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C3i Magazine is a support magazine for GMT Games and includes new scenarios, variants, strategy and tactical tips, designers & developers notes, game inserts to expand their boxed games like new counters, maps, cards, player aids, and more.

It is a magazine published by Rodger B. MacGowan (RBM Studio) – also Editor in Chief, Art Director, and Layout Designer.

C3i Magazine (RBM Studio) support website includes free PDF downloads of most out-of-print C3i Magazine articles, news & info, BLOG forum and more: C3i ops center.

Contact the publisher Rodger B. MacGowan at (email)
Rodger B. MacGowan is also the Vice President and Art Director of GMT Games LLC.
He founded, is original Editor and Art Director of Fire & Movement Magazine first published in 1976 (Hall of Fame inductee).

C3i Magazine is a Charles S. Roberts Award winning magazine.

The current published issue: see C3i GMT website.

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Index by issue and article categorie : Index 1-21.

Archive By Issue

Issue 1-16 index:

C3i Magazine Issue #1

- "Marathon" 2 scenarios
- Scenario
Thunderbolt/Apache Leader
- "A Look at Thunderbolt + Apache Leader"
- Insert
Hornet Leader
- North Korea module
- "Tactical Decision Aid"
- Insert
Dan Verssen Interview
Mark Herman Interview
"On the Drawing Board"
C3i Issue One Inserts
Hornet Leader: Target Cards (3)
Hornet Leader: Aircraft Cards (2)
Hornet Leader: Counters (12)
Hornet Leader: Campaign Card
Thunderbolt & Apache Leader: Campaign Card
Thunderbolt & Apache Leader: Situation Card

C3i Magazine Issue #2

- "Hammer of God" module pt. 1
The Great Battles of Alexander
- "Persian Plan for Issus, 333BC - Turning the tables on the Macedonians"
Lion of the North
- "Persian Plan for Issus, 333BC - Turning the tables on the Macedonians"
Arctic Storm: The Russo-Finnish Winter War 1939-40
- "Battle Report: I Confess to a Soviet Disaster in Arctic Storm"
- "Designer's Notebook: White Death, the Battle of Suomussalmi in Arctic Storm"
- perspective & analysis
- "Player's Notebook: What Happened to the Soviet 54th?"
- 4 Arctic Storm counters for game variant in article on Soviet 54th.

C3i Issue Two Inserts
Crisis: Korea 1995: Counters (6)
SPQR Pyrrhic Victory: Counters (30)
Arctic Storm: Counters (4)

C3i Magazine Issue #3

Crisis: Korea 1995
- Crisis: Korea 1995, the Next War in Asia
- "Hammer of God" SPQR Module (part 2)
Down in Flames
- "Malta Under Siege" Down In Flames campaign module
- Insert
Victory in the West
- rules expansion and scenario
Thunderbolt/Apache Leader
- Tactical Decision Aid
Hornet Leader
- Fifty Minutes Over the Blackboard: Hornet Leader in the Classroom

C3i Issue Three Inserts
Crisis: Korea 1995: Terrain Effects Chart
Crisis: Korea 1995: Scenario Cards (2)
Rise of the Luftwaffe: Campaign Card
Rise of the Luftwaffe: Aircraft Cards (16)

C3i Magazine Issue #4

- "Great Plains" module
- "Battle of Dertosa" module
The Great Battles of Julius Caesar: The Civil Wars 48-45 B.C.
- "Crossing the Rubicon" module
Air Bridge to Victory
- "1994 The proper strategies for Operation Market-Garden"
Down in Flames
- Flight Log: The Rise of the Luftwaffe (Part 1)
Crisis: Korea 1995
- The major systems, mechanics, strategies and tactics in the game
Victory in the West
- Counters
Hornet Leader
- Counters (bombs counters to North Korea module)

C3i Issue Four Inserts
Crisis: Korea 1995: Counters (97)
Great Battles of Julius Caesar: Charts & Tables Cards (2)
SPQR: Counters (34)
Hornet Leader: Counters (12)
Battles of Waterloo: Counters (63)
Operation Mercury: Countesr (10)
Victory in the West: Counters (18)

C3i Magazine Issue #5

Down in Flames
- "Russo-Finnish Winter War" campaign module
- Fighting Log: The Rise of the Luftwaffe (Part 2)
The Great Battles of Alexander: Deluxe Edition & SPQR
- "Alexander in Italy" 2-game module
- "Battle of Castulo" module
Great Battles in History
- Elephants in the Great Battles of History games
The Battles of Waterloo
- Hougomont Scenario A good scenario for both beginning and experienced players.

C3i Issue Five Inserts
Rise of the Luftwaffe: Winter War 1939-1940 campaign module
Rise of the Luftwaffe: Winter War aircraft cards (16)
Rise of the Luftwaffe: Winter War campaign card

C3i Magazine Issue #6

Geeklist: C3i Issue #6

Down in Flames
- Two after action reports for the Down in Flames series
- Insert
- "The Battle of Telamon 225 BC" module
Britain Stands Alone
- Naval tactics and air variants
The Three Days of Gettysburg (third edition)
- New scenarios
Lion of the North

C3i Issue Six Inserts
Eighth Air Force: Schweinfurt Raids campaign card & Skilled Pilot/Crew Chart for DiF
Lion of the North: Loss Charts

C3i Magazine Issue #7

The Great Battles of Alexander: Deluxe Edition
- "Great Battles of Epaminondas" module
- "Truceless War: Hamilcar Barca Puts Down a Mercenary Revolt" module
Invasion: Norway
- After action report
Down in Flames
- Optional rules
Air Bridge to Victory
- Optional rules
Operation Shoestring: The Guadalcanal Campaign, 1942
- Optional rules
Silver Bayonet: The First Team in Vietnam, 1965
- Optional rules

C3i Issue Seven Inserts
Battles for North Africa: Holding Boxes sheet
Battles for North Africa: Resourse Point Record sheet
Samurai: Record Sheet
Invasion Norway: Fuel Roster Chart

