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Boardgame Players Association

The Boardgame Players Association is a non-profit corporation established to support the shared interests of board game players everywhere. The BPA wishes to serve as a portal for boardgamers to enjoy their favorite games.

If you enjoy historical simulation games, euro games, racing games, train games, any type of board game, you’ll find thousands of people here that share your interests. We sponsor annual tournaments, organize play-by-email games, and help establish global player ratings.

The BPA’s largest event is the annual World Boardgaming Championships® (WBC) where about 1000 people from around the world compete to be named champion of their favorite games. By vote, BPA members select the 100 or so games (the “Century Group”) in which competitions are scheduled.

You need not be an expert player. While some WBC gaming events are for experienced players, many are designed for beginners or are coached for first-time players. We hope you can participate!

All of the above was taken straight from their web site without permission. I doubt that they'll mind but if someone insists I'll go ask them for permission.

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