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Dungeoneer Series


Dungeoneer is a series of dungeon-crawl card games designed by Thomas Denmark and published by Atlas Games. Each set is a stand-alone game but sets may be combined to create new adventures. Most sets are for two to four players but solo play is also possible using the optional rules.

Dungeoneer rules are available in English, Korean, Japanese and Italian from the product page at Atlas Games. It is also produced in a variety of other languages, publications in other languages are outlined at the end of this page.


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Dungeoneer in Translation

Polish editions published by Galakta
German editions published by Truant Spiele
Spanish editions published by Edge Entertainment
French editions published by Ubik
Russian editions published by Hobby World

Tomb of the Lich Lord
PL=Grobowiec Króla Nieumarłych
DE=Die Katakomben des Hexenmeisters
ES=La Tumba del Lord Liche
IT=La Tomba del Signore dei Lich
FR=Le Tombeau du Seigneur des Liches
RU=Гробница Повелителя Мёртвых

Vault of the Fiends
PL=Krypta Przeklętych
DE=Die Brutstätte der Ungeheuer
ES=La Guarida de los Demonios
IT=La Fossa dei Demoni (in production)
FR=Le Repaire des Abominations

Haunted Woods of Malthorin
PL=Zemsta Malthorina (see below)
DE=Finstere Wälder und tödliche Straßen (see below)

Den of the Wererats
PL=Zemsta Malthorina (see below)
DE=Finstere Wälder und tödliche Straßen (see below)

Dragons of the Forsaken Desert
PL=Smoki Zapomnianych Pustkowi

Realm of the Ice Witch
PL=Kraina Lodowej Wiedźmy

Call of the Lich Lord
PL=Powrót Króla Nieumarłych
DE=Das Schattenzepter des Dunklen Gottes

Wrath of the Serpent Goddess
EN only

NB: Galakta Polish edition and Mario Truant German edition combines both Haunted Woods of Malthorin and Den of the Wererats in one 110 card set.

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