C3i Magazine Issue #8

Battle for North Africa: War in the Desert, 1940-42
- "Operation Crusader" scenario
Crisis: Sinai 1973
- conducting an all-out Egyptian attack.
- Four new Battle Scenarios
The Great Battles of Alexander
- New, faster rules
- Official Campaign Variant
C3i Forum: The Brotherhood of the Hexagon

C3i Issue Eight Inserts
Crisis Sinai: Playing Aid
Battles for North Africa: Playing Aids (2)
Samurai: Playing Aid

C3i Magazine Issue #9

- CLOSE-UP FEATURE: Typhoon! The Drive on Moscow, 1941 strategy and tactics.
- A PBEM replay of Typhoon! Scenario #3: Renewed Typhoon.
- Retrofitting Barbarossa into Typhoon!
The Great Battles of Alexander: Deluxe Edition
- Two new battles
- Developer's Notebook Report for Saratoga: The Turning Point of the American Revolution, 1777
- A Solitaire Path
Invasion Sicily
- Developer's Notebook Report
Sword of Rome

C3i Issue Nine Inserts
Typhoon!: Variant (#8) counters (13)
SPQR: Sword of Rome (#8) counters (4)
SPQR: Crimissos River (#8) counters (4)
SPQR: Telamon & Mago (#6) counters (13)
Invasion Norway: Variant (#7) counters (6)

C3i Magazine Issue #10

Paths of Glory
Down in Flames
- "Flying Tigers" module
- The Vic Formation How to model the use of the British Vic formation in the DiF series.
- Battle of Britain Day Refight the Battle of Britain, September 15, 1940
- Campaign: Operation Pedestal
- Inserts
The Great Battles of Julius Caesar: The Civil Wars 48-45 B.C.
- Caesar: The Civil Wars Scenarios: The Sertorian War
- Equus module
- Counters
Veni Vidi Vici: GBoH Caesar Module
- Counters
June 6
- Counters
Britain Stands Alone

C3i Issue Ten inserts
Insert Counter Sheet Front

Insert Countersheet Rear

June 6th: Replacement & extra counters (28)
Conquest of Gaul: Aulerci counter for Conquest of Gaul
Great Battles of Alexander: Parmenion counter for Alexander, #10
Great Battles of Julius Caesar: Caralis (#9) counters (4)
Great Battles of Julius Caesar: Sertorian War coutners (16)
Great Battles of Julius Caesar: Veni Vidi Vici (future module) counters (20)
SPQR: Truceless War (#7) counters (9)
SPQR: Player’s Guide scenario counters (8)
SPQR: Masinissa counter for Africanus
SPQR: Equus counters (6)
SPQR: Hannibal counter
War Galley: Didius counter
Britain Stands Alone: Air variant (#6) counters (27)

C3i Magazine Issue #11

Caesar: Conquest of Gaul
- CLOSE-UP FEATURE: Barbarians and Conquest scenarios
- How to Employ Your Very Own Barbarian Horde
- Publius Crassus in Aquitania
Invasion: Norway
- Operational Tempo
Victory in the West
- Built-In Blitzkrieg
Eighth Air Force
- Observations
War Galley
- Ben-Hur scenario
- Ben Hur counters
- The Raven: Rome's Secret Weapon scenario
Down in Flames
- Kuban Bridgehead campaign

C3i Issue Eleven Inserts
Paths of Glory: VP Table Player Aid card
Rise of the Luftwaffe: Kuban Bridgehead 1943 campaign card
Rise of the Luftwaffe: Kuban Bridgehead aircraft cards (16)
June 6th: Activation Marker Holding Area cards
Cataphract: Fleet Record Sheet: Ben Hur/Sena Gallica
Conquest of Gaul: Germania (#11) counters (4)
War Galley: Fleet Record Sheet: Ben Hur/Sena Gallica
War Galley: Ben-Hur counters (40)
Salamis: Fleet Record Sheets: Salamis, Artemisium I & Artemisium II (3)

C3i Magazine Issue #12

Tigers in the Mist
- CLOSE-UP FEATURE: The Battle of the Bulge
- The Seventh Army Attacks
War Galley
- Quinquereme
- The Justinian Gambit
American Revolution Series
- Mastering Your Opponent
The Great Battles of Julius Caesar: The Civil Wars 48-45 B.C.
- The Nike Gambit
- A Bridge Too Near
Down in Flames
- The '48 Arab-Israeli War campaign
Barbarossa: Army Group North, 1941
- What You Won't See in Army Group North
- Insert
Successors (third edition)
- Adding Companions to Successors

C3i Issue Twelve Inserts
Insert Countersheet Front

Insert Countersheet Rear

Down in Flames: Arab-Israeli War, 1948-49, aircraft cards (16)
Down in Flames: Arab-Israeli War, 1948-49, campaign card
Down in Flames: Aces counters (8)
East Front Series: Experimental Rules for Eastern Front Series (2)
Battles for North Africa: Correction Counters (11)
June 6th: Correction coutners (12)
Conquest of Gaul: Acquitania counters (6)
Conquest of Gaul: Germania (#11) counter (1)
Great Battles of Alexander: Achaemenidae (#9) counters
War Galley: Multi-Player Scenarios for War Galley (2)
War Galley: Multi-Player counters (18) front-side
War Galley: Raven counters (3)
War Galley: Sapriportis counters (3)
War Galley: Quinquereme counters (3)
River of Death: Correction counters (66)
Three Days of Gettysburg: Correction counters (8)

C3i Magazine Issue #13

For the People
- CLOSE-UP FEATURE: Capital Offense
- April 1861 Scenario
Triumph & Glory: Battles of the Napoleonic Wars 1796-1809
- How to "Raab" the French of a Victory
Down in Flames
- Experten of the Luftwaffe, Part I
Hornet Leader
- Trading in Your Hornets for Falcons
- Insert
- Counters
The Great Battles of Alexander
- Philip the Great
War Galley
- Tarentum and the Battle of Sapriportis
Ukraine '43
- Scenario 4 Notes

