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Checkers Components

American Checkers or British Draughts has only three different components:

1) An 8 x 8 square board with two alternating colors for the 64 squares.
2) Twelve (12) dark pieces.
3) Twelve (12) light pieces.

1) An 8 x 8 square board with two alternating colors for the 64 squares:

The checkerboard is usually red and black, white and black, or for tournaments: white and green. The pieces are always played on the “dark” squares, and the checkerboard is always positioned so that a “light” square is at the bottom right corner of each player.

2) Twelve (12) dark pieces:
3) Twelve (12) light pieces:

The dark pieces are usually black, and the light pieces are usually red or white. In tournaments the dark pieces are red and the light pieces are white. Checker pieces are generally flat round disks.


Common wooden white and black Checkerboard and pieces:

Common red and black cardboard Checkerboard and plastic pieces:

Tournament Checkerboard and pieces:

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