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  • This FAQ was originally compiled by leeds55, using the responses kindly provided by nicklittle on the Buffy Rules forum.
  • PDFs of all of the official rules books can be downloaded from Upper Deck's website.
  • Tip: When searching the FAQ, look through the Table of Contents on the right, but don't forget to try searching the page for the card name or concept in case your question is similar to another card or referenced somewhere else.

Who's Who of Sources

  • Brenner: Jason Brenner (BGG Brenzor), Brand Manager of Upper Deck.
  • Devin: Devin Low (BGG devinlow), Designer of Legendary Marvel.
  • Nick: Nick Little (BGG nicklittle), Designer of Legendary Buffy.

Specific rulings on Buffy are only made by Nick, but clarifications have been posted by each of these sources. Many general questions about the Legendary system have been previously answered by Devin in the context of the Marvel game and still apply to Buffy, unless otherwise stated.

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Convert to Evil

The scheme should read: "Whenever you play a hero from the villain deck, that hero is captured by the enemy closest to the villain deck." Source: Nick



Darla's attack value should read "5" with no plus symbol Source: Nick


Spike's Ambush ability should read "capture the cheapest hero(es)" so that he captures all heroes with the lowest cost in the case of a tie, instead of only one. Source: Nick

Base Set Rule Book

Timing of Resolution of Fight Effects, Page 13

Fight effects occur after defeating the enemies and placing them in the Victory Pile, not before comparing Attack Totals as the rulebook states. Source: Devin

Solo Setup, Page 21

The final bullet under "Villain Deck" has a formatting error. There should be a period and a line break after "Scheme". It should read as "The normal number of Scheme Twists listed on the Scheme." The phrase "Special Solo Rules" that comes after "Scheme" on that line of the rule book should be a new bold header for the sentence that comes next. Source: Devin


General Rules Questions

Light and Dark Cards/Abilities

Q: How do I identify "Light" and "Dark" cards?

A: There are no "Light" or "Dark" cards. There are abilities on specific cards that may only be used when the Dark track is on the specified side. Source: rulebook, pages 2 and 11.Also covered in this thread.


Q: When a villain escapes with multiple bystanders, do I discard 1 card total, or 1 card per bystander?

A: Each player only discards one card, no matter how many Bystanders were carried away by that Villain. Source: Rulebook, page 9

Costs and Printed Numbers

Q: What is the cost of a Wound?

A: Wounds have a cost of "0". Source: Devin (Also, the Dark City rules sheet.)


Q: What should I do if I need to reveal the top card of my deck (or do something else to my deck), but it's empty?

A: If a card tells you to interact with your deck in any way (KO, draw, reveal, look at, etc.) and your deck is empty or becomes empty while resolving its text and you still need to interact with more cards from your deck, immediately reshuffle your discard pile and continue carrying out the effect. If you do not have any cards in your discard pile either (all your cards are in your hand or in play) then you would not have any cards on which to carry out the effect. Source 1: Devin / Source 2: Devin

Discarding Cards

Q: When something tells me to "discard a card", where do I discard it from? Can I discard from the top of my deck, or discard something in play?

A: When a card says "discard a card," the discarded card must be a card from your hand unless the effect specifies to discard from somewhere else (e.g. "discard a card from the top of your deck"). Source: Devin

Q: What's the difference between "Makes you discard" and "Causes you to discard"?

A: Devin has clarified that these two wordings are functionally equivalent, and that the less confusing "Causes you to discard" was implemented in Dark City (and used going forward). This means that even if you choose to discard a card that says "makes you discard," the effect still occurs. Source: Devin

Courage Tokens

Q: When I "spend" a courage token, where does it go?

A: Back into the supply. The Twilight Terror Scheme explicitly states this to reiterate the fact that the supply is more limited. Re: Courage Tokens?

Drawing Cards

Q: If a card effect says to "put a card" into your hand, is that considered "drawing a card" for interaction with other cards, for example cards that ask if you have "drawn a card" that turn?

A: No. "Put a card in your hand" is not the same as "Draw a card" for cards that ask if you have drawn cards. Source: Devin

Playing Cards

Q: Do I have to play all the cards in my hand?

A: You can choose not to play the cards in your hand during your turn, but you do still have to discard them at the end of your turn. Source: Devin

Revealing Cards

Q: How many times can I reveal a card from my hand for its ability? For example, Need to find one for Buffy.

A: You can reveal a card for its effect as many times per turn as its trigger occurs. Source: Devin

Q: If a card effect tells me to reveal a card from my hand, deck, discard pile, etc. and doesn’t tell me where to put the card after revealing it where do I put the revealed card?

A: Unless the effect tells you to put the revealed card somewhere else, you return the card to wherever it was revealed from. For Example: Need to find one for Buffy Source: Devin


Q: If a Scheme’s "Special Rules" and a Big Bad’s "Always Leads" effects conflict, which one takes priority? For example, Need to find one for Buffy.

A: The Scheme always takes priority over the "Always Leads" ability on Big Bads. So in this case, for example, Need to find one for Buffy Source: Devin

Solo Games

Q: Who is the player to my left or right? There's no one else here.

A: In a solo game, if a card refers to the player to your right or left, the card effect affects you instead. The imagery here is of a round table, around which the card checks for a player to your right/left until it ultimately lands on yourself. Source: Devin


Q: If a card effect causes a player to gain/discard/draw more than 1 of a card or effect all at once, can the players react to each instance of gaining/discarding/drawing that card or effect individually?

A: Yes. Example 1: Need to find one for Buffy Source 1: Devin / Source 2: Devin

Q: Can a card triggered effect happen in the middle of resolving another effect?