C3i Issue Thirteen Inserts
Insert Countersheet Front

Insert Countersheet Rear

Paths of Glory: Correction counters (2)
Barbarossa: Army Group Center: Correction counters (16)
June 6th: New counters (8)
Triumph and Glory: Correction counters (14)
Great Battles of Alexander: Philip the Great counters (9)
Great Battles of Alexander: Philotas counter (1)
Great Battles of Julius Caesar: Sertorian War (#10) counters (14)
SPQR: Extra SPQR “Depleted” counters (6)
SPQR: Pydna (SPG) counters (6)
SPQR: Pyrrhus in Sicily (#14) counters (9)
Great Battles of History: Ambiorix counters (4)
Great Battles of History: Mercenary counters (6)
Hornet Leader: Falcon Leader airfield (1 sheet)
Hornet Leader: Falcon Leader cards (12)
Hornet Leader: Falcon Leader counters (34)
Hornet Leader: Hornet Leader cards (4)
Austerlitz: Correction counters (9)
Britain Stands Alone: Variant counters (2)
Tigers in the Mist: Correction Counters (20)

C3i Magazine Issue #14

Triumph & Glory: Battles of the Napoleonic Wars 1796-1809
- CLOSE-UP FEATURE: "Triumph & Glory" Why Castiglione?
- La loi du plus fort: Castiglione
- "Lonato: July 31st-August 4th 1796"
Simple GBoH
- A Primer for "Simple GBoH"
Great Battles of History
- GBoH Timeline of the Mediterranean
Hornet Leader
- Operation Southern Watch variant
Wilderness War

C3i Issue Fourteen Inserts
Paths of Glory: extra control markers (8)
Paths of Glory: extra leader counters
Eighth Air Force: Target Cards
Zero!: East Indies; Aircraft Card Sheets (2)
Zero!: NEI Campaign; Target Card/Logsheet
June 6th: British 1st Airborne sheet (1)
Triumph & Glory: Lonato countersheet (140)
Triumph & Glory: Lonato map
Tigers in the Mist: substitute counters (6)
Wilderness War: substitute leaders (29)

C3i Magazine Issue #15

Risorgimento 1859
- The Campaign Game
- The Campaign for Lombardy
World War II: Barbarossa to Berlin
- The Terrible Dance of Death
Clash of Giants
- Tannenberg, 1914 ? Player's Notes
Down in Flames
- Tournament Event Rules ? Who Wants to be a Fighter Ace?
- Variant: New Skirmishers, Velites, and Light Troops
The Battle of Kasserine Pass

C3i Issue Fifteen Inserts
Kasserine: Kasserine Pass counters (40)
Kasserine: Kasserine Pass map
SPQR: Skirmishers, Velites and Light Troops variant counters (74)
For the People: optional counters (16) (included in the second edition)
Ukraine '43: optional counters (10)

C3i Magazine Issue #16

- Mercenary: Land Warfare 1st Punic War ? SPQR Battles
Reds! The Russian Civil War 1918-1921
- Peace, Land and Bread ? Playing the Bolsheviks in Reds!
The Rise of the Roman Republic
- Rise of the Roman Republic ? Ancient World Series, Vol. 1
- The Battle of Churubusco, 1847 ? A new battle for Gringo!
Von Manstein's Backhand Blow
- Von Manstein's Backhand Blow ? A Back Hander
Europe Engulfed
- New Europe Engulfed Scenario ? Ruin of the Reich
June 6
- June 6 D-Day 1944 ? A Perspective
Down in Flames
- Zero! & C&H Campaigns Struggle for the Aleutians
- Zero! & C&H Campaigns Battle of the Bismarck Sea
- Zero! Campaign Marshall Islands Raid

Down in Flames: Struggle for the Aleutians aircraft cards (16)
Down in Flames: Struggle for the Aleutians campaign sheet
Down in Flames: Battle of the Bismarck Sea campaign sheet
Gringo!: Churubusco map
Gringo!: Churubusco counters (136)
A World at War: Japanese SNLF counters (3)

C3i Magazine Issue #17

- Great Battles of History
The Siege of Alesia, 52 BC ? GBoH Series, Vol. XI
SPQR & War Galley
- The Sicilian Campaign in the 2nd Punic War, 212-211 BC
Downtown: Air War Over Hanoi, 1965-1972
- Downtown Alternate Scenario ? Linebacker III, 1975
This Accursed Civil War
- Battle of Cheriton, 1644 ? New Battle Module for This Accursed Civil War
Sweden Fights On
- Sweden Fights On ? System Analysis of the Musket & Pike Series
Empire of the Sun
- Strategy Concepts in Empire of the Sun
Manifest Destiny
- Manifest Destiny
Down in Flames
Down in Flames Air Campaign ? Air Umbrella Over Dunkirk

This Accursed Civil War: Cheriton counters (80)
This Accursed Civil War: Cheriton Map
Rise of the Roman Republic: counters (25)
Empire of the Sun: errata counters (8)
Thirty Years War: Europe in Agony; Wallenstein counter (1)
Barbarossa to Berlin: extra German corps (1)
Three Days of Gettysburg: errata counters (2)
Borodino: errata counters (5)
Downtown:errata counters (18)

C3i Magazine Issue #18

Twilight Struggle
- Heating Up the Cold War - Fighting the Twilight Struggle
- Inside the Design of Twilight Struggle
- A Threat Matrix
War Galley
- Trireme Battles at the Dawn of History, 535 & 474 B.C.
Flying Colors
- Escape from Lorient & the French Convoy - Flying Colors
Here I Stand
- Learning Here I Stand in 20 Minutes or Less
Downtown: Air War Over Hanoi, 1965-1972
- Downtown Air War Expansion Module - Dragon's Jaw
- Insert
- Counters
Commands & Colors: Ancients
- Mercenary Scenarios - Commands & Colors Ancients
- Hannibal's First Battle Battle of the Tagus River, 220 B.C.
Down in Flames
- Poland 1939 For Down in Flames
- Guadalcanal Carrier Battles For Down in Flames
Empire of the Sun
- Amphibious Assaults An integral part of the Pacific War.
- Intelligence Condition Table For immediate results in EotS. (Empire of the Sun)
Borodino: Battle of the Moskova, 1812
- Borodino, 1812 Strategy tips for the Moskova battle.


