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Cry Havoc series

Cry Havoc is a game by Gary Chalk and Tony Webster. Originaly published by Standard Games and Publications, Ltd. then Eurogames.

The game still has an active community, with new content and games available through Cry Havoc fan website ( ).

Cry Havoc and Expansions

Standard Game Edition

Cry Havoc (1981)
Siege (1983)
Samurai Blades (1984)
Outremer (1985)
Viking Raiders (1987)

Eurogames Edition

Croisades (1987)
Viking Raiders (1990)
The Templars Castle (1998)
The Fortified Town (1998)

Fan made expansions
Here is a list of available expansions, notably the Medieval Harbour, recreated from archives provided by game designer Duccio Vitale.
Medieval Harbour was designed as an expansion
for Viking Raiders but never released. After contacting
Duccio Vitale the fan community managed to recreate
the original map.
Dragon Noir 3&4 (unpublished)
Last two fantasy expansions of Dragon Noir
(Dark Blades)
Guiscard (in development)
Will simulate the Norman conquest of
Southern Italy and Sicily
The Caravanserai
an expansion for Outremer
Nefs & Galleys
This medieval adaptation of Vikings
includes new boats (with sails) and scenarios
An updated version of the 1995 Claymore
expansion based on Robin Hood
Scenarios and maps from 1996
Vae Victis with added morale
and command rules
Castell Arybrynwrthymôr
A Welsh castle map and rules
Horse Raiders
A campaign rule including tactical rules inspired by Outremer
Orleans 1429
Expansion set in the 15th century
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