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James F. Dunnigan Award (Charles S. Roberts Awards)

The James F. Dunnigan award is given to a game designer, developer, graphic artist or game for outstanding achievement each year as part of the Charles S. Roberts awards.

Dean Essig, designer; Case Blue. *Winner*
Craig Grando, graphic artist; Against the Odds Magazine.
Chad Jensen, designer; Combat Commander: Europe.
Bowen Simmons, designer; Napoleon's Triumph.
Rick Young, designer; Asia Engulfed.

Tetsuya Nakamura, designer, Adam Starkweather, developer; A Victory Lost: Crisis in Ukraine 1942-1943. *Winner*
Lee Brimmicombe-Wood, designer, The Burning Blue.
Niko Eskubi, graphic artist
Chad Jensen, designer, Combat Commander: Europe.

Ananda Gupta & Jason Matthews, designers; Twilight Struggle. *Winner*
Bowen Simmons, designer; Bonaparte at Marengo.
Craig Grando, graphic artist; Against the Odds magazine.
Mark Herman, designer; Empire of the Sun.
Brien J. Miller, designer; Silent War.

Lee Brimmicombe-Wood, designer; Downtown: Air War Over Hanoi, 1965-1972. *Winner*
Wray Ferrell, designer; Sword of Rome.
Mark Simonitch, for graphic design; GMT Games

Rick Young & Jesse Evans, designers; Europe Engulfed. *Winner*
Craig Grando, graphic artist; Against the Odds magazine.
Frédéric Bey, designer.
Joseph Miranda, designer.
Bruce Harper, designer; A World at War.

Ben Hull, designer; This Accursed Civil War. *Winner*
Mark Simonitch, for graphic design; GMT Games
Joe Youst, for graphic design; GMT Games
Mark Hinkle, designer; The Killing Ground.
Dana Lombardy & Art Lupinacci, designers; Streets of Stalingrad (third edition).

Volko Ruhnke, designer; Wilderness War. *Winner*
Mark Simonitch, for game design.
Joe Youst, for graphic and game design.
Ted Raicer, for game design.

Mark Simonitch, designer; Ukraine '43. *Winner*
Rick Barber, for graphic and game design.
Dean Essig, for game design.
David A. Powell, for game design and development.
Richard Borg, designer; Battle Cry.

Ted Raicer, designer; Paths of Glory. *Winner*
Alan Emrich, designer; Totaler Krieg!.
Ray Freeman, designer; Tigers in the Mist.
Rick Barber, designer; Summer Storm: The Battle of Gettysburg.

Mark Herman, designer; For the People. *Winner*

Dean Essig, designer; DAK. *Winner*
David A. Powell, designer; Gaines Mill.
Joseph Miranda, designer.

Ty Bomba, designer; The Moscow Option: Guderian's Gambit. *Winner*
Ted Raicer.
Chris Perello.
Dirk Blennemann.
Rick Barber.

Ted Raicer, designer; The Great War in Europe. *Winner*
Chris Perello.
Dean Essig.
Ulrich Blennemann.
Vance von Borries.

Dean Essig, designer; Enemy at the Gates. *Winner*
Chris Perello.
Dirk Blennemann.
John Desch.
Triumphant Fox, game; Moments in History.

Dean Essig, designer; Afrika: The Northern African Campaign, 1940-1942 (1st edition). *Winner*

Ben Knight, designer; Victory in Normandy. *Winner*

Mark Simonitch, designer; The Legend Begins. *Winner*
Mark Herman.
Joseph Miranda.
Hornet Leader, game; GMT Games.
EastFront, game; Columbia Games. *Winner*

Don Greenwood, designer; The Republic of Rome. *Winner*
The Republic of Rome, game; The Avalon Hill Game Co.
Joseph M. Balkoski.
Ty Bomba.

Joseph M. Balkoski.
Ty Bomba.
Rodger B. MacGowan.
Modern Naval Battles, game; 3W (World Wide Wargames). *Winner*
Up Front, game; The Avalon Hill Game Co.

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