  • 26 counters for the Downtown: Air War Expansion Module found in this issue. Map and reference card also included.
  • 28 counters for Down in Flames: Poland 1939 Module found in this issue. 4 reference sheets also included
  • 59 counters for SPQR Tagus River Module found in this issue.
  • 7 new counters for War Galley. Fleet Record Sheet also included
  • 2 errata counters for Carthage - The Ancient World, Vol II.
  • 2 errata counters for Caesar in Alexandria
  • 3 errata counters for Alesia:Great Battles of History
  • 7 errata counters (Eng units) for Ardennes '44 (6 more errata counters still needed but are 9/16")

C3i Magazine Issue #19

Published August 2007
Geeklist: GMT Releases C3i #19 and It Is Packed with Goodness!
Here I Stand
"2-player Version" cards
Combat Commander: Europe
- "Scenario 103, Varsity Blues"
- "A Combat Commander Briefing: Examining Scenario #10 - "Commando School"
- "Combat Commander" Up Close and Personal
Commands & Colors: Ancients
- Mago's Battles Revisited from C3i Magazine Nr6 scenarios
Pax Romana
- MAGNA GRAECIA-The Western Greek's Last Stand - Scenario I
- DIADOCHI-The Hellenistic Kingdoms at War - Scenario II
- "Pax Romana" - An Addict Shares Some Lessons
- Tactical Tips for playing "Commands & Colors Ancients"
For the People
- "For The People": Opening Theory
- Strategy Tips
Twilight Struggle
- A Short Scenario
Ardennes '44
- A Band of Gamers: Ardennes 2006
Empire of the Sun
- Optional Rules
On the Scene at CSW Expo 2007

Counter Manifest:

  • 20 counters for Empire of the Sun optional rules (found in this issue)
  • 16 errata counters for Empire of the Sun
  • 32 counters for the new Pax Romana scenarios found in this issue
  • 24 errata counters for Pax Romana (Including the missing Pontus and Pergamum units and the Syracuse and Egyptian boats)
  • 20 errata counters for Crisis: Sinai
  • 6 Out of Command markers for the Great Battles of the American Civil War series
  • 8 errata counters for Onward Christian Soldiers
  • 1 Clare pilot for Down in Flames
  • 8 errata counters for the Simple Great Battles of History Battle Manual
  • 4 errata counters for Gustav Adolf the Great
  • 1 errata counter (Yellow infantry) for the Musket and Pike bonus scenario, Cheriton, found in c3i#17

C3i Magazine Issue #20

The Drive On Metz (second edition) - Complete game
Combat Commander: Europe
- A "Combat Commander" Briefing: Examining Scenario #14 - "At the Crossroads"
- "Go For Broke" scenario #104
- "La Fiere Counterattack" scenario #105
Commands & Colors: Ancients
- "The Twin Thunderbolts: Gnaeus and Publius Scipio in Spain" scenario
- "The Battles of Herdonia, 212 & 210 BC" scenarios
- "Dogfight Campaigns"
"Designing Game Designers"
Stalin's War
- Designer's Notes
GMT Games "Top 20 Games"

Counter Manifest:

  • 21 counters for the SPQR Battles of Herdonia scenarios found in this issue. Reference card also included
  • 23 counters for the SQPR Syphax Battles scenarios found in this issue. Reference card also included
  • 30 counters for the Pax Romana Greco-Persian Wars scenario found in this issue
  • 4 Port Markers counters for the Asia Engulfed Seebees Optional Rules found in this issue
  • 6 counters for the Empire of the Sun Optional Rules found in this issue
  • 1 errata counter for Combat Commander: Mediterranean (British Heavy MG)
  • 20 errata counters for 1914: Twilight in the East (1 appears to be a blank)
  • 28 counters for 1944: The Drive on Metz found in this issue
  • 7 blank counters

C3i Magazine Issue #21

Published December 2008
weblink : GMT webpage
Geeklist : C3i #21: Another Great Issue From RBM & GMT!

Combat Commander Europe Variant Rules by Chad Jensen & John Foley
Combat Commander Europe:

  • Scenario 106 “The Lost Battalion” Vosges Mountains, Alsace, France, 30 October 1944 by Greg Wong
  • Scenario 107 “Operation Deadstick” Benouville, France, 6 June 1944 by Bryan Collars

SPQR - “The Italian Campaign of 207 BC: The Battle of Grumentum” by Carlos Gomez
Caesar: Conquest of Gaul - “Spartacus!” with five scenarios (Battles of Salinae, Mount Garganus, Picenum, Camalatrum and Silarus River) by Dan Fournie
SPQR - “The Second Punic War: A Campaign Game for SPQR and War Galley” by Frédéric Bey

Pax Romana - scenarios by :

  • “Endgame: Upheavals of the Late Republic (146-50 BC)”
  • “Spartacus and the Foes of Rome (88-55 BC)”

Commands & Colors: Ancients Series - scenarios by Richard Borg:

  • Umbria 217 BC
  • Agathocles’ Tower 204 BC
  • Cirta, 203 BC

C3i Magazine Nr21 Inserts:

  • Combat Commander Color Mapsheet 22”x17” (2-sides)
  • Combat Commander Scenario Card (2-sides)
  • Commands & Colors Ancients Scenario Cards (2-sides)

Counter Manifest:

  • 15 Units for the Pax Romana Endgame Article.
  • 46 units for the Spartacus/CCoG article.
  • 26 Optional units for Combat Commander.
  • 5 units for Clash of Monarchs (the word "Exhausted" is now on the back side of the MW units).
  • 32 Barbarian Gallic BI unit's with their MA fixed (5 instead of 6).
  • 14 SPQR units that fix minor errors:
    • The 4 Scorpio units have their MA fixed to 3 on the front side.
    • 5 Numidian SK units that were missing their SK code.
    • 4 Numidian LI units that were missing their LI code.
    • The Surus Elephant Leader's MA fixed to 9.
  • 6 Optional cavalry brigades for For the People.
  • 1 Pilot counter for Down in Flames.

