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GCL Eclipse

GameChat League: Eclipse Division

Truth is often eclipsed, but never extinguished.

Welcome to GameChat League: Eclipse Division, started in July 2011 by Lee Harris (ldsdbomber):


For other members of the GameChat League, see the following:

About Eclipse

Here in GCL Eclipse, we're aiming for about 12–16 members—a small enough group to create familiarity, but a large enough group that each member will only be responsible for three or four geeklists in a year.

If you're a lurker or have otherwise discovered GCL Eclipse, feel free to read along with us and see what the members have to say on everything under the sun. If you have a constructive comment or something else you think would add to the discussion, consider posting it—if it's helpful, respectful, and polite to the discussion group as a whole, as well as to its individual members. However, if you'd like to join in regular discussion, first post to the current discussion list inquiring about the possibility of becoming a member, with full discussion privileges.

The purpose of the GameChat Leagues is to provide small groups of users with recurring places to discuss games in more focused fora where they can learn about new games, discuss old ones, and share opinions about gaming and about life in general. Lee chose the original membership to reflect a diversity of backgrounds, regions, and gaming styles, and that's what makes GCL Eclipse what it is.

Have fun, share some of your thoughts, and enjoy your GameChat League division.



Weekly Rotation

Season 1
July 17, 2011 ldsdbomber N/A
July 24 fardoche GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 2: Breaking the ice
July 31 Kevin_Whitmore    GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 3: Let's Play a Game!
August 7 philmcd GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 4: D'ya wanna be in my gang?
August 14 UndeadViking GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 5: So you want to be a boardgame reviewer...
August 28 HuginnGreiling GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 6: The Devil's carnival
September 4 thedacker GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 7: I Didn't Make This GeekList, You Did...
September 11 tonksey GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 8: Lessons about games & gaming over the years...
September 18 pete belli INVALID OBJECT ID=72317, type=geeklist
September 25    haslo GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 10: Outstanding Stuff! (not necessarily in a good way)
October 2 bippi GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 11: Where are you from?
October 9 locusshifter GCL: Eclipse Division: Episode 12: The crucible of theme
October 16 fs1973 GCL: Eclipse Division: Episode 13: The List Maker
October 23 DancerInDC GCL: Eclipse Division: Episode 14: The Eclipse Career Center
October 30 jschlickbernd GCL Eclipse: Episode 15 My love of strategy games
November 6 cornjob GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 16: Bellwethers
November 13 plysbjorn
November 20 fardoche GCL Eclipse division: Episode 17: Breaking the boredom of November
November 27 kvenosdel GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 18 - Reiner Knizia Does Thanksgiving

Season 2
December 4 Kevin_Whitmore GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 19: Christmas Shopping
December 11 philmcd GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 20: Game on !!
December 18 UndeadViking
December 25 HuginnGreiling GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 21: Christmas Eve
January 1, 2012    thedacker GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 22: Good Bye, 2011. Hello, 2012.
January 8 tonksey GCL Eclipse Division 23: Thoughts about the gaming hobby
January 15 haslo GCL Eclipse Division 24: Motivations for Gaming
January 22 bippi GCL Eclipse Division 25 (item 26?!): Potpourri
January 29 locusshifter GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 26: Social Networking
February 5 LennyS GCL Eclipse Division - Episode 27: Who Are You?
February 12 lorna GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 28: Phases
February 19 DancerInDC GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 29: All You Need Is Love
February 26 thedacker GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 30 & 31: Super Filler
March 4 fardoche GeekList: GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 32: Shooting in all directions
March 11 Kevin_Whitmore GCL: Eclipse Episode 33 - Take a Ride, on the Gamer Express
March 18 cornjob    GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 34: Non-gaming Hobbies

Season 3
March 25 kvenosdel GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 35.1 - Choose Your Own Adventure + GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 35.2 - Dreams
April 1 locusshifter GCL Eclipse Division 36: Post 'Em If Ya Played 'Em
April 8 HuginnGreiling GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 37: It's the games!
April 15 thedacker GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 38 - RANDOMNESS!
April 22 LennyS GCL: Eclipse Division Episode 39: It's All About Style!
April 29 haslo GCL: Eclipse Division Episode 40: Pimpage, Buildage, Craftage, Paintage
May 6 huber GCL: Eclipse Division Episode 41: By Deisgn
May 13 DancerInDC GCL: Eclipse Division Episode 42: Gaming 9 to 5
May 20 huber GCL: Eclipse Division Episode 43: Make Your Own Geeklist
May 27 Kevin_Whitmore GCL: Eclipse Episode 44 - Show Us Your Geeklists
June 3 cornjob GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 45: Evangelize Me!
June 10 jschlickbernd GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 46: Heads up!
June 17 fardoche GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 47: Celebrating the coming of summer
June 24 lorna GCL Eclipse -Cleaning house
July 1 locusshifter GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 49 : Passion at Play

