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"B35" or "Bitwy II wojny światowej 1943-1945" (Battles of World War II 1943-1945) is a system designed for recreating World War II medium battles. Counters represent battalions and companies, one hex about 2000m (depending on specific game), and one turn 8, 12 or 24 hours.

System history
This system was developed in 1st half of 90's by Wojciech Zalewski. Rules, maps and units were first published in "Magia i Miecz" (Magic and Sword) magazine by Wydawnictwo MAG.
In the 2nd half of 90's, Dragon released "Szczury Pustyni" (Desert Rats) and "Arnhem 1944". In the mean time, "Dragon Hobby" magazine also developed this system.
Around 1999 Mirage Hobby took over "Dragon Hobby" magazine and released "Burza Zimowa 1942" (Winter Storm 1942).
In 2000 Wojciech Zalewski founded his own publishing company and magazine: Taktyka i Strategia. Taktyka i Strategia has released 8 games in this system, not counting additional maps and scenarios from the magazine.
Currently the 4th edition of B-35 system is used.
A lot of smaller games of this system was published in the Taktyka i Strategia magazine, along with new maps and counters for the core game. There was also a series of the small games basing upon the several battles of the 1939 campaign.

Main features
As written, B-35 is a battalion/company system with a high level of complexity. Rules includes airborne/sea landings, fire combat (long distance combat between armoured units), use of air force, engineers, special units etc. Of course, not all of these rules are needed to play each game.
Another distinctive feature of this system is the way of determining unit strength. A chart records each unit strength and losses.
B-35 has a classical activation ("I go, you go") and simplified command rules.

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