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Chain of Command was published by the National Monstergaming Society in the early 1980's for its members. It contained news of interest to society members, reviews and useful bonuses such as scenarios or play aids. Much of the material was submited by members.
Editor was Chandler Tedholm.

"The issues are worthwhile for the variants and conference maps they contain. There is a heavy emphasis on favorites of the Central Virginia club, like War in the Pacific, War in Europe and La Bataille de la Moscowa, and to a lesser degree, Campaign for North Africa, Korsun Pocket and Fire in the East. In those pre-internet days, such newsletters provided player-constructed variants and scenarios and game fixes. The Newsletter never had more than a few hundred subscribers, including myself [Andy Nunez] who supplied artwork and articles over its short life."
Andy Nunez, Against the Odds Magazine editor

Issue 1 - Oct. 1980

Crack German team triumphs in DNO Showdown article (by Chandler Tedholm)
1942 Unentschieden scenario (by Rob Beyma)

Issue 2 - Jan. 1981

The Longest Day review (by Chandler Tedholm)
War in the Pacific - Tactical Surface Combat variant/scenario (by Chandler Tedholm)
Weekend Monster suggestions

Issue 3 - 1981

Wacht Am Rhein special edition featuring:

  • Playing Wacht- What to do till Patton comes
  • Systematic Wacht
  • Winning Wacht
  • The Race for the Muse
  • Special Section designed for removal and copy for play aid

Games in the works article
La Bataille d'Austerlitz review

Issue 4

First Impressions: Road to Washington
What's wrong in the east? Comparison of East Front Monsters
Carving up Turkey - one map WIE scenario
WIE east front planning map, two die 36 probablility WIE combat chart
SIDINGS: minor country railroads in WIE
WIE dissenting views
Midwest Massacre game report War in Europe (what else?)
100 days and counting NLB game report by me!

Issue 5 - 1981

Highway to the Reich featured articles:

  • Conference Map
  • Highway Milestones
  • Repaving Highway

More Sidings for WIE
War in the East scenario
Air Cobra review

Issue 6 - 1982

La Bataille De La Moskowa featured articles:

  • The Best Laid Plans.... game report
  • Line of Sight & Fire Combat in LBDLM supplemental table
  • Additions to Moskowa

Operation Typhoon Game Report
Encirclement at Kessel: MechWar '77 scenario
NMS Directory

Issue 7 - 1982

War in the Pacific featured articles:

  • Hidden Movement
  • Ships in the Pacific
  • Conference and Planning Map
  • Supplemental Table

Nuts & Bolts - Practical Monstergaming

Issue 8

Origins 82, TSR and SPI (by the staff)
Campaign for North Africa (by Joe Leonard)
Get Acquainted Monster Encounters (by Ken Ellis and Bob Nardone)
SPI a personal retrospective (by the Editor)
a History of the Central Virginia Wargame Club (by Dick Walker)

Issue 9

Origins 82 Retrospective (by staff)
War in Europe Ideas (by Karl Gaarsoe)
NROTC in the Pacific (by Bob Nardone)
War In Europe Changing Partners (uncredited)
War in the World – Why Bother (by Chandler Tedholm)
War in the Pacific Victory Conditions (by Steve Maxson)
War in the Pacific Week (by staff)

Issue 10 - Jan. 1983

Manassas: Sunday July 21, 1861 review
War in the Pacific Game report
Korsun Pocket Overview
Korsun Pocket Tournament Rules

Issue 11 - April 1983

Commanding Moskowa - Planning and Organization in Monster Games (by Rob Beyma)
Playing Mosokva Game Report (by Andy Nunez)
War in the Pacific Clarifications and Conventions

Issue 12 - July 1983

Gulf Strike Review (by Chandler Tedholm)
Operation Crusader Overview (by Joe Sariego)
War in the Thirties - Scenario for War in the Pacific (by Chandler Tedholm)
Souvenir Program - report for War in the Pacific

Issue 13 - Oct. 1983

Gazala: The Clash of Armor Review
War in Europe 1945, Red Star/White Star Scenario (by Loren Schwendeman)
Allied Production - Variant for War in Europe (by Bob Nardone)
War in the World: Yes! (by Ken Koch)
War in the World, European Notes

Issue 14 - 1984

A Gleam of Bayonets
Antietam: Historical Background
The Third Battle of Borodino
Pokomoke Perspective
Richmond Russions vs. Pokomoke French

Issue 15

Vietnam, a review (by Chandler Tedholm)
Nation Division Commander (by Sam Shermer)
Objective Moscow (uncreditied)
Modern Era Wargames (uncredited)
Next War Modified CRT (uncredited)
War in the Pacific Comments and Suggestions (by Geoff Sinclair)
War in the World comments (by Karl Gaarsoe)
75/25, or Why the German Army can fight for four straight years and never drop in its tracks (by Terry Stibal)

Issue 16

Fire in the East in depth look (by Rob Beyma)
Fire in Dallas - FITE write up of demo at origins 84 (by Jim Hambacher)
War in Europe 1943 Star/June Weekend (by Loren Schwendeman)
Jutland - in depth article and additions (uncredited)
Fire in the East rules clarifications (by Frank Skog)
Summer Games (uncredited)

Issue 17

FITE post game analysis (by Rob Beyma)
FITE to the finish (by Andy Nunez)
John Astell - interview (uncredited, likely Chandler Tedholm)
Did You Know? Historical Perspectives (by Geoff Perreault)
LA Origins 86 report

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