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Game entry

Each game in the BoardGameGeek database has its own page with details about the game, discussion and community information. See How To Add Content for details on submitting new games.

Each game entry is composed of several different sections.

This is a list of all the available sections:

Board Game Entry

  • The name of the game and the year the game was published
  • Average rating (out of 10)
  • Number of ratings
  • Number of comments
  • Link to a graph of the ratings
  • Board game rank
  • Jump To menu


This section includes the core information about a game including:

On the right:

  • Fans
  • Become a Fan (or You are a Fan)
  • Corrections
  • Clone
  • Customize View (click this to change which sections you see)
  • Subscribe (be notified when this game is newly listed for sale)
  • RSS Feed
  • Record a Play
  • Share (via Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, or Google)
  • ObectID (unique ID in the BGG database)


This section provides a brief description of the game. These descriptions are actually part of the wiki and may be edited to add or update information. Edit the text by clicking on "Edit" in the header strip. See the Game Description Guidelines before editing.

More Information

This section may contain awards the game has won, microbadges related to the game, links to online versions you can play, game contents, and so on. It is also part of the wiki.

As of October 2007, there were ideas to start using it for a FAQ for the game in some way. See


This section shows BGG users who are selling this game in the BGG Marketplace as well as current eBay auctions for this game.


The statistics section includes two columns of statistics.

On the left:

  • User Rank (how many games have a rating this high or better, if 30+ users have rated it)
  • Num Ratings (how many users have rated it)
  • Average Rating
  • Standard Deviation
  • Num Views
  • GeekBuddy Analysis
  • Similarly Rated
  • Avg. Game Weight
  • Fans

On the right:

  • Personal Comments (click to see users' individual comments on the game)
  • Users Owning
  • Users Wanting
  • Users Trading
  • Has Parts For Trade
  • Want Parts In Trade
  • Price History
  • Total Plays (how many times have users ever played it)
  • Plays This Month (how many times have users played it this month)


This section includes various photos of the game. See GeekMod for more information about what kind of images are appropriate and not for submission. The photos can be sorted as hot or recent. Browse all images by selecting "Browse x Images" in the header strip and add a new image by selecting "Add Image"

Linked Forums

Each game has its own set of forums divided into General, Reviews, Sessions, Rules, Strategy, Variants and News. The threads can be sorted as Hot, Recent or Active.


Files include player aids, rules translations, analysis spreadsheets and other documents. More details on file submissions are available on this page.


This section lists all geeklists on which this game has appeared.

Linked Items

This section lists internal and external links to content related to this game.

More of This Game

Database links to expansions,vaersions,'accessories, other items that contains This Game, other items contained in This Game, other items reimplemented by This Game, other items that reimplements This Game, Video Game adaptions, other items that integrates with This Game, Community Tags

Web Links

This section may have links to game-related information found outside of BGG.

User Information

This section allows you to manage this game in your collection, which includes indicating ownership, indicating trade interest, your rating, your comments, and other information about the game. The section contains the following:

  • Title (of the game)
  • Rating (give your own rating for the game)
  • Status
    • Own (indicate if you own the game)
    • Previously Owned
    • For Trade
    • Want in Trade
    • Want to Buy
    • Add to Wishlist
    • Want to Play
    • Preordered
  • Private Info
  • Version
  • Plays (click number to edit plays)
  • Game Play Weight ("Weight" is not defined)
  • Comment (your personal comments about the game)
  • Trade Condition
  • Want parts
  • Has parts
  • Wish List Comment


Tags that you and others have attached to this game.

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