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3M Paper Games Series

3M Paper Games for Travel & Leisure is a series of eight abstract strategy and puzzle games produced by 3M Games. Each game contained a 5½ × 8½ inch 50-sheet pad.

In addition each of the above games was actually issued in four different packages. The first and second columns in the table below are the USA versions which first had the price, and the the second version that was without a price. All the USA versions are copyright 1974.

The first German version presumably used the same art work from the English editions. However German and English phrasing isn't the same so different space is needed. That lead to redesigns which allowed for a more artistic package. The German versions seem to have the price on both versions, and none have a copyright date.

First English
Second English
First German
Second German
3D Tic Tac Toe




Naval Battle (aka Battleship)




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