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Image Guidelines

You may only upload pictures that you have taken yourself or for which you have obtained explicit permission to upload from the rights holder. Include a notice that permission was received and from whom in the caption when uploading images that are not your own. Further, uploading an image with a visible watermark, company logo, url, hashtag, or any other branding not original to the image is prohibited. Please obtain a version without such elements if you wish to upload that image. Failure to adhere to these rules may be grounds for suspension of uploading rights or suspension of your account, depending on the severity of the offense.

Before uploading an image, consider whether it is likely to be approved. Make sure that the image is properly cropped and rotated, and that the quality is at least comparable to other images in the database. Submitting multiple similar images at once may result in all images being rejected; instead try choosing the best image or images from a set to upload. Please do NOT submit individual images for each component (character, mini, card, tile, etc.) This is especially true for collectible minis games and CCGs.

Images may be rejected for any of the following reasons:

  • Too similar: Image is too similar to other images uploaded by the same user or to an existing image and is not of significantly better quality.
  • Duplicate image: Image is already in the database.
  • Rule Scans: Please don't upload scans/copy photography of the rules pages.
  • Offensive: Image contains inappropriate material.
  • Corrupt: Image does not display properly.
  • Too small: Image resolution is too low. (Images should be at least 320x200, if not a company logo)
  • Too large: Scans and copy-photography images of flat materials, such as counter sheets and cards, may have a maximum resolution of 200ppi, or a maximum size of 1900 pixels on the long side, whichever is less.
  • Blurry: Image is not well focused.
  • Under/Overexposed: Image is too dark or bright.
  • Bad glare: Image has too much glare, or is obscured by a reflection from the flash.
  • Badly cropped: Image has too much white space.
  • Badly rotated: Image is sideways or upside-down.
  • No caption: Image does not have a caption (includes fillers such as "Image1", "Image2", etc.)
  • Wrong item: Image is submitted for the wrong item.
  • Advertising: No advertisements or promotional banners for new releases. To advertise, contact

Please upload images in JPG format and only click the submit/upload button one time.

If your image is declined, seek out the reason and correct the problem. Do not try to upload again in the hopes it will get through geekmod

Every user has a personal gallery. Please do not link images from a personal gallery to a database entry.

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