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Subject: [Tournament Report] Italian Regional (16/5/2013) rss

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We recently had our first Regional tournament for Android: Netrunner in Spilamberto, a small town near Modena which usually hosts the big LCG tournaments in Italy (on the same day there was the A Game of Thrones Regional).

It has been the main event, so far, with 22 players attending.
The game has yet to be released in the italian version, so it isn't really well known, but the player base is still growing steadily (previous biggest tournament had 18 participants) so it's all good!

I didn't play, because I'm not really a tournament lover, and because the event needed a judge anyway.
Future Proof wasn't legal for the tournament, mostly due to the difficulties we're having in finding it.

We tried a new format for this event: 4 swiss rounds, then the first 4 players went on for a Top4, while the remaining players had another swiss round which was still valid for the final placements (but not for the Top4 positions, of course). This was done to let everyone play some more, not only those in the Top4.
Time limit was 60 minutes for each round, and no time limit for the final game.

Andrea Mezzotero – Paolo Pedroli 4-2
Riccardo Vitelli – Daniele Galli 3-3
Riccardo Costa – Luca Ganassi 4-2
Francesco D’Alessio – Pietro Cortenova 6-0
Luca Ricci – Matteo Meucci 6-0
Rita Sciliberto – Alma Martini 6-0
Alessandro Giogoli – Gianluca Callini 4-2
Edoardo Dalla Via – Mattia Modena 5-1
Mario Testa – Matteo De Benedittis 6-0
Francesco Baroncini – Leonardo Bensi 4-2
Andrea Genchi – Noa Vassalli 4-2

Daniele Galli – Leonardo Bensi 4-2
Andrea Genchi – Mattia Modena 6-0
Francesco Baroncini – Alessandro Giogoli 4-2
Noa Vassalli – Paolo Pedroli 5-1
Matteo Meucci – Matteo De Benedittis 4-2
Luca Ganassi – Edoardo Dalla Via 6-0
Alma Martini – Pietro Cortenova 3-1
Riccardo Vitelli – Gianluca Callini 5-1
Francesco D’Alessio – Rita Sciliberto 6-0
Andrea Mezzotero – Riccardo Costa 6-0
Mario Testa – Luca Ricci 4-2

Luca Ricci – Francesco Baroncini 4-2
Riccardo Costa – Mattia Modena 4-2
Riccardo Vitelli – Luca Ganassi 3-3
Andrea Mezzotero – Andrea Genchi 4-2
Paolo Pedroli – Gianluca Callini 6-0
Francesco D’Alessio – Mario Testa4-2
Matteo De Benedittis – Pietro Cortenova 6-0
Matteo Meucci – Leonardo Bensi 6-0
Rita Sciliberto – Alessandro Giogoli 4-2
Edoardo Dalla Via – Alma Martini 6-0
Daniele Galli – Noa Vassalli 4-2

Riccardo Costa – Noa Vassalli 4-2
Pietro Cortenova – Mattia Modena 6-0
Luca Ganassi – Francesco Baroncini 4-2
Mario Testa – Andrea Genchi 4-2
Luca Ricci – Daniele Galli 6-0
Leonardo Bensi – Edoardo Dalla Via 6-0
Matteo De Benedittis – Alessandro Giogoli 3-3
Gianluca Callini – Alma Martini 6-0
Paolo Pedroli – Rita Sciliberto 6-0
Matteo Meucci – Riccardo Vitelli 3-3
Francesco D’Alessio – Andrea Mezzotero 6-0

Andrea Mezzotero – Riccardo Vitelli 6-0
Riccardo Costa – Matteo De Benedittis 6-0
Edoardo Dalla Via – Pietro Cortenova 6-0
Andrea Genchi – Luca Ganassi 6-0
Francesco Baroncini – Matteo Meucci 6-0
Gianluca Callini – Rita Sciliberto 6-0
Alessandro Giogoli – Daniele Galli 3-3
Mattia Modena – Alma Martini 5-1
Noa Vassalli – Leonardo Bensi 2-4

Paolo Pedroli – Francesco D’Alessio 4-2
Mario Testa – Luca Ricci 4-2

Mario Testa – Paolo Pedroli 6-0

Francesco D'Alessio was disqualified because we found that he lacked 2 Agenda points in his Corp deck.