C3i Magazine Issue #22

weblink : GMT webpage

C&C Ancients – 2New Scenarios Island War
by Richard Borg and Dan Fournie

Unusual and Unhappy King Charles – The English Civil War
by Steve Carey

Alexander’s Marshals – Special Abilities in Successors
by John B. Firer

Pursuit of Glory – Strategic Analysis of the Eastern Fronts
by Philip Thomas

The Battle of Utica, 203 BC – SPQR Deluxe Scenario
by Dan Fournie

Iron Men Rule the Battlefield – Men of Iron Primer
by Mark Kaczmarek

Conquest of Paradise – Random Events Cards and Rules
by Kevin McPartland

FAB Bulge Variant – Canadians in the Battle of the Bulge
by Rick Young & John Foley

C3i Magazine Nr22 – Countersheet Reference Index and Manifest

Agincourt Rules – Men of Iron Game Module by Richard H. Berg & Mike Lemick

To the Strongest – Strategy and Tactics in Successors by John B. Firer

Europe Engulfed – Variable Axis Strategies by Cyril M. Lagvanec

Spartacus and the Foes of Rome, 88-55 BC – Pax Romana by Dan Fournie

1943: Empire of the Sun – Tournament Scenario Analysis by Mark Herman

Pathfinder – Combat Commander Europe Campaign Module by Volko Ruhnke

What’s in a Game? Inside Victory Point Games by Alan Emrich

FAB Bulge – Tournament Scenario Payback by John Foley

Insert Manifest

  • Countersheet, C3i Magazine Nr22 – 88 color counters (5/8 inch size die-cut counters)
  • Agincourt Module – 1 color Mapsheet – 11x17 inch, folded by Mark Simonitch
  • C&C Ancients – 1 color Set-up Card – 2 Scenarios: Caralis & Himeras River by Richard Borg
  • Combat Commander Pacific – 1 color Card – Large & Small Counter Manifest by Chad Jensen
  • Combat Commander – 1 color Card – 2 Scenarios: Nr108 by D. Holte and Nr109 by J. Foley
  • Successors – 1 color Card – Special Abilities Markers by John B. Firer and Mark Simonitch
  • Conquest of Paradise – 3 (8.5”x11”) color Cards – Random Events by K. McPartland & L. Myrick
  • SPQR Scenario – Battle of Utica – Set-up sheet by Dan Fournie
  • American Revolution Series – 1 (8.5”x11”) color Card & 1 Solitaire Rules by Joel Toppen

Counter Manifest (all counters 5/8 inch size):

  • 3 VP markers for the “FAB” Scenario
  • 51 units for the “Agincourt/Men of Iron” Battle Module
  • 6 units for “Empire of the Sun”:
    • CA Dutch Navy becomes the CL Dutch Navy (same values & silhouette)
    • BB Duke of York and BB New York silhouettes corrected
    • CVL Ryuho becomes the CVL Ryujo (same values & silhouette)
    • CVL Junyo becomes the CV Junyo (same values & silhouette)
    • CVL Kaiyo becomes the CVE Kaiyo (same values & silhouette)
  • 28 Errata counters for “Fields of Fire”:
    • 8 RPG/B40 ammo counters fixed.
    • 4 RPG/B40 weapon team counters fixed.
    • 1 Panzerfaust counter with an incorrect range fixed.
    • 5 American Weapon Team counters fixed (the 2/60mm, 3/60mm, and 4/60mm Mortar Teams and the 1/Wpns and 2/Wpns Fire Teams).
    • 6 “All Pinned” VOF markers fixed to show their +2 AT modifier
    • 4 Enemy Leader counters fixed (were missing their “Fire Team” label)

C3i Magazine Issue #23

Published December 2009
weblink : GMT webpage
Geeklist :C3i Magazine #23! Packed with Goodness! Thank you Rodger!

Jena 20 – What’s in a Name? by Mark Kaczmarek

For the People – 10th Anniversary Variant Rules by Mark Herman

Hellenes Developer’s Notes – The Peloponnesian War, 431-404 BC by Joel Toppen

C3i Magazine Nr23 – Countersheet Reference Index and Manifest

Pursuit of Glory – Strategic Analysis of the Western Fronts, Part II by Philip Thomas

The Elephant Victory, 277 BC – SPQR Deluxe Scenario by Dan Fournie

PQ-17 – Mind Your P’s and Q’s by Chris Janiec

CC Stalingrad – Scenario #35: All the Salient Details by Rob Bottos & Kai Jensen

Kutuzov, The War in Russia, 1812 – Basic Survival Tactics by Mark Kaczmarek

Paths of Glory – Little Belgium, Big Issues by Robert Lloyd

Flying Colors – The Coromandel Campaign, 1758-1759 by Mark Barker

Red Winter – The Russo-Finish Winter War on P500 List by Mark Mokszycki

History of the Peloponnesian War – Hellenes History by Joel Toppen

The Rise of the Mauryan Empire – Chandragupta History by Stephen R. Welch

Elusive Victory – Advanced/Optional Rules and Scenarios by Terry Simo

Jena 20 – Player’s Notes – Gaming Tips by Steve Carey


  • Countersheet, C3i Magazine Nr23 – 140 color counters (1/2 inch size die-cut counters)
  • Jena 20 Game:
    • 1 color Mapsheet – 11x17 inch
    • 1 color Player Aid Card – 8.5x11 inch
    • Random Events Cards – 8.5x11 inch
    • Rulesbook Folio
  • C&C Ancients – 1 color Set-up Card – 2 Epic Scenarios: Leuctra & Asculum by Richard Borg
  • Combat Commander – 1 color Card – 2 Scenarios: Nr110 (new) & Nr103 (reprint) Bryan Collars
  • FAB: The Bulge – 1 color Card – At Start & Asset Matrix by John A. Foley and Mark Simonitch
  • SPQR Scenario: Elephant Victory – Set-up sheet by Dan Fournie
  • For the People: Naval Card Complex Variant Effects by Mark Herman
  • PQ-9/10: Before the Storm Scenario – Set-up sheet by Chris Janiec
  • Chandragupta:
    • Ganges River & Magnesia Scenarios – Set-up sheet Folio by Stephen R. Welch
    • Rout Point Track Sheet – plus Track Markers on countersheet by Mike Lemick

Counter Manifest:

  • ...

