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Guilds are limited to the following categories:
  • Local game groups and clubs
  • Game stores
  • Conventions or other gaming events
  • Non-gaming hobbies (which may be game related), such as photography and podcasting
  • Languages (You may use any language anywhere on the site, but some people may prefer to discuss games in languages other than English in these guilds.)
  • Play by email/play in forum games (Play forum-based games in these guilds. If you wish to discuss a game in general, please do so on the game page, not in a guild.)
  • Occupations
  • Podcasts

Read these instructions before creating a guild!

For game groups, conventions, and game stores, enter the geographical information in the blanks, as much as possible (although you may not want to put full street addresses). The system sorts the groups with this information, so this is important.

If you are creating a guild for a game group, make sure you choose group, and not region, and vice versa.

Language guilds are free to create.

Avoid duplicating existing guilds.

Proposals for new guilds will be sent to Geekdo admins for approval. Guilds will be rejected if they don't fit the approved categories or if they are of such general interest that such discussion belongs in the main forums.

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