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To add a new game read the Add A Game page and fill out the form. Your game will typically be approved by the admins within a few days, but delays up to a few weeks are not unheard of. If you are adding a game you have designed or published, please read the Guide to Promoting Your Game.


BoardGameGeek is intended only to cover board games and other tabletop games. There is not a strict rule as to whether a particular game is appropriate for inclusion or not, but a few categories are explicitly excluded:

  • Role Playing Games
  • Electronic Games - e.g. XBox, PC, PlayStation, mobile
  • Toys
  • Sports

That is not to say that there is never any overlap with some of these subjects, but the focus of BGG is not on any of the above subjects.

Tabletop RPGs may be submitted to RPGGeek
Electronic Games may be submitted to VideoGameGeek

Other Content

To add reviews, images, session reports and the like, go to the particular game entry for the appropriate game and choose "Add" or "Post" in the appropriate section. Read the page on File Submissions before submitting player aids, rules translations or the like. Some content submissions will earn you GeekGold. Most content requires approval, which is either done by the Admins or by the community, via GeekMod.

Review the list of Pending Games

To view the current list of the games which have been submitted by Geek members but which have not yet been accepted or declined by the Geek administrators see "Pending Board Games" (on wiki page BGG Pending Queues for Users). Such entries to the Geek board game database go though a vetting process to control the quality of submissions.

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