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GeekMail is used to send messages between users. It can also be set up to notify you of new content of your choice.

To send someone an e-mail: click on the envelope icon below their username. This will open a new mail window, and automatically insert their username in the To box. Type a subject and message, and click Send.

To send the same message to multiple recipients: type each username in the To box, separated by a comma and an optional space. Like this:

Name1, Name2, Name3, etc. or Name1,Name2,Name3,etc.

Then type the subject and message, and click Send.

You can also have all of your GeekMail forwarded to your external email address by going to your Mailbox, then clicking Settings to select this option.

There is no way to see whether a user has opened or read a geekmail you sent them.


You might receive geekmail for various reasons:
  • Another user sends you a geekmail directly
  • You have selected to be notified about specific games (set these on the game's page)
    • Notify Me of Content
    • Notify Me of Sales
    • Notify Me of Auctions
  • Notify Me of Sales In My Wantlist (My Geek | Profile | Boardgame Preferences)
  • Special announcements from Aldie, e.g. receiving a microbadge for contest participation

Spamming (sending unsolicited mass commercial geekmails to users) is against site policy. If you receive spam geekmail you can forward it to an admin (e.g. Octavian) to deal with.


Labels can help you organize & find groups of geekmails. To add a label to one or more messages, click the checkbox to the left of the messages; then, from the More Actions... widget at the top of the screen, under Apply Label:, choose New Label... That should prompt you for the new label name.

After that, the label should be displayed next to the geekmail's subject, and (more importantly) it should also be displayed as a link on the left side of the screen under Labels. If you click on that link, you should see only the geekmails which have that label.

Note that you can apply labels to sent geekmails, too; click on the Outbox link on the left side of the screen and proceed from there. When you click on the link for that label, both sent & received geekmails will be shown.

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