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Australian Newbie Subscriptions


One of the frustrating things on BGG for a new user is to find anything as it is geared towards being subscribed to lists and feeds. Once you have those setup, the information comes to you as a series of whats new subscriptions since last you read them.

This list is intended for new user in Australia and gives the basis for finding stuff in future sessions on BGG. For Australia wide trading, tiggers maintains a meta list, and whilst it captures most things, some do slip through the cracks.

This is an extract of subscriptions that may help new users if interested in tracking relevant Australia wide happenings in the BGG community. The list is tuned for trades and conventions, may not be everything, though is a good start if as a users there is nothing subscribed to.

To enable the subscriptions, users will need to select each of the appropriate links and use the "subscribe" button which will be at the top of the page for the relevant thread, list or forum.

Hope this helps.

Subscription Types

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