Season 4
July 8 fs1973 GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 50: The Paths and Crossroads of a Boardgamer
July 15 lorna GLC Eclipse Episode 51 Does Size Really Matter?
July 22 Kevin_Whitmore GCL Eclipse Episode 52: A Brief History of Spielzeit
July 29 kvenosdel GCL Ecipse Episode 53 - Let's talk about talking about games
August 5 HuginnGreiling GCL Eclipse, episode 54: ♪♫ FeeHEElinggs wo wo wo ♪
August 12 thedacker GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 55: The Magic Game Room
August 19 LennyS GCL Eclipse Episode 56: Errata
August 26 huber GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 57: On The Road
September 2 haslo GCL Eclipse Episode 58: Nun sag, wie hältst du's mit den Videospielen?
September 9 DancerinDC GCL Eclipse Episode 59: Private eyes are watching YOU
September 16 cornjob GCL Eclipse Episode 60: Shut-Up and Eat your Peas
September 23 jschlickbernd GCL Eclipse Episode 61: Basic Gamer Concepts
September 30 fardoche GCL Eclipse Episode 62: Creating habits when playing
October 7 locusshifter GCL Eclipse Division 63: Odds and Ends
October 14 skippen GCL Episode 64: The People on Your Street

Season 5
October 28 lorna GLC Eclipse 65: Happy New Game Year!
November 4 Kevin_Whitmore GCL Eclipse Episode 66: Election Central
November 11 kvenosdel GCL Eclipse Episode 67: Them's the Breaks
November 18 HuginnGreiling GCL Eclipse, episode 68: Matrimonial festivities!
November 25 huber GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 69: Would You Rather
December 2 LennyS GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 70: Life's Bigger Questions
December 9 thedacker GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 71: Prove This Proverb!
December 30 locusshifter GCL Eclipse Episode 72: Celebrations
January 6 cscottk GCL Eclipse Episode 73: 18 Years
January 13 jschlickbernd GCL Eclipse 74: Your Board Game Memories
January 20 fardoche GCL Eclipse Episode 75: Themeless
January 27 dancerindc GCL Eclipse Episode 76: Just Play
February 3 cornjob GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 77: Battle Royale
February 10 fs1973 GCL Eclipse Episode 78 - GeoGeeking
February 17 haslo GCL Eclipse Episode 79: The Meeple Files

Season 6
February 24 rajungamer GCL Eclipse Episode 80: Storytime
March 3 lorna GCL Eclipse # 81: Abstracts March 3, 2013
March 10 Kevin_Whitmore GCL Episode 82: Your gaming genealogy, March 10, 2013
March 17 kvenosdel GCL Eclipse Division - Episode 83 - Collective Best
March 24 HuginnGreiling GCL Eclipse, episode 84: Vantage points
March 31 huber GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 85: Spring Has Sprung
April 7 LennyS GCL Eclipse Division - Episode 86: CH-CH-CH-CHANGES!
April 14 thedacker GCL Eclipse: Episode 87: GENRES
April 21 locusshifter GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 88: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
April 28 cscottk GCL Eclipse Episode 89: Who are You? Other Hobbies and Interests
May 5 jschlickbernd GCL Eclipse Episode 90:Guess this game!
May 12 fardoche GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 91: Brain damage
May 19 dancerindc GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 92: To infinity and beyond!
May 26 cornjob GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 93: Alpha and Omega
June 2 fs1973
June 9 haslo GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 94: Chose a Game, Any Game!

