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"CounterFact magazine is a journal of professional and commercial wargaming. It is published approximately four times per year on an "as ready" basis. Each issue contains articles on professional and commercial wargaming to include game analysis, commentary, polemology, and provocative pieces on conflict and design theory. Also included in each issue is a manual wargame, usually consisting of a tabloid map-sheet, a sheet of playing pieces, and a rules booklet."
(source: One Small Step website)


CounterFact issue 1

Issue contents:
Analysis of Breaking the Chains by Jon Compton
The Bloody Angle Examined; Why Did it Fail? by Andy Nunez
At Neuve Chapelle: France, March 1915; An Examination by Tom Cundiff
Obscure Battles of the American Civil War: Designer's Notes and AAR of Huzzah! by Richard Dengel
Wargaming by the Rules of War by Vince Blackburn

Issue game is Mule Shoe Salient at Spotsylvania Courthouse, part of the Bloody Angle by Richard Dengel.
11x17 map, 140 die-cut counters, 12 page rulebook.

CounterFact Issue 2

Issue Contents:
Analyses of Strafexpedition from Europa Simulazioni by David Newport plus Designer's Response
An Analysis of Napoleon at Leipzig by David Hughes
The Evolution of the Schlieffen Plan by Andy Nunez
Thinking About Thinking: Shimon Naveh's Systemic Operational Design by Jon Compton

This issue contains the game The First World War by Bill Banks.
Please note: This is not the same game as The Great War: 1914-1918, by Albert A. Nofi

CounterFact Issue 3

This issues contains articles dedicated exclusively to the Middle Eastern region.
History of the Arab/Israeli war
Military Capabilities in the ME
Millennium Wars Advanced: Designer's Notes

This issue contains the game Millennium Wars Advanced: The Lebanon Scenarios. The game is designed by Michael Anderson, Joseph Miranda, and Jon Compton.

CounterFact Issue 4

This issues will tentatively contain:
1936: What If? By Ty Bomba
Terrorism as a Strategy Within Psychological Warfare by Joseph Miranda
Britain's & China's & Japan's New Aircraft Carriers vs. TERN by Chris Perello & Ty Bomba
The Accidental Superpower Book Review, by Ty Bomba
New Column: Sit Reps:
- Hero (Mine Detector) Rats
- Militarized Food
- Russia's New APC Has PlayStation Controls
- China Has Won the "Battle of the Nine-Dash Line"
- US Camouflage Uniforms
- The Lockheed-Martin SR-7
- The Boeing X-51A Waverider
- The Growing Israeli Dolphin-2 Class Submarine Flotilla
- The US Army's "Cheetah" Robot
- The Growing Role of Sepcial Operations Forces & Robots in Militaries Around the World

This issue will contain the game 1936: What If by Ty Bomba.

CounterFact Issue 5

This issue will contain the game Islamic State: Libya War designed by Javier Romero and developed by Ty Bomba.

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