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This wiki is to get a better overview of the structure of specific awards in order to see what positions are needed. See for discussion.
Please add info for the awards you have been working on or have looked into.

One-off awards/honors

Note by PghArch: A major design decision is to define bright line conditions of what qualifies as an industry award to be added to the database. "One off" awards are particularly challenging in this context. I recommend that any of these awards by established organizations that exist beyond a web presence be included. I'm less certain about awards the purely exist in a web context. That is, because a podcast or website decides to have an awards show. We don't want awards listings to become noise instead of information.

Turandot - "Miglior Gioco Inedito" (Best Unpublished Game)
-- Info on the award
Bag-O-Loot - 2011 Preferred Choice award from Creative Play magazine.
Braggart - 'Best Card Game UK Games Expo 2011'
Clever Mojo Games - 2010 Dice Hate Me Game of the Year
Clever Mojo Games - MTV Geek The Top 10 Board Games Of 2010
Clever Mojo Games - The Dice Tower Top Ten Games - 2010
Jump Gate - 2011 Games Magazine Game of the Year
Martin Ralya - 2010 GenCon ENnie World RPG Award ENnie for Best Blog winner
Martin Ralya - 2011 GenCon ENnie World RPG Award (an ENnie) for Best Blog nominee
Martin Ralya - 2007 GenCon ENnie Treasure Tables, Best Fan Site (nominee)
Martin Ralya - 2006 GenCon ENnie Bits of the Wilderness: Into the Open; Best Electronic Book (nominee)
Washington's War - 2011 Charles S. Roberts award for Best Pre-Napoleonic Wargame
Labyrinth: The War on Terror, 2001 – ? - 2010 Gameshark Tabletop Game of the Year
Labyrinth: The War on Terror, 2001 – ? - 2010 Charles S. Roberts Best Post-WWII Era Game
Labyrinth: The War on Terror, 2001 – ? - 2010 Charles S. Roberts James Dunnigan Design Elegance Award
Asara - 2011 Spiel der Spiele
Isaac - Winner of the NESTORGAMES continuous abstract game design contest
Isaac - Winner of the Abstract Game Design Contest at the Caldè "Tutto è numero" Mathematical Festival 2011
David C. Isby - 1979 Charles S. Roberts Awards Hall of Fame award

The various gaming industry awards:

marble911: Three categories with typically 5-10 shortlisted games and one winner per category and year.
--> honor "nominee" for the shortlisted games
--> honor "winner" for the single winner per category

marble911: Five categories ("3 years and up", "6 years and up", "9 years and up", "Published games" (defunct; has been replaced by the age categories, "Unpublished games"). Typically five nominations per year and category, one winner per category.
--> honor "nominee" for the nominated games
--> honor "winner" for the single winner per year and category

marble911: Two categories ("5-to-9-year-olds" and "8-to-13-year-olds"). Typically 10-25 games are selected per category and year by a committee, which are then tested by a large number of groups of children, who select first to third prizes.
--> honor "nominee" for the 10-25 nominated games
--> honor "winner" for places 1-3, with the name reflecting the actual position (e.g. 2010 Kinderspielexperten "5-to-9-year-olds" First Prize Winner)

(Adjusted, as I think this works - PghArch)

nsolitander: A number of games per year are included, no ranking
--> problem: all winners or all recommendations?
(My personal thought is that they are all winners - PghArch)

nsolitander: Several categories, number of finalists/nominees vary from year to year 5 seems to be the standard now, one winner in each vat is revealed, no ranking of other nominees made public
--> honor 1 winner, "nominee" for the 5 finalists as full nominee lists are not published publicly.
--> problem: other finalists not ranked (Purple: We can easily handle this, so it does not seem a problem)(See next listing - PghArch)

nsolitander: One Winner Game of the Year (nominees not revealed), a number of different Recommended lists revealed at the same time, no ranking of these recommendations
--> honor 1 winner, a large number of recommended games
--> problem: 1 winner (no nominees stated), several non-ranked Recommendations in different categories
(Okay, so this is challenging in comparison to the list directly above. Both are sets of awards that essentially provide the reader with a list of good games, along with a winner. The distinction between Nominee and Recommended seems pretty thin in these two cases seems thin. I think the Category in both cases is Nominee, but the name is e.g. 2011 Spiele des Jahres Recommended List or Origins Awards Nominee.- Pgharch)

nsolitander: Winner of gold, silver and bronze medals, voted among ten finalists, the internal order of finalists revealed,
--> honor 1 winner of gold, silver and bronze tric tracs
--> problem: the internal order of the 10 finalists is revealed, should be stated? (Purple: I would say no, as no "official" position is added) (I'm okay with this where there is a distinct name to the top few places. - PghArch)

nsolitander: Three categories (Adult, Children, Family), number of nominees vary from year to year, three finalists are revealed, then one winner is selected, runner up and third place order is not publicly stated.
--> honor "nominee" for the 3 finalists as full nominee lists are not published publicly.
--> problem: ? honor "winner" is only clear for 1st place, 2nd and 3rd order is not revealed (This is okay to have 1 winner and two Nominees (Recommendations?) - Pgharch)

Also see the Board Game Awards web site, and the design competitions page.

The Apples Project aims to select the best games by theme or designer, not by chronological publication date.

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