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Note: New master page for this topic with corrected title: Concurs Ciutat de Granollers de creació de jocs

City of Granollers Board Game Design Contest

This contest, promoted by the City Council of Granollers, is part of the games-fair Fira Jugar x Jugar. It is organized in the context of Fira de l'Ascenció, to be held at Granollers (Spain), on May.

The contest is open to all game-designers, without any age limitation. Any non-published games may be submitted, except games for only one-player, or computer games.

In the 4º edition (2010) the contest are international. 185 games were submitted.

More information on:

Winner - Oracle Pathway - Brett J. Gilbert
Runner-up - Tránsitos - Jorge Pradas

Winner - Bzzz - Juan Carlos Pérez Pulido
Runner-up - Curia - Antoni Giménez

Winner - Querni - Enrique Fernandez
Runner-up - TARSIS - Antonio Catalán

Winner - Civcards - Alberto Corral
Runner-up - 22 Pommes - Juan Carlos Pérez Pulido

Winner - The Aztec Market - Victor Melo
Finalist - Hospital - Juan Carlos Coca Fernández
Finalist - Mundialito (Gold Cup) - José Carlos de Diego Guerrero
Finalist - Dijous, Mercat!- Víktor Bautista i Roca & Josep M. Allué
Finalist - Fiebre del Sábado Gótico - Santiago Eximeno
Finalist - Encerrados - José Antonio Abascal
Finalist - Protegido - Raúl Echegoien
Finalist - Pastura - Xavi Bonet & Mertxe Iglesias


1. The contest is open to all game-designers, without any age limitation. Any non-published games may be submitted, except games for only one-player, or computer games.

NOTE: Both, games published by companies and indie-games published by the author are not eligible. However, games only published in Internet may be submitted.

2. The contest will have three stages:

  • Submission of rules and pre-selection
  • Submission of models for the pre-selected games, and selection of finalists
  • Meeting of the Committee, and selection of the winner

3. The game rules and the other documentation (see below) should be sent up to March 20, 2007, to the following mail address:

Concurso de creación de juegos
Granollers Mercat
Carrer de les Tres Torres, 18-20
08401 Granollers

NOTE: The first-stage submissions are also accepted by electronic mail. Send them to:

4. The applicants should send the rules of the game and a photograph of the components. The rules length is limited to 6500 characters. They will also send a data-sheet with the author data (name, address, telephone number, and electronic mail address) and the following game data: name, class (for children, family game, expert gamers, others), age of the players, approximate length of a session, components of the game, description of a game turn. All this documentation may be sent printed or in a CD, using exclusively the .pdf or .doc formats. The documentation should be written in Spanish or Catalan languages. If one designer sends more than one game, they may be in the same CD, as far as the information of the games are properly classified.

5. The organizers will send an acknowledgment of receipt of the documentation dossiers submitted. These dossiers will not be returned to the author by any means.

6. The authors of the pre-selected games will be notified be electronic mail by March 30, 2007, and they will be required to send a full playable model of the game, up to April 10, 2007. They should be sent in a container, rigid-enough to be sent back to the author. Postal stamps should be included to sent back the packet by certified post. The organizers will not be hold liable for any damages that the model may suffer during the travel. To guarantee a blind review of the games, the name of the author should not be included in any part of the game documentation (rules, board and/or other elements of the box, etc.) If any personal data is included it will be crossed-out or erased.

7. The pre-selected games will be tested, and a maximum of 10 will be further selected before the Committee meeting. The authors of the finalist games will receive a notification by electronic mail by May 10, 2007.

8. A Committee of game-specialists will meet at Granollers on May 11,12 and 13, to select the winner of the Primer Concurso de creación de juegos Ciutat de Granollers. The Committee decision will be definitive, no appealing process against it will be accepted. The Committee will value the originality, playability, adaptation to different public classes, and the cultural values of the finalist games. By no means the committee will value the graphic design or layout of the models.

9. The winner model will be held by the Council of Granollers. The others will be sent back to their authors by certified mail.

10. The decision of the Committee will be announced on May 19, 2007, during the fair Jugar x Jugar. The winner of the contest will be invited to Granollers to assist to the fair, with the travel expenses and lodging allowances paid, for her and one other person. The winner will receive a prize of 500 Euros.

11. The organizers will send information about the winner game to the main Spanish game-publishers.

12. The participants of this contest must abide the full content of these rules.

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