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Guilds are smaller discussion groups for subjects of interest to its members. Anyone can create a guild (subject to admin approval and a 10 GeekGold fee).

A guild will aggregate the collections of its members, allowing for an overview of what games each guild has as a whole. It is also possible to schedule meetings and events for a guild.

Guilds Home >>

Create New Guild (costs 10 GeekGold to create) >>

View All Guilds (might take a minute to load the web page) >>

Since December 2014, guild managers have limited forum moderation powers within their guild. They may delete posts or threads, pin threads to the top of guild forums, and lock (or unlock) threads.

You will need to be a member of (BGG) to join a Guild. You will also need to be signed into your BGG account to both join and leave a Guild. It is FREE to join a Guild -- no GeekGold required.

Joining a Guild:
1 - search the category listings found above or below
2 - find a Guild you would like to join
3 - look near the top right corner of the Guild main page
4 - click on the "Join This Guild" text link
5 - it will ask "Are You Sure? Yes / No"
6 - click "Yes"

Q - Where are the Guilds listed that you have joined?
A - After you have logged in, go to the "My Geek" menu, and from the drop-down select "Guilds." You will see your Guilds listed on the right column of the page with the words "Guilds [New Posts]" at the top. If you click on "[New Posts]" you will see all the new posts for all your Guilds on one page. It is a great way to quickly keep track of any new activity for the Guilds you have joined.

So, join a Guild today! You will be glad you did. Chances are you will find several to join, as well as finding some good surprises while looking over all the various Guilds.

Leaving a Guild:
1 - go to the Guild main page
2 - look near the top right corner of the Guild main page
3 - click on the "Leave This Guild" text link
4 - it will ask "Are You Sure? Yes / No"
5 - click "Yes"


Guild Categories:

Gaming Convention / Event >>

Game Group / Club >>

Game Store >>

Hobby >>

Language >>

Occupation >>

PBEM (Play By Email) >>

Podcast >>

Region >>

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