C3i Magazine Issue #24

weblink : GMT webpage

Washington's War: The Art of Asymmetrical Strategy By Mark Herman

The Battle for Normandy - Optional Rules, New Scenarios, Counters, and Variants By Dan Holte
Plus New BfN Player Aids:

  • Detailed Sequence of Play Sheet
  • Allied Step-Loss Record Chart
  • Three Map Campaign Variant Sheet

The Caucasus Campaign - Strategy Article covering the key Decision Points and Proper Tactics by Joel Toppen

Elusive Victory - Aircraft Expansions and New Scenarios By Terry Simo
Three new scenarios:

  • EV(C3i#3) (YK/R) Hip-Hop – Mi-8 Hips commando raids
  • EV(C3i#4) (YK/R) High Fast Flyer – MiG-25Rs over Israel
  • EV(C3i#5) (YK/R) Cornered Badger – Egyptian Tu-16s

Hellenes: Campaign Strategies - Strategy Notes specific to the individual Campaign Scenarios By Craig Besinque
Plus New Hellenes Player Aids:

  • Conditions Cards
  • Battleboard Display
  • Off Map Display
  • Instruction Sheet

Helpful Hints for Hellenes - Player Tips for the Peloponnesian War By Steve Carey

Combat Commander - Two New CC Europe Scenarios (Insert Card) By Bryan Collars
Scenario 111: The Scheldt, October 1944, Belgium -Units of Canadian 10th Infantry Brigade vs. units of German 64th Infantry Division
Scenario 112: Sonnenwende, February 1945, Eastern Germany - Units of Soviet Assault forces vs. units of the German 11th SS Nordland Division
Combat Commander – Basic Training By Bryan Collar

Clio’s Corner, Nr1: What makes an historical wargame historical? By Mark Herman

New SPQR Battle Scenario (Great Battles Of History) - The Battle of Crotona, 204 BC; The End Of The Second Punic War In Italy By Carlos Gomez Ibañez
SPQR Rout Point Track Sheet - Player Aid Insert Sheet and game Markers By Mike Lemick

Commands & Colors Ancients: Imperial Rome (Expansion Nr.4) By Richard Borg and Don Clarke
Boudica’s Revolt – Britons vs Rome
Para Bellum Extended Battle System (Prepare for War)
Including Two New Official C&C Ancients Scenarios – Boudica’s Revolt

  • Battle of Camulodunum - 60 AD
  • Battle of Mona Insulis - 60 AD

Tannenberg: Breaking the Code - The Strategic Choices for both sides in Clash of Giants By Mark Stille

Clash Of Giants: From Tannenberg to Gettysburg By Ted Raicer

Counter Manifest:
• The Battle for Normandy - New Optional Units and Errata Units (64)
• SPQR - New leader counters for the Crotona scenario (3), New Rout Point Track markers (6), Leaders for Elephant Victory (4 Errata counters from last issue)
• Serpents of the Seas - Errata counters (6) and "In Irons!" Counters (6)
• Ship of the Line - Errata counters (2)
• Hellenes - New markers (14)
• Elusive Victory - New units for the C3i Scenarios (18)
• Washington's War - State Control markers (14)
• Chariots of Fire - Errata leader counters (3)

C3i Magazine Issue #25

weblink : GMT webpage

48 Pages

Combat Commander - Sitrep from the forward OP by Bryan Collars

Labyrinth - Developper's Notes by Joel Toppen

Using Labyrinth in the classroom - Training & Education by Rex Brynen

C3i Player - Gamer Profile by Jeremy Antley

C3I Magazine nr25 - Countersheet reference index by Mark Simonitch

A lightning across Iberia - Two SPQR Scenarios by Carlos Gomez Ibanez

Battle for Moscow - Designer's Notes by Frank Chadwick

A tour of the Flying Colors Series: Don’t Give Up the Ship! by Mark Barker

An Overview of Serpents of the Seas by Mark Barker

Clio’s Corner Nr2: To Script or Not to Script, that is the question? by Mark Herman

Empire of the Sun Openings - Japan, New Guinea and the Solomons by Pablo García Silva

A Retropective of Empire of the Sun by Mark Herman

The Founding years by Charles S. Roberts

The Father of Board Wargaming by Alan Emrich

Personal tributes to the memory of Charles S. Roberts

Charles S. Roberts - 1988 Interview by John J. Vanore and Rodger B. MacGowan

Clash of Giants - Tannenberg - Breaking the Code By Mark Stille

Clash Of Giants - Designer’s Notes by Ted Raicer

Combat Commander: New Guinea – Deeper into the Jungle - Designer’s Notes by John A. Foley

The Influence of Game Design on We must tell the Emperor - Designer’s Notes by Steve Carey

Commands & Colors Ancients - Double Play - The Battle of Adrianople by Kevin Duke

C3i Magazine Nr25 Inserts:

  • Countersheet - 114 color counters (9/16 inch size die-cut counters)
  • C&C: Ancients - 1 Set-up Card - 2 scenario options: Andrianople by Richard Borg & Kevin Duke
  • Combat Commander: Pacific - 1 Card - 2 new scenarios: Nr 113 & Nr 114
  • Labyrinth
    • 1 Card - Jihadist Activities (1-Player - 9.0 Refined)
    • 1 Card - Optional Rules: Zakat and the String Horse; Heroic Alerts
  • Flying Colors - 1 Card - Fleet Scenarios and Duel Scenarios
  • SPQR - 1 Card - A Lightning Across Iberia Scenarios
  • Battle for Moscow Bonus Game - 1 Color mapsheet, counters & rulebook

