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Forum Editor

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1. Window Controls

The controls within the four editor can be broken into four logical sections. Clicking on the appropiate control section name in the table below will describe that section in more detail.

Image of Forum Editor
Forum Editor - Emoticon Controls

BGG Link Controls

Forum Editor - Text Box Controls

Forum Editor - Forum Controls

2. Text Markup within the Text Pane

The table below displays the overall function of text mode (input) and the graphical forum post (output). All markup is done with text only. The text pane in the forum text editor does not itself display any graphics. You can however get a preview of the post using the preview button in the Forum Controls section of the Forum Editor.

Text Pane markup
Resulting graphical Forum Post

For more information on markup tags that you can use see: Forum Formatting

3. Known Bugs

These are some known bugs to watch for.

3.1 Known Bugs with adjacent emoticons

There are situations where adjacent emoticons cause the rendering engine to sputter.

The workaround is to add some superfluous code tags [c][/c] to help the parser's interpretation of the markup..
...Instead of - :D:D:D:D:D
...Use this - :D[c][/c]:D[c][/c]:D[c][/c]:D[c][/c]:D
and the parser will render 5 adjacent similies.

3.2 Beware the Html stripping "feature" with the "<" symbol!

You can not use html tags (or javascript code) in a forum post. So if you use a < symbol followed immediately by any character other than a space, then BGG will strip the rest of the post. The stripping doesn't happen until the post is submitted, so the preview looks ok. However the "<" symbol itself, and all of the text from the "<" forward, will be lost after posting. There is no warning for this error when submitting a post.

For more details on this bug see:
Forum Formatting / Section 4.4

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