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This FAQ (for the moment, at least) is copied (mostly verbatim; I've taken liberties with idiom) from Official Errata and FAQ. It'll be more useful if Cole Wehrle updates this one in preference to the other; but it should be correct as of the last edit in any event.

NOTE: This wiki page is a little out-of-date. Please use the bgg thread. If anyone want's to bring this document up to code, feel free to remove this sentence after you're done.

List of game FAQs

Table of Contents

1. Errata

1.1. General Rules

Setup (C3) requires a slight clarification. After all offices have been filled along the ribbon, each player should roll all dice for their remaining starting cubes starting with the chairman and proceeding clockwise.

The Conquest Event (H2) has an error. In the case that a conquest targets a region that is part of an empire, that region's defense is the sum of all defense values in that empire.

1.2. Laws and Prizes

When the Governor General law is passed, the newly combined army has a limit of 9 officers.

1.3. Deregulation

Ships used in trade missions may not be used to sail again that turn.

1.4. Solo Rules

There are no officers in the solo game so they cannot be paid.

1.5. John & Co Scenario

Manors are worth 3VP as indicated on the board. The rules are incorrect.

Cards ARE used to determine the movement of the elephant.

When bases come up for auction, only firms may bid.

2. FAQ

2.1. General Rules

2.1.1. If you promote someone else over yourself can you force that player to return a promise cube to you?


2.1.2. Does the promoting player count as "one other player" or do you need a third player?

"Other player" includes you.

2.1.3. Does this mean that you can't recover promises this way on a 2P game?

Same answer as 2.1.2. Or, no: you can recover promises in a 2P game.

2.1.4. If there is a revolt in a region with a vacant provincial office, can the president use police?

No, only a governor can use police.

2.1.5. If a presidency successfully sails in a depressed region and then later the governor successfuly invests in the region, is the company revenue increased?

No, revenue only increases through the sail action. The investment will pay its returns starting in the next turn if another sail is completed.

2.1.6. Can there be multiple bailouts in a single turn?

No. Angry Shareholders can only lead to one bailout per turn.

2.1.7. If the military purchasing send four officers to an army without officers, can they immediately replace one of the new officers?


2.1.8. Can shares be bought in the company after company failure assuming it has been deregulated?

Yes. The company won't operate this turn, but players can use the company to “cash out” of their position at the rate of £3 to 1VP.

2.1.9. Can I send goods to the China Office?

No, the Chinese cared little for shoddy British wares in this period.

2.1.10. Does the Walsh Family Special Power (Well-Connected) change the total number of votes needed to achieve a majority in a chairman election?

No, that is determined only by the number of cubes in the board of directors.

2.1.11. Can the company ever voluntarily lose guns?

Nope, though guns might be lost if a presidency is eliminated due to events in India.

2.2. Laws and Prizes

2.2.1. When war shortages shows up how long does it stay in effect?

As long as it is the top card on the discard pile.

2.2.2. South East Firm prize. In case of negative income, the player first generates all their revenue and then subtracts SEF negative income, if possible. There is no chance to return promise cubes in the middle (before paying SEF), correct?

Yes and yes.

2.2.3. If the Board of Control law is passed, can the player holding that card fire himself? And does he have to have enough money to pay himself the £2?

Yes he can fire himself. No he does not need to pay himself.

2.2.4. If the Ship Masters Law is passed, can captains in the Director of Trade still purchase ships?

Yes, in fact, the company will probably need them to pick up the slack!

2.2.5. If you are required to promote a writer because of the professorship prize, may you return one of that player's promises?

No. Because there was no choice in the decision, a promise is not returned. However, the player with the professorship could elect not to use it, in which case if they are promoted above another player a promise cube can be returned.

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