Counter Manifest:

  • 40 counters for Battle for Moscow
  • 1 Successors - Turn Marker
  • 1 Caucasus Campaing - Weather Marker
  • 10 Normandy '44 errata counters
  • 2 Labyrinth optional rules counters
  • 17 Ardennes '44 errata counters
  • 12 Rout markers for Ardennes '44
  • 17 control markers - Asia Engilfed
  • 1 Reshufle - Washington's War
  • 12 generic leaders for Clash of Monarchs

C3i Magazine Issue #26

weblink : GMT webpage

64 Pages

Behind the Scenes Report on the Game Design Process Designers & Developers – Relationships in Motion by Patrick Ruestchmann

Twilight Struggle – Designers Notes 2012 by Ananda Gupta and Jason Matthews

1914 Twilight in the East – Tannenberg Campaign – C3i Variant by Michael Resch

C3i Magazine Nr26 – Countersheet Index by Mark Simonitch

1914 – A Post-war Solution for Austria-Hungary’s Mobilization by Michael Resch
1914 TitE – Dragoni’s Plan for Austria-Hungary – C3i Variant by Michael Resch

Labyrinth – The Game in Action by Joel Toppen

Clio’s Corner, Nr3: Who’s On First? Initiative in Game Design by Mark Herman

Space Empires – Optional Rules by Peter Lazzaro

Interview – John H. Butterfield – CSR Hall of Fame Award by Sam Sheikh

Commands & Colors Ancients – The Battle of Argentoratum, 357 AD – New Scenario by Kevin Duke

For the People – Defending the Union by Mark Herman and Herr Dr.

For the People – Designer’s Perspective on Raids by Mark Herman
For the People – My Union Strategy Tips by James Pei

1805: Sea of Glory – A Change of Plans – Scenario & Variant Rules by Alan E. Richbourg

SPQR - The Great Battles of Magna Graecia Module by Daniel A. Fournie

Red Winter – More Optional Rules by Mark Mokszycki

C3i Player – Gamer Profile of Mark Barker by Sam Sheikh

An Introduction to Andean Abyss - COINing a Game Series by Steve Carey

The COIN Series – Looking Ahead by Volko Ruhnke

Andean Abyss - Quick-Play Scenario and Non-Player Rally Variant by Volko Ruhnke

Andean Abyss - Solitaire Variants by Joel Toppen

C3i Player – Gamer Profile of Leland Myrick by Sam Sheikh

C3i Player Postscript – From Writer to Playtester by Jeremy Antley

Inserts – C3i Magazine, Nr26:

  • Countersheet, C3i Magazine Nr26 – 280 full color counters (1/2 inch size, die-cut counters)
  • Objective: Kiev Bonus Game – 1 color Mapsheet, Counters, Player Aid & Rulesbook by Mark Simonitch
  • 1914 Twilight in the East – 1 Card – C3i Variants – Tannenberg Campaign & Dragoni’s Plan by Michael Resch
  • Commands & Colors Ancients – 1 Set-up Card – 2 New Battles: Argentoratum & Paraitacene by Kevin Duke
  • Combat Commander – 1 Card – 2 New Scenarios: Nr115 & Nr116 by Pascal Toupy
  • Combat Commander – 1 Card – Scenario Map of European Theater & Terrain Chart by Bryan Collars & Tim McCarron
  • Andean Abyss – 1 Card – Non-Player Rally Variant by Volko Ruhnke & Mark Simonitch
  • Red Winter – 1 Card – Ice Ball Variant by Mark Mokszycki
  • Space Empires – 1 Card – New Redesigned C3i Log Sheet by Peter Lazzaro
  • SPQR – 1 Card – Revised C3i Nr25 – A Lightning Across Iberia Scenarios by Carlos Gomez Ibañez
  • SPQR – 1 Card – Great Battles of Magna Graecia Scenarios by Dan Fournie
  • No Retreat! – C3i Solitaire Expansion Kit – Cards, Rules & Player Aid by Carl Paradis

Counter Manifest:

C3i Magazine Issue #27

weblink : GMT webpage

Fire in the Lake – COIN Series in Vietnam - A Fireside Chat with Game Designers Mark Herman and Volko Ruhnke by Sam Sheikh
In Civil War Games There Should Be Ships, lots of Ships…Or “Why Rebel Raiders on the High Seas Came To Be” by Mark G. McLaughlin
Rebel Raiders on the High Seas - Players Notes by Fred Schachter
Cuba Libre – COIN Series - Designer’s Notes, alt-History, and Variants by Jeff Grossman

Iron & Oak - Two New C3i Scenarios by Jim Day:

  • Scenario C3i-1: Galveston – January 1863
  • Scenario C3i-2: Cat-and-Mouse (hypothetical)

The Battle of Dertosa (Ibera), 215 BC - C3i SPQR Deluxe Version GBoH Module by Dan A. Fournie

Empire of the Sun - Fighting for a Negotiated Peace: Japanese Strategy against the Big Three by Mark Herman

Soviet Dawn (C3i Insert Game – States of Siege Series) - Simulating The Russian Civil War by Ted Raicer

Soviet Dawn (C3i Insert Game) - How the Bolshevik Revolution Survived by Darin A. Leviloff

Panzer - Two New C3i Scenarios by Jim Day:

  • Battle of Kovel, Part I, July 1944
  • Battle of Kovel, Part 2, July 1944

Bloody April - New C3i Nr1 Scenario: 7 June 1917 by Game Designer Terry Simo

C3i Interview with Hall of Fame Game Designer: Jack Greene by Sam Sheikh

Clio’s Corner Nr4: Ignorance is bliss or how to put the fog back in war by Mark Herman

4 new Combat Commander Scenarios:

  • Scn 117 Avanti Tridentina Avanti, Russia, 26 January 1943. Italians vs Russians
  • Scn 118 No. 4 Commando, France 1942. Brits vs Germans
  • Scn 119 Sky Fall, France 1944. Partisans vs Germans
  • Scn 120 Deadly Convoy. France 1944. Partisans vs Germans