Season 7
June 16 rajungamer GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 95: As Time Goes By - gaming edition
June 23 rygel GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 96: Regular?
June 30 lorna GCL ECLIPSE DIVISION Episode # 97 - DYI
July 7 Kevin_Whitmore GCL: Eclipse #98 Detour: You and your car
July 14 kvenosdel GCL ECLIPSE DIVISION # 99 - 2013 first half stats
July 21 jschlickbernd GCL Eclipse Episode nearly 100
July 28 HuginnGreiling GCL Eclipse, episode 101: Poking about in the corners and looking under the rug for dust bunnies
August 4 huber GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 102: The Pros of Cons
August 11 LennyS GCL - ECLIPSE DIVISION Episode 103:How I Spent My Summer Vacation
August 18 thedacker GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 104: Foreign Play
August 25 locusshifter GCL Eclipse Division 105: Reincarnation
September 8 cscottk GCL Eclipse Division 106: Passions
September 15 jschlickbernd GCL Eclipse 107: Expansions: Expanding your gaming or just your wallet?
September 22 lorna GCL ECLIPSE #108: Retro Reviews
September 29 dancerindc GCL ECLIPSE #109: Taking a Deep Dive, Part 1
October 13 cornjob GCL Eclipse #110: In Depth - Designers: Francis Tresham
October 20 haslo GCL Eclipse Episode #111: Collections and Obsessions

Season 8
October 27 rajungamer GCL ECLIPSE #112: Spooky
November 3 lorna GCL # 113 The New Frontier
November 10 Kevin_Whitmore GCL: Eclipse: Episode #114 - QUIZ TIME
November 17 kvenosdel GCL: Eclipse: Episode #115 - New to you a year ago - Has it stood the test of time?
November 24 jschlickbernd GCL Eclipse #116 Black Friday Games
December 1 HuginnGreiling GCL Eclipse 117: Planning the perfect meal!
December 8 huber GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 20*(π+e) : Reading Something Besides Rules
December 15 LennyS GCL Eclipse Division Episode #119: Happy Holidays, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying...
December 29 thedacker GCL Eclipse: Episode 120: Key Words of 2013
January 5 locusshifter GCL Eclipse Division 121: Salvage
January 12 cscottk GCL Eclipse #122: In Depth - Designers: Martin Wallace
January 19 jschlickbernd GCL Eclipse #123 Do you know the Rules?
January 26 lorna GCL Eclipse Division #124
February 2 rajungamer GCL ECLIPSE #125: I see wonderful things
February 9 dancerindc GCL ECLIPSE #126: The Eclipse Olympics!
February 16 haslo GCL Eclipse #127: Building up, tearing down ... what do you like, and why?

Season 9
February 23 rajungamer GCL Eclipse #128: Taxonomy, the science of classification
March 2 lorna GCL Eclipse #129 Keeping up with BGG
March 9 Kevin_Whitmore GCL Eclipse #130: Light or Heavy?
March 16 kvenosdel GCL Eclipse Episode 131: From Sacred Cows to Utter Duds
March 23 HuginnGreiling GCL Eclipse 132: Why is Odin’s Ravens like Desktopia? or, Nothing new under the Sun, Sea, and Sand
March 30 huber GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 133: Board Gaming Hall of Fame
April 6 LennyS GCL Eclipse 134: Free Association
April 13 thedacker GCL Eclipse: Episode 135: Flaws & Problems
April 20 locusshifter GCL Eclipse Division 136: Derk's Decree: FIGHT CLUB!
April 27 cscottk GCL Eclipse Division 137: "Over-Designed" Games
May 4 jschlickbernd GCL Eclipse #138 Themes
May 11 dancerindc GCL Eclipse #139 Around the World
May 18 haslo GCL Eclipse #140: Playing to Win?

Season 10
May 25 rajungamer GCL Eclipse #141 No Accounting for Taste
June 1 JohnBandettini GCL Eclipse #142 Knock Knock
June 8 lorna GCL Eclipse #143 Vacation time!
June 15 Kevin_Whitmore GCL Eclipse #144 - What 'cha playing?
June 22 cornjob GCL Eclipse #145: Games with Children - an overlooked corner of brilliant design
June 29 HuginnGreiling N/A
July 6 huber GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 146: Writing About Games
July 13 LennyS GCL Eclipse Episode 147: Summer Camp
July 20 thedacker GCL Eclipse Episode 148: Always On My Mind
July 27 locusshifter GCL Eclipse Division 149: But what does it play like?
August 3 cscottk GCL Eclipse Division 150: In Depth - Designers: Stefan Feld
August 10 jschlickbernd GCL Eclipse Division 151: Hot Fun in the Summertime!
August 17 dancerindc GCL Eclipse #152 - New Directions
August 24 haslo GCL Eclipse Division #153: Behind the Curtain of Game Design

