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Against the Odds Magazine

This page is a complete index of games published in each issue of the wargaming magazine, Against the Odds, first published in 2002, by LPS, Inc..
There is also the Against the Odds Article Index for more information about the specific content of each issue.

1. Magazine Issues

  1. Hegemon: Rise of the Macedonians
  2. Khe Sanh, 1968
  3. Kesselschlacht: Ukraine Spring 1944
  4. Napoleon at the Berezina
  5. North Wind Rain: The Japanese Strike Stalin's Back
  6. Go Tell the Spartans
  7. A Dark and Bloody Ground: The Five Year Struggle for Control of Ohio in the Old Northwest Territory
  8. Fortress Berlin
  9. Suleiman the Magnificent
  10. Into a Bear Trap: The Battle for Grozny, January 1995
  11. The Big Push: The Battle of the Somme
  12. Chennault's First Fight
  13. Bittereinder: The Second Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902
  14. War in the Aegean (bonus game this issue: Assault on Narvik)
  15. Cactus Throne: The Mexican War of 1862-1867
  16. La vallée de la mort: The Battle of Dien Bien Phu (bonus game this issue: An Illusion of Victory: The Battle of Na San)
  17. Imperial Sunset: The Battle of Leyte Gulf 1944
  18. Kulikovo 1380: The Golden Horde
  19. Not War But Murder: The Battle of Cold Harbor
  20. A Fatal Attraction: The Gallipoli Campaign
  21. Day of the Chariot: Kadesh (subscriber only bonus game this issue: Desert Duel: First Alamein)
  22. Paukenschlag: Germany's Attack on America, January-June 1942 (subscriber only bonus game this issue: Winds of War)
  23. Guerra a Muerte: Latin America's "War to the Death" (1810-1824)
  24. Deathride: Mars-la-Tour 1870
  25. Storm Over Taierzhuang: Samurai Stalingrad 1938
  26. There Must Be A Victory: Clash of Ironclads at the Battle of Lissa, 1866
  27. The Pocket at Falaise
  28. "Tarleton's Quarter!" The Revolutionary War in the South (subscriber only bonus game this issue: Flights of Fantasy)
  29. Buffalo Wings: WWII Tactical Air Combat over Finland
  30. The Lash of the Turk (subscriber only bonus game this issue: When the West Came East)
  31. Hungarian Nightmare: Budapest 1945
  32. Birth of a Legend: Lee and the Seven Days
  33. Meatgrinder: Battle for Xuân Lộc 1975 (bonus game this issue: Bloody Hunlikely!)
  34. Right Fierce & Terrible: Sluys 1340 (bonus game this issue: Schwarm!)
  35. Boudicca: The Warrior Queen
  36. Defeat Into Victory: The Final Campaigns in Burma
  37. For Bloody Honor: The Russian Civil War
  38. Guns of the Askari
  39. These Brave Fellows: Mortier's Stand at Dürenstein
  40. Lilliburlero: The Battle of the Boyne, July 1690
  41. Circle of Fire: The Siege of Cholm, 1942 (subscriber only bonus game this issue: A Defiant Stand)
  42. A Thunder Upon the Land: The Battles of Narva and Poltava
  43. Islands of the Damned: Wake Island and Peleliu
  44. Vercingetorix: Twilight of the Gauls
  45. Red Dragon, Blue Dragon: The Huaihai, 1948-1949
  46. No Middle Ground: The Golan Heights 1973
  47. Arctic Disaster: The PQ-17 Convoy

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