A: Cards that use the framework "Whenever A would happen, you may do B instead" are the only effects that can occur in the middle of another card effect. Source: Devin

Q: What happens when two effects should happen at the same time?

A: If two card effects conflict with each other, the most recent card effect that came into play takes priority. For example, Need to find one for Buffy Source: Devin

Q: How do I handle "Whenever [A] happens this turn, do [B]" effects?

A: When a card effect uses this format, it refers to any of effect [A] that happens after the card with that text is played. It does not look backward to before the card was played. For example, Need to find one for Buffy Source: Devin

Q: What effect happens first: Ambush or Escape?

A: This is clarified in the Villains rulebook, and applies to the base game as well:
Remember: if a Villain escaped when this new Villain appeared, handle all the Escape effects for the overrunning Villain before handling any Ambush effect for the new Villain. (Source: Villains rules, p. 9; "Villain" and "Adversary" are equivalent terms.)


Q: If the players play the last card from the Villain Deck (assuming it does not fulfill an Evil Wins condition of the current scheme) and then defeat the final Big Bad Tactic that turn, does the game end in a draw or do the players pull off a last turn victory?

A: The players achieve a last turn victory. Playing the last card from the Villain deck means that at the end of that turn the game will end in a draw unless the players can pull off a victory before the end of the turn, which defeating the final Big Bad Tactic triggers immediately. Source: Devin

Q: When does the game end?

A: It depends on whether you are using the Final Showdown rules or not. If you are not using the Final Showdown rules, the game ends immediately after you follow through with the text on the final defeated Mastermind Tactic. If you are using the Final Showdown rules, the player who defeated the last Mastermind Tactic finishes his turn as normal, then the Final Showdown occurs. Source: Devin (NOTE: see the next answer on how "extra turn" effects can change this.)

Heroes (General Questions)

Specific Heroes

Angel: Dead Boy

Q: Can Dead Boy's Special Ability to discard the card when the Dark advances be used only on your turn?

A: No official ruling. Consensus is that it may be used on anyone's turn when the Dark advances.

Willow: Bored Now

Q: Given that the card text mentions shuffling Bored Now into the Villain deck, how does the card work?


  1. You buy the card from the Library and it goes into your Discard Pile (as normal).
  2. In the future, when you play the card from your hand, you get her 10 Fight.
  3. Then you have to shuffle the card into the Villain Deck (unless you combo her with three other Scoobies).
  4. If she comes out as a Villain and is defeated (her Fight will be 10), whoever defeats her gains the card back as a Hero and she goes into their Discard Pile.
  5. Cycle starts again.

Source: Nick

Note that it is permissible to not play the card during "step 2" of your turn & simply discard at "step 3". Source: Devin

Jenny Calendar: Circle of Kaylees

Q: When using the Special Ability (to use the ability of a non-Supernatural hero in the library), do you receive all the abilities of the chosen card?

A: Circle of Kaylees copies just the card text, not Recruit or Attack points Source: Nick

Tara: You Haven't Even Begun

Q: The card text states "Discard your hand. Draw cards equal to the cards discarded this way", but also has a Scooby ally ability. How would I get that Scooby ally ability?

A: By choosing to play cards in a specific order, "You Haven't Even Begun" allows you to discard the remaining cards in your hand at the time you play it. Cards played prior to "You Haven't Even Begun" are no longer in your hand: they've been played, and hence aren't discarded because their benefits have already been received.

Big Bads


Q: Angelus' Master Strike reads "Advance the Dark. Each player discards a (stake icon) or gains a Wound." Is this a Slayer Hero or a Courage token?

A: It's a Slayer Hero. Source: Nick


Convert to Evil

Q: What happens if there are no villains in Sunnydale?

A: Per the errata at the top of this page, the hero would be captured by the closest enemy to the villain deck. The Big Bad is the closest enemy if there are no villains in play. (Don't forget that henchmen also count as villains.) Source: Nick

Q: Does the Big Bad get an attack bonus for the heroes they capture?

A: No, the Big Bad does not count as a villain, so it doesn't get an attack bonus. Source: Rulebook

Road to Damnation

Q: In solo play, does the setup text mean there are no villains used in the villain deck?

A: Yes, there are no villains in the villain deck for solo play with this scheme. Source: Nick

Twilight Terror

Q: Do all players need to have courage tokens to avoid the Scheme Twist being added to the pile by the scheme?

A: "If no player had a courage token," means that no one had any courage tokens, aka everyone had zero courage tokens. Source: Nick

Villains (General Questions)

Escaping with Captured Heroes

Q: What happens to captured Heroes when the Villain who captured them Escapes?

A: No official ruling. In the absence of specific guidance in the rulebook, likely send to the Escape pile. Are captured Heroes considered Bystanders when Villains escape?

Henchmen Count as Villains

Q: Are Henchmen cards Villains?

A: Yes. They all say "Henchmen Villain" underneath their card title. Source: Devin

Specific Villains


Q: What is Darla's attack value?

A: Darla's attack value should read "5" with no plus symbol Source: Nick

Q: Does Darla get included in the "Order of Aurelius" count for advancing the Dark?

A: No official ruling Consensus is Yes: Darla is in the "Order of Aurelius" Villain group, after all.

Shark Gangsters

Q: Can I spend a Courage Token AFTER I defeat a Shark Gangster on the same turn?

A: Yes. Source: Nick


Q: How does Sweet's ambush & fight effect affect those with no cards?

A: You'll get one without passing one. Source: Nick

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