Season 11
August 31 rajungamer GCL Eclipse #154 Favored Historical Eras
September 7 JohnBandettini GCL Eclipse #155 Part of the Game
September 14 lorna GCL Eclipse # 156 This or That?
September 21 huber GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 157: Disappointment
September 23 cornjob GCL Eclipse 158: Situational Gaming
October 5 Larry Levy GCL Eclipse 159: Celebrating the 9 month anniversary of the one day I know my parents had sex
October 12 Kevin_Whitmore GCL Eclipse Division 160: In Depth - Designers: Karl-Heinz Schmiel
October 19 LennyS GCL Eclipse Division 161: ESSENtial Gaming
October 26 thedacker GCL Eclipse Divison: Episode 162: Cult of the Past
November 2 locusshifter GCL Eclipse Division 163: Playing Favorites
November 9 cscottk GCL Eclipse Division 164: Evangelize
November 16 jschlickbernd GCL Eclipse 165: But what do YOU think?
November 23 dancerindc GCL Eclipse 166: Is a rating really everything?
November 30 haslo GCL Eclipse 167: Breadth vs. Depth

Season 12
December 7 rajungamer GCL Eclipse 168: A game that will live in infamy
December 14 JohnBandettini GCL Eclipse 169: One in a hundred
December 28 lorna GCL Eclipse-#170 Best of 2014 and What is a board game?
January 4 huber GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 171: Looking Ahead
January 11 cornjob GCL Eclipse 172: In Depth - Game Designer Reiner Knizia
January 18 Larry Levy GCL Eclipse 173: Atypical
January 25 Kevin_Whitmore GCL Eclipse 174: Publisher Showdown
February 1 LennyS GCL Eclipse Episode 175: Famous Pairs
February 8 thedacker GCL Eclipse Episode 176: All About That Baby
February 15 locusshifter GCL Eclipse 177: In Depth - Game Designer Wolfgang Kramer
February 22 cscottk GCL Eclipse 178: Hype
March 1 jschlickbernd GCL Eclipse #179: What game do you see?
March 8 fs1973 GCL Eclipse #180: Oh No! Not another geeklist with babies!!
March 15 haslo GCL Eclipse #181: All Kinds of Phases
March 22 dancerindc GCL Eclipse #182: On the Bright Side?
March 29 travisdhill GCL Eclipse #183: On the Selfish Side of Things

Season 13
April 5 rajungamer GCL Eclipse #184: Milestones
April 12 JohnBandettini GCL Eclipse #185: Life By The Numbers
April 19 lorna GCL Eclipse #186 Going, Going, Gone!
April 26 Kevin_Whitmore GCL #187: RFM modeling of you and your collection
May 3 cornjob GCL 188: Best Gift Ever!
May 10 Larry Levy GCL 189: The Early Rosenberg
May 17 huber GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 190: Introductions
May 24 LennyS GCL Eclipse Division #191: Memories
May 31 thedacker GCL Eclipse Episode 192: Illusive Requests -or- Paradoxical Niches
June 7 locusshifter GCL Eclipse Episode 193: Questioning Everything
June 14 huber GCL Eclipse Episode 193.49: Bridging The Gap
June 21 cscottk GCL Eclipse Division 194: In Depth - Designers: Tom Lehmann
June 28 jschlickbernd GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 195: What have you changed about your gaming as you've gotten older?
July 5 jschlickbernd GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 196: Buying and selling
July 12 haslo GCL Eclipse #197: FIRST!!1!!one!
July 19 Kevin_Whitmore GCL: Eclipse #198 Emergency Back Up Copy
July 26 travisdhill Can, Con, Can't, Couldn't

Season 14
August 2 rajungamer GCL Eclipse #200 Bicentennial
August 9 JohnBandettini GCL Eclipse #201 Reviews and Reviewers
August 16 lorna GCL ECLIPSE #202 Do You Know Your Dice?
August 23 Kevin_Whitmore GCL Eclipse #203 - Theme by Category
August 30 jschlickbernd GCL Eclipse #204 - Old Things Made New
September 6 Larry Levy The Wonder Years: Reiner Knizia, 1997-2000
September 13 huber GCL Eclipse Dvision: Episode 206: Transactions
September 20 LennyS GCL Eclipse Division Episode 207: Brush with Infamy
September 27 thedacker GCL Eclipse Episode 208: Ira & Barry's Perfect-Game Challenge
October 4 locusshifter GCL Eclipse Division Episode 209: The End
October 18 cscottk GCL Eclipse Division Episode 210: In Depth -- CGE
October 25 jschlickbernd GCL Eclipse 211: Mechanics!
November 1 jschlickbernd GCL Eclipse 212: Is it the player or the design?
November 8 rajungamer GCL Eclipse: #213 - War and Games
November 15 travisdhill GCL Eclipse #214 - Organizational Bits

