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Games Magazine Hall of Fame

The Games Magazine Hall of Fame was created in 1984. Games must have been in production for at least 10 years.

The Apples to Apples was the most recent inductee. The Hall of Fame is published annually in the Buyer’s Guide section of the December issue of Games Magazine.

Hall of Fame Inductees

Acquire (1962)
Inducted in 1984
Axis & Allies (1981)
Inducted in 1994
Blockhead! (1954)
Inducted in 1986

Bridgette (1970)
Inducted in 1986
Civilization (1980)
Inducted in 1996
Clue (1948)
Inducted in 1984

Diplomacy (1959)
Inducted in 1984
Dungeons & Dragons (1974)
Inducted in 1984
Magic: The Gathering (1993)
Inducted in 2003

Mille Bornes (1954)
Inducted in 1991
Monopoly (1935)
Inducted in 1984
Othello (1883)
Inducted in 1984

Pente (1979)
Inducted in 1991
Risk (1959)
Inducted in 1984
Scrabble (1948)
Inducted in 1984

Catan (1995)
Inducted in 2005
Sorry! (1934)
Inducted in 1984
Stratego (1947)
Inducted in 1985

Taboo (1989)
Inducted in 2000
Tribond (1989)
Inducted in 2000
Trivial Pursuit (1981)
Inducted in 1993

Twister (1966)
Inducted in 1991
Twixt (1957)
Inducted in 1985
Dropped in 1998*
Reinstated in 2000*
Yahtzee (1938)
Inducted in 1984

Apples to Apples (1999)
Inducted 2010

Sleuth (1971)
Inducted in 1986
Dropped in 1991**

Source: Games Hall of Fame

*Source: The actual GAMES Magazine issues over the years. GAMES initially had a rule that the game had to be 'continuously in print', but over the years, several notable games went out of print. So Twixt was reinstated. There has never been an explanation as to why Sleuth was never reinstated.

**Since Sleuth was once added but then dropped, one could argue that it technically does not belong to this list.

NOTE: The years are what are listed on the GAMES Hall of Fame

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