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This page contains answers to questions frequently asked in the Blood Rage forums. It is not intended to be a substitute for the official Blood Rage rules, so if you have a rules question, you should consult the official rules before coming here. If there is a discrepancy between the rules and this FAQ, the rules take precedence (unless the FAQ references an official ruling by the publisher or designer that supersedes the rules).

List of game FAQs

Game Rules

The official English rules can be downloaded as a PDF from the Cool Mini Or Not web site here:

1 Base game

1.1 God's Gifts phase

1.2 Action phase

1.2.1 Invading

Q: If I invade with the Troll, do I get Glory for enemy warriors destroyed?
A: No, since they were destroyed by a monster ability, not in a battle. (source)

1.2.2 Marching

1.2.3 Upgrade cards

Frigga's Domain
Q: Is the 1 Rage paid to use Frigga's Domain ability addtional to the normal invade cost of a figure?
A: No, it always costs exactly 1 Rage to invade from Valhalla with Frigga's Domain (source)

Q: If I play a Warrior upgrade, how many warriors can invade for free?
A: One.

Tyr's Domain / Tyr's Wrath
Q: If I have both Tyr's Domain and Tyr's Wrath in play, do Quest cards I reveal in combat give +8?
A: No. Both cards act independently. You may treat the Quest card as +3 or as +5. (source)

1.2.4 Quest cards

1.2.5 Pillaging Call to Battle

Q: Can you add figures to the battle if you already passed?
A: Yes. The call to battle is not complete until either all villages are filled (not applicable to Yggdrasil), or everyone passes. So, if you passed first time round, you can still add a figure second time around. If you add a figure first time around and everyone else passes, you can add another figure. (source)
Rules text: "Once you have declared your intent to Pillage that province, the other players have a chance to join the battle. Starting with the player to your left and going around in clockwise order, each player (including you) may, if they wish, move one of their figures from an adjacent province into an empty village in the province you are pillaging. Moving a figure in this way does not cost Rage, and even players with zero Rage can do it. (Note that Ships cannot be moved.) Once all villages in that province are occupied, or when no one else wishes to join in, the battle begins."

Q: If two provinces are separated by a destroyed province, are they considered to be adjacent for pillaging?
A: No. (source)
Rules text: "Provinces that share a border are considered adjacent (Yggdrasil is adjacent to all the other provinces)." Play cards

Thor's Primacy
Q: Does Thor's Primacy cancel the text of cards played after the intial reveal (e.g. Heimdall's Eye)?
A: No, Thor's Primacy only cancels the text of the initially revealed cards. (source)

Q: Does Thor's Primacy cancel Heimdall's Watch (which forces players to discard played cards and play new ones)?
A: Yes. Thor's Primacy cancels other card's text before they take effect. (source, source)

1.3 Discard phase

1.4 Quest phase

1.5 Ragnarök phase

Fenrir and Ragnarök
Q: What happens when Fenrir's ability triggers Ragnarök in a province that would have been destroyed in a later age?
A: Swap the Ragnarök token for the province that would have been destroyed this age with the one that actually is destroyed. (source)

1.6 Release Valhalla phase

2 Fifth Player expansion

3 Gods of Asgard expansion

Q: What happens if there are no valid provinces for a God to move to after a province has been pillaged?
A: It stays where it is. (source)

4 Mystics of Midgard expansion

5 Kickstarter exclusives

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