Season 15
November 22 rajungamer GCL Eclipse 215 - That Was the Week That Was
November 27 JohnBandettini GCL Eclipse 216 - Just the Job
December 6 lorna GCL ECLIPSE #217 Twelve days of Gaming
December 13 Kevin_Whitmore GCL ECLIPSE #218 - The Ups and Downs of Gaming
December 20 huber GCL Eclipse Dvision: Episode 219: Decades
January 3, 2016 Larry Levy GCL Eclipse 220: Favorites from 2015
January 10 cornjob GCL Eclipse 221: Train Games! Woo woo!
January 17 LennyS GCL Eclipse Episode 222: Designer Spotlight - Antoine Bauza
January 24 thedacker GCL Eclipse 223: How to Build a Table
January 30 locusshifter GCL Eclipse Division 224: I've Got Nothing
February 14 dancerindc GCL Eclipse Division #225: Holding Out for a Hero
February 21 travisdhill GCL Eclipse Division #226: Transitions
February 28 jschlickbernd GCL 227: Let's play together online!
March 6 ytter GCL Eclipse Division: Episode #228: Game Gatherings
March 13 twohu2001 GCL Eclipse Division: Episode #229: Favorite Food Ingredients
March 20 duckworp GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 230. Top Three Games.
March 27 cscottk GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 231 -- In Depth -- Splotter Spellen

Season 16
April 3 rajungamer GCL Eclipse 232 - Just you and me
April 10 JohnBandettini GCL Eclipse 233 - World Trip
April 17 lorna GCL ECLIPSE # 234 Association
April 24 Kevin_Whitmore GCL #235 Eclipse - Formality
May 1 huber GCL Eclipse Dvision: Episode 236: Ratings
May 8 Levy Larry Levy GCL Eclipse 237: Strengths and Weaknesses
May 15 jschlickbernd GCL Eclipse In Between Time
May 22 LennyS GCL Eclipse 239: Dads & Grads
May 29 thedacker GCL Eclipse 250: The Pick-Two Dilemma
June 5 jschlickbernd GCL Eclipse: In between time II
June 12 lorna GCL ECLIPSE filler - What's new?
June 19 travisdhill GCL Eclipse #243: On the Road Again
June 26 jschlickbernd GCL Eclipse #244: What do you like that I like?
July 3 ytter GCL Eclipse #245: Phases of Enjoyment
July 10 lorna GCL ECLIPSE Yet Another Filler
July 17 duckworp GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 247. The Eurogame/Ameritrash dynamic.
July 24 cscottk GCL Eclipse Division: Episode 248 -- Genres
July 31 lorna GCL Eclipse #249 Take 5
August 7 dancerindc GCL Eclipse #250 - The Winner's Podium

Season 17
August 21 rajungamer GCL Eclipse 251 - The Games of August
August 28 JohnBandettini GCL Eclipse 252 - Marmite Games
September 4 lorna GCL ECLIPSE # 253 Seven Wonders
September 11 Kevin_Whitmore GCL Ecplise #254 - What's your pleasure?
September 18 huber GCL Eclipse Dvision: Episode 255: Fall
September 25 Levy Larry Levy GCL Eclipse 256: How Important Is Your First Time?
October 2 jschlickbernd GCL Eclipse 257: What Game Do You See Part II
October 9 LennyS Eclpse # 258: On Essen, October, and other Autumn musings
October 16 thedacker GCL Eclipse Episode 259: New editions! They're here to stay.
October 23 D20 Team D20 GCL Eclipse 260: Who's Having Fun?
October 30 charlieturtle GCL Eclipse 261: Starting over
November 6 travisdhill GCL Eclipse 262: Let's Get Quasi Political
November 13 grandslam GCL Eclipse Division #263: Escapism - pretty pictures thematic Euros, and more!
November 20 ytter GCL Eclipse 264: The Good, The Bad and the Weird
November 27 roseundy GCL Eclipse 265: Beginnings, Middles and Endings.
December 4 duckworp GCL Eclipse Episode 266: 1..2..3..4...
December 11 cscottk GCL Eclipse Episode 267: Designer Spotlight - Rüdiger Dorn
December 18 gjira GCL Eclipse Division: Episode268: Title Traditons
Holiday Break
January 8 rajungamer GCL Eclipse 269 - Looking both ways