1° Mario “Dinin” Testa (Gabriel Santiago / Engineering the Future)
2° Paolo “Pedro Garcia” Pedroli (Noise / Engineering the Future)
3° Luca Ricci (Gabriel Santiago / Engineering the Future)
4° Andrea Mezzotero (Andromeda / Building a Better World)
5° Andrea Genchi (Chaos Theory / Making News)
6° Riccardo “Aldaris” Costa (Gabriel Santiago / Personal Evolution)
7° Francesco “BaronCecio” Baroncini (Andromeda / Engineering the Future)
8° Luca Ganassi (Kate “Mac” McCaffrey / Engineering the Future)
9° Noa Vassalli (Chaos Theory / Making News)
10° Gianluca “Gianzu” Callini (Andromeda / Personal Evolution)
11° Alessandro Giogoli (Noise / Personal Evolution)
12° Daniele Galli (Gabriel Santiago / Replicating Perfection)
13° Riccardo “Flatline” Vitelli (Gabriel Santiago / Engineering the Future)
14° Matteo Meucci (Kate “Mac” McCaffrey / Personal Evolution)
15° Edoardo Dalla Via (Kate “Mac” McCaffrey / Making News)
16° Leonardo Bensi (Gabriel Santiago / Because We Built It)
17° Mattia Modena (Kate “Mac” McCaffrey / Personal Evolution)
18° Matteo De Benedettis (Kate “Mac” McCaffrey / Engineering the Future)
19° Rita Sciliberto (Noise / Building a Better World)
20° Pietro Cortenova (Noise / Building a Better World)
21° Alma Martini (Gabriel Santiago / Making News)
Francesco D’Alessio (Andromeda / Engineering the Future) disqualified

Dinin's decks were as follows:

RUNNER: Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional

Event (21)
3 Account Siphon
2 Demolition Run ••••
2 Easy Mark
2 Emergency Shutdown
3 Forged Activation Orders
2 Inside Job
2 Special Order
3 Sure Gamble
2 The Maker's Eye ••••

Hardware (6)
2 Desperado
1 E3 Feedback Implants
3 HQ Interface

Resource (9)
2 Bank Job
3 Compromised Employee
2 Crash Space
2 Kati Jones

Icebreaker (7)
2 Corroder ••••
1 Femme Fatale
1 Gordian Blade •••
2 Ninja
1 Peacock

Program (2)
2 Sneakdoor Beta

CORP: Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future

Agenda (9)
3 Accelerated Beta Test
3 Priority Requisition
3 Project Vitruvius

Asset (10)
3 Adonis Campaign
2 Melange Mining Corp
3 Private Contracts
2 Snare! ••••

Operation (11)
3 Archived Memories
3 Biotic Labor
3 Hedge Fund
2 Trick of Light ••••••

Barrier (6)
3 Heimdall 1.0
3 Ice Wall •••

Code Gate (2)
2 Viper

Sentry (9)
3 Ichi 1.0
2 Rototurret
2 Shadow ••
2 Sherlock 1.0

ICE (2)
2 Chimera

During the whole tournaments I took some pictures, that you can see on the Facebook italian group page,
We also recorded the final, which should be online soon, hopefully... I'll update this thread when it is uploaded.

P.S. sorry for the length, just wanted to give everyone some details about the italian meta!
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James Henry
United States
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I need to switch up my gabe formula a bit as I'm getting bored with it, I kind of like the fun of the HQ Interface + Demolition run.
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jhmanufacture wrote:
I need to switch up my gabe formula a bit as I'm getting bored with it, I kind of like the fun of the HQ Interface + Demolition run.

Yeah, it's a good idea and should also work against fast advance decks using Biotic Labor and/or Trick of Light. If you trash them, you slow them down.

Most of the games I played against decks such as the one used by Dinin here, saw the corp player waiting until he had enough ToL and Biotic Labor to score agendas. Often, a 5/3 one in just one turn.

Not much a runner can normally do against that... other than stealing the Agenda by running on HQ. But when they have enough fast advance cards in their hand, they score as soon as they draw.
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Justin Dugger

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Francesco D'Alessio was disqualified because we found that he lacked 2 Agenda points in his Corp deck.

Wow. That had to really complicate things. Was it a case of bad deckbuilding, or did an opponent keep an agenda post match?
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pwnguin wrote:
Francesco D'Alessio was disqualified because we found that he lacked 2 Agenda points in his Corp deck.

Wow. That had to really complicate things. Was it a case of bad deckbuilding, or did an opponent keep an agenda post match?

It was indeed unfortunate and completely unexpected. It's never a nice thing to disqualify someone, but it was especially true in this case because so far the italian community has been awesome.

Francesco is a good guy and a skilled player, he obviously didn't mean to cheat or anything. Plus he knew we would eventually control the decks for the Top4 players.

He was missing a Private Security Force, if memory serves, and it seems he forgot it at home. The day before the regional he played a few games for additional training and one agenda was left in another runner's deck.
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Any video yet?
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Just uploaded by the good Riccardo "Flatline" Vitelli.

The video can be found here:

On the left we have Paolo "Pedro Garcia" Pedroli (initially playing his Anarch deck) against Mario "Dinin" Testa on the right (who played his Haas-Bioroid fast advance in the first game).

The final was unfortunately a bit one sided, though. Paolo made a mistake by getting the wrong Icebreaker (7:40, he goes through the deck and takes Yog.0, but there was an Ichi 1.0 defending R&D) and then he didn't recover. In the second game he was kinda demotivated, and Mario got an Agenda early, de facto winning the final, since the first game ended 10-0 for him.

By the way, the guy with the striped shirt is not me, I'm the guy with the black japanese t-shirt sitting next to the champion. You can see me with my camera at the very beginning, then Cecio (Francesco Baroncini) stole my seat! laugh

Unfortunately the light ain't the best, we did what we could... we'll try to get a better video next time!
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