Inserts – C3i Magazine, Nr27:

  • Soviet Dawn: The Russian Civil War (States of Siege Series) Game - Color Mapsheet, Counters, Cards, Player Aids & Rulesbook by Darin A. Leviloff
  • Countersheet, C3i Magazine Nr27 includes 140 (1/2 inch) and 88 (5/8 inch) full color counters

Counter Manifest:

C3i Magazine Issue #28

weblink :

Unconditional Surrender! Case Blue 2-player game covering the World War II military campaigns fought in southern Russia from mid-1942 to early 1943 By Game Designer Salvatore Vasta

What if? – Unconditional Surrender! World War 2 in Europe By Game Designer Salvatore Vasta

Remembering the Great War on its Centennial: Interviews with CSR Award winning Game Designers Ted Raicer and Michael Resch By Sam Sheikh

The First Battle of Mantinea, 418 BC - C3i HOPLITE GBoH Battle Module By Game Designer Dan A. Fournie

Andean Abyss updated, with expanded C3i Play Aid Inserts and design notes By Örjan Ariander

Bots in the Pacific – Empire of the Sun – Exclusive Designer’s Notes By Game Designer Mark Herman

Liège Expansion for 1914, Offensive à outrance – German “Handstreich” attempt and subsequent “Siege of Liège” By Game Designer Michael Resch

C3i Sorpe Variant – Enemy Coast Ahead By Game Designer Jeremy White

Twilight Struggle at 10: An interview with Game Designers Ananda Gupta and Jason Matthews

Groupies, foxy astronauts, and evil new plans–-meet Ananda and Jason, International Men of History in the pages of C3i Magazine – By Sam Sheikh

Panzer Scenarios By Mike Nagel and Game Designer Jim Day:
* Treads over Dedushka - Estonia, 25 July 1944
* House of Soviets: Stalingrad, 30 September 1942

Clio’s Corner Nr5: Sam I Am; who you are tells the story! By Mark Herman

Inserts – C3i Magazine, Nr28:

  • The Battle for Liege
  • Countersheet, C3i Magazine Nr28 includes 252 (1/2 inch) and 14 (1 * 1/2 inch) full color counters - 32 counters blank

Counter Manifest:

  • The Battle for Liege for 1914, Offensive à outrance
  • The Dark Valley
  • Enemy Coast Ahead
  • Case Blue (C3i Insert Game)
  • No Retreat 2: North African Front
  • Hoplite: First Battle of Mantinea
  • Unconditional Surrender
  • Combat Commander
  • For the People
  • Serpents of the Seas
  • Iron & Oak

C3i Magazine Issue #29

weblink : []

Waterloo Bicentenary, 1815-2015 by Dana Lombardy

COIN Series Complexity - Bigger is Not Always Better by Volko Ruhnke

Empire of the Sun - The reason I game is because... by Lucas Brooks

C3i Interview - Game Designer Brian Train by Sam Sheikh

The Travellers of Catalan - Barcelona. Spain by Jason Matthews

C3i Player - Gamer Profile of Gian Carlo Ceccoli by Sam Sheikh

Clio's Corner #6: Multiplayer design in Churchill by Mark Herman

Triumph & Tragedy: Two Decades of Evolution by Tim Taylor & Craig Besinque

Tom Shaw: Confessions of an 84 year old Teenager - Book Review by Sam Sheikh

Labyrinth: The Awakening - From Game Player to Game Designer by Trevor Bender

Second Hajj - Labyrinth: The Awakening 2010-? by Volko Ruhnke

Mr. Madison's War - The Game as History by Gilbert Collins

Jours de Gloire Series & Bicentenary Tour of Waterloo 2015 by Frederic Bey

Los Angeles Game Box Production - No Retreat!: Italian Front by Jeff Kaye

Hoplite Battle Module - Sparta's Persian Expedition by Daniel A. Fournie

C3i Nr29 Counter Index & Waterloo Errata & Pascal Da Silva Biography

C3i Player - Gamer Profile of Hans Korting by Steven D. MacGowan

Inserts C3i Nr29

  • Countersheet, C3i Magazine 29
  • Plan Orange: Pacific War, 1932-35 - Complete RBM Studio Game - by Mark Herman
    • Rulebook, Game Mapsheet, Strategy Cards, and die-cut Counters
  • Davout in Command - Waterloo 1815 Scenario - 1 Card - by Frederic Bey
  • Wing Leader Scenarios - Cry Havoc & Supercharge 1 Card - by Lee Brimmicombe-Wood
  • Hoplite Scenarios - Battles of Maeander & Sardis - 1 Card - by Daniel A. Fournie
  • Plan Orange - Player's Notes - by Gary Gonzalez and Rory "Haiokeye" Aylward

Counter Manifest:

  • ...

C3i Magazine Issue #30

Inserts C3i Nr30

  • Countersheet, C3i Magazine 30
  • South Pacific - Complete RBM Studio Game - by Mark Herman
    • Rulebook, Game Mapsheet, Strategy Cards, and die-cut Counters

C3i Magazine Issue #31

116 Wakefield counters - issue's Blood & Roses game
2 COIN game identical Spending Limit counters - solitaire play
2 Empire of the Sun optional counters
1 Plan Orange errata counter (Sakai typo)
1 Blood & Roses errata counter
5 Corrupedium Leader counters - issue game
4 Liberty of Death Leader counters - issue #30 variant
30 Wing Leader counters - issue article
46 Normandy ‘44 counters - issue's Disaster at D-Day variant
2 Distant Lands errata counters
1 Normandy ‘44 2nd edition errata counter
1 France ‘40 errata counter (LAH as a brigade rather than a regiment)
4 Ukraine ‘43 2nd edition errata counters

Also included are:
-errata and Terrain Effects Chart for South Pacific: Breaking the Bismarck Barrier 1942-1943
-player aid for Unconditional Surrender
-player aid for the GMT COIN Series
-scenario for Labyrinth: The Awakening, 2010 – ?
-bifold player aid for Ukraine '43

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