Season 18
January 15 dancerindc GCL Eclipse #270 - Playing the Numbers
January 22 JohnBandettini GCL Eclipse #271 - No Laughing Matter
January 29 lorna GCL Eclipse #272 Where in the World
February 5 Kevin_Whitmore GCL Eclipse #273 - The Why's and Wherefores of Collecting
February 12 huber GCL Eclipse Dvision: Episode 274: Ten
February 19 Levy Larry Levy GCL Eclipse Division 275: Sunny Side Up - A History of Eggertspiele
February 26 jschlickbernd GCL Eclipse #276: How 'bout some 18xx?
March 5 LennyS Eclipse #277: Here Comes The Bride
March 12 thedacker GCL Eclipse #278: The Green Light
March 19 D20 Team D20 GCL Eclipse #279: How Do You Interact
March 26 jschlickbernd jschlickbernd Watcha watchin? GCL #280
April 2 travisdhill GCL Eclipse #281 - The Long Goodbye
April 9 grandslam GCL Eclipse Division #282 - Friends
April 16 ytter GCL Eclipse 283: Risks worth Taking
April 23 roseundy GCL Eclipse 284: What's in a Game?
April 30 duckworp N/A
May 7 cscottk N/A
May 14 gjira N/A
May 21 dancerindc N/A
May 28 cuteusagi N/A
June 4

Creating Your List

When it's your turn to create a geeklist, post your geeklist on the Sunday beginning your week, or as soon before or after as possible.

When you create your geeklist, name it GCL Eclipse Division: Episode #: Title. Somewhere in the header of your geeklist, paste the remaining geeklist rotation for the season, copied from here.

The content is up to you—funny, thoughtful, serious, thematic, whatever takes your interest and seems to you to be a good point of discussion for the group. Don't stress about putting together a marathon-length list or a work of art if you don't have the time or inclination—just pull together a few topics for discussion and let the group join in.

Before you complete your list, add an item to describe your own gaming during that week. Throughout the week, talk about what you're playing, and maybe mention any games you received (or ordered), adding any comments or ratings you'd like.

When you submit your geeklist, don't mark it as "private" (this will prevent other users from receiving subscription notifications), but do check the box that prevents it from showing on the front page of BGG so we don't clog up main page with our group discussions.

This may all sound like a lot, but it really isn't. Once a week, you get the chance to check out a new list and join in the discussion. And you'll get to hear other members' perspectives about games you like, dislike, and may never have heard of. You may end up being pointed toward some new games, or may end up rethinking some old ones. And throughout the week, other members will add items to your geeklist to discuss their own gaming during the week, and possibly also to schedule online plays between members of the group.

If you feel intimidated by the idea of creating your own geeklist, don't worry. The other GameChat Leagues have dozens of previous lists that can give you ideas or jumpstart a list of your own.

Posting Your List

After you've created and posted your geeklist, add an entry for it to the GameChat League: Eclipse Division subscription list to notify the other members of the league that you've posted your list for the week. Also edit this page to update the geeklist link for your new entry in the rotation.

Once you've posted your list and added an entry for it to the subscription list, contact the member who will be up the following week to let him or her know that he or she is on deck.


Readymade GM address list (copy and paste into To: field):

cscottk, DancerInDC, duckworp, huber, johnbandettini, jschlickbernd, Kevin_Whitmore, Larry Levy, LennyS, lorna, rajungamer, thedacker, ytter, roseundy, Team D20, grandslam, gjira, cuteusagi

MEMBERS (19 active)

Jason Lott
United States
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EGG Head
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Peter D
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Joe Huber

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Jennifer Schlickbernd
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Kevin Whitmore
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Froggy McFrogface
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Rick Goudeau
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Shane Larsen
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Meghan Naxer
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Geeky McGeekface
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Fire Lord
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Daniel West
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Denis Begin
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Jonathan Franklin
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Paul - the
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Jonas Hellberg Hellberg
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Pete Belli
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Phil McDonald
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Andreas Josefsson
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Simon "that sci-fi guy"
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Matt Tonks
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David C
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Kenny VenOsdel
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Jonathan Harrison
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Guido Gloor
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Vieira de Leiria
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Chieh-Yu Chen
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Dave Kudzma
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Travis Hill
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Ken Thibodeau
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Wally Jones
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Jim Cote
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Ender Wiggins
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Eurion Kemish
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Geoff Burkman
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Grzegorz Kobiela
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Remus Rhymus
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Mike T
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