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FAQ for the various Dice Masters games.

This is meant to be a collection of frequently asked questions that appear on our BGG forums. This is meant as a place to point newer users to, to help answer some of these more common questions.

The questions that belong in this FAQ are those that are answered from the rule book clearly, which are not open to interpretation. This FAQ is NOT meant to be for specific rulings about the game that arise from ambiguity. Those questions are best left to the official forums found here:

Official Dice Masters Rules Forum

For other game FAQs, please visit List of game FAQs

Official Rules Forum from Wizkids

Official Dice Masters Rules Forum

Universal Information for All Dice Masters Games

The below information applies to all Dice Masters games, and is not specific to one set.

General - (Universal)

This section is for general information. Later sections will have information that pertains to one specific step or phase of the game.

Bonuses / Effect Duration

A bonus or effect gained lasts until the end of the current turn, unless the card specifically tells you differently.


Damage stays until the end of the turn. Damage taken before the damage step in combat is still there, and could contribute to knocking the character out if it survived initially.

Dice Bag

Anytime your dice bag is empty when you need to draw a die, refill your bag with the dice from your used pile, not counting those in the "out of play" or "transit zone", and add them to your bag.

Global Abilities

Global Abilities can be used by either player in the game, not just the player that brought the card. Additionally, Global Abilities can be used even if a die on the card has not yet been purchased. This applies to all Global Abilities, including those on the Basic Action Cards, and on Characters.


You cannot go above your starting health. For the tournament format, this means you start at 20 health, and can never get more than 20.


Sidekicks are characters. In general, any die that has at least 1 face with a character symbol and stats is considered a character die. Every other die is an Action die.

While Active

Any ability that starts with "while active" means that you need to have at least one of these characters in the field, but having more than one will not increase the effect.

  • Example: You have a character with an ability that reads: "While active, deal 1 damage to your opponent each time you field a character". Whether you have 1 of this character fielded, or 4, you will still only deal 1 damage each time you field a character.

Wildcard Energy

Wildcard Energy, the [?] or [question mark] symbol, may be used as any type of energy.

Clear and Draw Step

Roll and Reroll Step

Main Step

Order of the Main Step

Your Main Step is not simultaneous, but rather it is done in the order you choose.

  • Example: First, you can field a character who has an ability that takes effect when you field other characters. Then, you can field other characters in order to benefit from that effect.

Attack Step

Combat Damage with Multiple Blockers

Combat damage is split among multiple blockers by the attacker. The attacker has 100% control in how it is split, even allowing all the damage to be applied to 1 blocker, and no damage to the others

Order of the Attack Step

The attack step has a very specific sequence:

  1. Select each attacker that will be involved in the attack phase this turn.
    • Only after all attackers have been assigned, do you resolve all "when attacks" abilities.
  2. Select each blocker that will be blocking this turn, and assign each one to an attacker.
    • Only after all blockers have been assigned, do you resolve all "when blocks" abilities.
  3. Actions/Abilities phase
    • Note: This is the first point since the main phase has ended that anyone is able to use global abilities. As soon as attackers are being assigned, you need to wait for this section to be able to use global abilities.
  4. Assign and resolve damage. Resolve effects that occur due to damage or knock out.

Where Do the Dice Go?

Unblocked attackers always go to the Used Pile. The rest will go back to the Field, unless the character took damage greater than their Defense, in which case, they will go to the Prep Area instead.

Clean Up

Set Specific - DC Comics Dice Masters: Justice League (JLA)

Set Specific - DC Comics Dice Masters: War of Light (WoL)

Set Specific - Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Battle for Faerûn (DnD)


Unfortunately, the definition of "adventurer" was left out of the printed rule book, but is located in the online version:

  • Adventurer: Any character with the Experience ability.


That little icon showing crossed weapons over armor is the icon that shows if a character is able to use equipment.


  • Experience: While active, at the end of your turn, after unblocked attackers have moved to the used pile, if this character was active when an opposing monster was KO'd this turn, add a +1/+1 token to this character's card. A card cannot get more than one experience token per turn. (If your opponent voluntarily sacrifices a creature to power one of his own effects, that provides no experience.)

Once an Experience token is gained, it does not leave unless a specific card ability tells you to remove it.

Set Specific - Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men (AvX)

Set Specific - Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers – Age of Ultron (AoU)

Set Specific - Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny X-Men (UXM)

Set Specific - Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters (YGO)

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