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SEGA Master System III Compact
SEGA Master System III Compact (Brazil Only)
Alternate Nickname
Master System Super Compact
Tectoy Master System Girl
Release Date
Hardware Manufacturer
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The console is essentially a compact version of a regular Master System, being smaller in size and therefore portable. It is one of the few pieces of Sega branded hardware to never leave Brazil.

It runs Master System cartridges instead of pre-installed Sega Mega Drive ones. It can be powered via a battery as well as a regular AC power supply. One major feature is that the functionality of the Mark III Telecon Pack is built-in, allowing the user to broadcast the A/V signal to any nearby TV tuned to channels 3 or 4, making it a completely wireless unit. However, the wireless feature is prone to interference, so the console can also be connected to a TV using standard RCA cables for better picture quality.

There were three releases of the Master System Super Compact, each with a different pack-in game.