabia (big mistake). In the end Israel gained a huge oil advantage and created a single front.

This is what happens when you think in the short term. Both myself and Israel agreed to declare war on Turkey. Up until this point he had been stockpiling oil and spending loads of it on armies. He had all of his available troops on the board and with Israel's help I managed to sweep him off the board in a matter of a few turns.

Unfortunately this left me and Israel face to face for the win. Israel had me beat unless I could take more of his lands than he could drain oil from. He opted for an offensive retreat, and even taking a land almost every turn he was still able to out-drill me and depelete the oil supply for a war victory and a gigantic oil stockpile.
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