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Century: Eastern Wonders FAQ

FAQ for Century: Eastern Wonders
List of game FAQs

Q: Can a player take more than one of the same bonus tile?


Q: Can a boat move zero spaces?

Yes, but it doesn't count as a move (movement is optional), and no consequences of movement happen: you cannot pick up a cube, and you don't have to pay if another player's boat is on the same tile. You can still build an outpost or harvest.

Q: Can a boat move out of and back onto the same market tile?

Yes, but you must pay for the second step normally.

Q: Is there an outpost limit per market tile?

No, despite the artwork, all four player may place outposts on the same hex.

Q: Can I use the upgrade bonus tile after a market trade?

No, only immediately after building an outpost, before you trade.

Q: Does my boat have to be on that market tile to trade at my existing outpost?


Q: Can I use my outpost the same turn that I build it?


Q: How do I repack the box?

When packed properly, you can leave the spices in the cups and stand the box up. Watch the video, read some instructions, or just look at some pictures.

Q: Is there a playmat and where can I get it?

Yes, from

Q: Is there an overlay and/or an insert and where can I get them?

You can get the insert, the overlays, or both from Meeple Realty.

Sand to Sea

Q: Can you move across sea tiles and/or stop on them?

Yes to both.

Q: How do you return a card to your hand?

When playing with the Spice Road bonus cards, you can return them to your hand either face up or face down.

Q: Can I fit Spice Road into the Eastern Wonders box?


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