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Website down as of March 5th 2016

GameTable Online is an ad supported online game system at All games are played in real-time and against other human players. Most of the games provide "solo" play against artificial intelligence for opponents or to round out a game with a mix of computer and human opponents. Registering as a user is completely free. There are two types of games, Premium and Free. Free games are completely free. Premium games are free against the computer but require a one-time activation fee per title to play against humans.

Premium Games

Free Games


GameTable Online is built on a proprietary internet gaming platform called Metagame. This Platform includes a game engine, web platform, database and other tools to help speed the process of online board/strategy game creation. In 2007 this platform was first made available for license to other online game publishers.

More information can be found on the Metagame website.

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