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Tower Guard
Tower Guard
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Tower Guards are the last line of defense against escapists who get outside the wall. These guards will shoot at any players with a sufficiently high guard heat (90% and more), or players wearing an Inmate Outfit, dealing 20 damage per shot, even through a Plated Inmate Outfit or Plated POW Outfit. They go home during the night, so the only way to get past them is if you are wearing a Guard Outfit. In Xbox One version of the game, they will not shoot you if you are outside of the prison on lockdown. They can easily ruin an escape. But they still shoot you during the daily routes such as cutting,chipping and digging outside the prison. They WILL shoot at you in PC if you do a Prison Takeover,the only way to stop this is to hold a knocked out guard. They also attack you if you are on the roof at day (even with a guard outfit on!). They may also kill you if you are on a lockdown rare.

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