Article Edit | History | Editors RSS Feed is a website for playing board and cardgames in a web browser. One turn at a time, which could take days or weeks, depending on the game and how often the players take their turns. However, since the background system is realtime able, when two players meat online, game often are often played at life speed, either partially or even the whole game.

Basic playing on is free, only intensive users are asked to pay a little annual amount to support the site.

On top of the games offers regularly starting tournaments a rating system adapted from the ELO system known from chess and other games. Provided are list of (top) scores, diagramms. In preparation are the possibility for players to join to teams and championships, mass tournaments for a game where every registered player can join.

The Games

in (approximate) order of usage (per ... some date ...).

More games will be added to the site in the near future...

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